Project Slayer Breathing Tier List Styles June 2024: ranks the best styles


To gain the title of the number one player in the Project Slayer Breathing Tier List and the best fighter the game has ever seen, you need to learn the most effective breathing techniques according to your play style. the Project Slayer Breathing Tier List could be of much help to you in picking the most suitable breathing mode for the most enjoyable gaming.

In the Project Slayer Breathing Tier List techniques grant additional abilities that your character has and you can use them to spice up your gaming experience. Project Slayers is a Roblox adventure game with the theme of the manga and anime Demon Slayer, in which you combine combat, exploration of different environments, collection of rewards and pets, and levels up the characters to increase the chances of success within the game.

In Project Slayers’ map, players end up with two options; either helping the human side or betraying it. Such a decision demands that a person think twice since the breathing style directly affects the playability and development of a character, hence go for the one that gives a leading hand to the character.

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Explanation of all tiers in the Project Slayer Breathing Tier List.

Project Slayer Breathing Tier List styles that have been categorized across three tiers: S Tier, A Tier, and B Tier with their corresponding movements & attributes.

  • S-Tier: Breathing techniques in S Tier are a must-follow nature when it comes to upgrading your gameplay and getting better stats but keep in mind that playing any game in moderation is the key to avoiding any unhealthy detrimental behavior that may draw you further away from the much-needed reality.
  • A-Tier: There are not any best methods available, but these are certainly better than the rest. The A-Tier breathing technique can deal a lot of damage at long range and is worth trying.
  • B-Tier: The B-Tier offers approximately some beneficial knowledge to an opponent who is not aiming for victory but only for survival.

Next, we will decide what to put into the rank list for the Project Slayer Breathing Tier List.


  • Wind Breathing
  • Mist Breathing
  • Snow Breathing
  • Sound Breathing


  • Water Breathing
  • Thunder Breathing
  • Beast Breathing
  • Flame Breathing


  • Insect Breathing

Project Slayer Breathing Styles Explanation

Project Slayer Breathing Wind Breathing Style

The Project Slayer Wind Breathing Style is one of the most efficient and brightest styles in the Project Slayers Roblox conglomeration. It is a zone of battles in which any player can become an indomitable killing machine by mastering PvE and PvP fights with special attack combos.

Project Slayer Breathing Mist Breathing Style

The Project Slayer Mist Breathing which quite literally implies vamping like mist and, therefore, wrapping oneself in mist itself. It is simply about distinct swift sword strokes and concealing the user from his adversaries’ visual perception, to get control of the situation by overwhelming and confusing his opponent.

Project Slayer Breathing Snow Breathing

Project Slayer Snow Breathing is the very first Breathing Style that mirrors the fanon styles in the game that was introduced by Update 1.5. Sno Breath Technique is an imitation of a blizzard in color scheme and the blink-and-pierce coldness that’s attributed to snowstorms, and the user can enact these with their movements, techniques, and skills as well.


Project Slayer Breathing Sound Breathing

Project Slayer Sound Breathing Style where the user recreates the sound nuisance of doing that distinctive loudness into skills, techniques, and movements. There are many advanced Jutsu techniques; they utilize detonations that take the form of shocks or blows to the opponent while the user employs very quick movements similar to the speed at which sound travels.

Project Slayer Breathing Water Breathing

Project Slayer Water Breathing is a Breathing Style characterized by a water’s motion direction, its flexibility, and its ability to adapt. Thus, the user applies this Breathing Style to his/her techniques, movements, and abilities, simultaneously. 

Project Slayer Breathing Thunder Breathing

The Slayer Thunder Burst Breath is one of the Styles of breath that is based on lightning, which is super-fast and involves the movements mimicking the lightning as it rushes through the air, and the movements, techniques, and abilities of the user try to replicate the phenomenon. In principle, most notable approaches use dramatic rates of speed and quick attacks to make the opponent unable to withstand a second from the presence of the true danger. Thunder Breathing practitioners will see themselves as somehow being in control of the lighting and electricity, enabling them to emit its effects in the vicinity, once said technique is activated.


Project Slayer Breathing Beast Breathing

The Project Slayer Beast Breathing Style is a breathing style that mimics the ferociousness and unpredictability of Slayer Beast Breathing a breathing technique that replicates the ferocity and wildness of an animal in nature. At its core is a senselessness and simplicity, much reminiscent of animalistic movements and technicalities.

Project Slayer Breathing Flame Breathing

The Projet Slayer Flame breathing Style is a breathing style that mimics the scorching and unforeseeable nature of a flame. The main concern of this breathing is about strong slashes, which simply help him to head demons in one blow.

Project Slayer Breathing Insect Breathing


Insect Breathing is an Insect Scent that ascertains the insect’s venomous stings and movements and incorporates the combatant with his/her prowess, performance, and techniques. In the case of most, if not all, familiar methods, using stabbing, thrusting, and scratching the opponent with a specially coated/made sword is a must to pour the blood of poisoned wisteria directly into the victim. Alongside other users of Insect Breathing, the Butterfly effect from both sides is a recurring feature of this Quirk’s techniques being sent soaring forth.

On this page, you will find the Project Slayer Breathing Tier list. We update this list frequently with the latest breathing techniques that we get from the devs. Make a note of it -> In other words -> make a bookmark of it in your book for future reference.


Which is the best breathing in project slayers?

For sure, Thunder Breathing is ranked as one of the most, if not the most effective, Breathing Styles among the Bleachers in Roblox Project Slayers. Meet the one who strives to achieve the role of a speed-oriented and power-focused fighter while utilizing the Thunder Breathing Style.

What is the strongest breathing in Slayer?

The main hero Tanjiro Kamado (played by Natsuki Hanae), will be able to fully control the ability of Sun Breathing, this ability is known as Hinokami Kagura. It stands for the most commanding, oldest, and most used breathing style. It’s the one that saw the finalization of all types of breathing: Water, Thunder, Moon, Flame, Stone, and Wind.

What are level 5 breathing project slayers?

Complete Total Concentration Breathing: Alert Complete Total Concentration Breathing represents the fifth level. What you for 155 breath and sprint a zig-zag path that shows the pattern of your breathing. This builds your physical performance. The Environment’s color depends on how you breathe currently.

Who has the best breathing style in Demon Slayer?

Hinokami Kagura, which goes by the name of Sun Breathing, beats most of the other Styles in the series for strength. There’s no other Style as compelling as the one that started all this, and it doesn’t even care.

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