Understanding Darktide Error Code 2001 and How to Resolve It

Understanding Darktide Error Code 2001

Players of Warhammer 40K: The players are more likely to encounter server disconnections since the scene is from Fatshark.

If your PC displays the Darktide Error Code 2001, it might take away your fun of playing your enjoyed Warhammer 40K game. At most times you will receive such an error at the time of startup or while playing or it will be shown a notification of being disconnected from the server.


In 2024, despite a rough beginning, Warhammer 40K: Despite this loss, Darktide has been able to retain one of their player obstinacy. Every single day the server is being updated, upgraded, and optimized. Seems like sometimes it may face connection problems. Nevertheless, hardware problems can be complex too and might also contribute to any difficulties.

Causes of Darktide Error Code 2001

Causes of Darktide Error Code 2001

The game Warhammer 40K: However, Darktide is currently featured only on Steam, which implies that many PC users won’t be able to access the game. (Image credit: Fatshark)

With an error message on, Darktide Error Code 2001 shows no connection to the game server. This can take place as a result of different causes, including but not limited to a slow internet connection, old graphic processors, game files in the run-off that are corrupted, or a server that is not in good shape.

Troubleshooting Darktide Error Code 2001

The game, Darktide, is an absolute nail-biter fighting game by the Fatshark Company.

Listed below are five methods to eliminate Darktide Error Code 2001 in Warhammer 40K: A teen girl is torn between saving her soul and surrendering to the world of demons and devil worship; she periodically Darktide up and continues to play the co-op shooting game.

Ensure that the System Requirements are Suitable

Ensure that the System Requirements are Suitable

If the player’s system requirements are not satisfied, they may experience a mishap of the darktide error code 2001 from time to time. This indicates that the machine has to contain RAM of 8GB at least, IC Core i79700k or AMDRyzen 53600, and more storage space of above 50MB. Also, the system must be modified from time to time with newly introduced fixes.

Verify Your Internet Speed

To play Warhammer 40K: Another challenge faced by the Darktide is the dependability of internet connection so it needs to be managed. Should you be experiencing the Darktide Error Code 2001 your Wi-Fi router may cause the problem or you simply have a poor internet speed. For this, it is the option of running the speed tests and checking for a stable connection in particular. You can do it through using any of the network connections including the WiFi.

How to Update Graphics Drivers

To ensure proper support for Warhammer 40K: This driver issue may be due to the graphics driver, therefore, make sure it is well set up. The next part of the tutorial will describe how to use the required steps to download the last graphic card version.

To go to the Device Manager, type “Device Manager” into the ‘Search’ panel.

Have a look at Display Adapters and simply click on your GPU from the drop-down list. Select Properties.

Specify your ‘Driver menu‘ and select the ‘Driver Details‘ option to verify the exact model of the installed GPU.

Visit the official websites of NVIDIA or You can find out more from these web links AMD (https://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us and https://www.amd.com/en/support) to update your GPU to the latest version.

Disabling IPv6 Through Adapter Settings

To resolve the problem of Darktide Error Code 2001, one can disable IPv6 and use only IPv4 when playing Warhammer 40K: Wretched Whirligig, twisted miasma, and Darktide. Provision of swithering buses onion the principal routes during rush hour will solve the problem.

To make ‘Network and Sharing center‘ from ‘Control Panel’ click ‘Network and Internet‘ ->select it. Next is ‘Change Adapter Settings’; left-click on it and right-click the ongoing connection. In ‘Properties’, clear the IPv6 checkbox and tick the IPv6 one. If that is what you want, then press OK and sign in again to Darkside.

Verify the Status of Warhammer 40K: Darktide Servers

Verify the Status of Warhammer 40K: Darktide Servers

A possibility for the sudden disruption happening between the host and client-server is the maintenance process or server failure. As we near launch, keep up to date with the latest information, maintenance, and fixes by following the @Darktide Comms on Twitter. Furthermore, you can subscribe to r/darktide’s channel on Reddit to know whether or not the lack of players in the game was merely a result of server downtime.

Check out this article on how to determine the server status of Warhammer 40K: HOW TO EASILY FIX: DARKTIDE BACKEND ERROR WHILE SIGNING IN.

I think that the issues associated with Darktide Error Code 2001 have been resolved by implementing the aforementioned solutions. If more people having a problem with errors in our guide is a challenge, you may want to read the newest guides and updates on our site GameTierList.

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