Rainbow Six Siege operator Deimos in the SiegeGG guide

Rainbow-six-siege-operator-deimos-in-the SiegeGG-guide

SiegeGG creates a guide for the new Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege operator at Six Invitational 2024. The American operator who will be released at the end of this month will alternate with the above-mentioned ones. Players will try him out next week when the Test Server becomes available.

In this guide, we have compiled all the relevant information about Deimos that you might need to keep you informed and in the know.

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Deimos Loadout

By primary weapons I mean the short-range combat is done by the AK-74M Assault Rifle and the M590A1 Shotgun.

Secondary: Vendetta .44

The Kit consists of two fragmentation grenades and two hard breach charges.

Deimos is a very comfortable-to-use character; with no other weapon being able to compete with the AK-74M for the top choice within the community.

Deimos has obtained a new weapon secondary in the game thanks to Ubisoft. Once his skill is triggered, all he can find is 44C, which is analogous to Caveira. The Vendetta.44 is a revolver that has decoupled very high accuracy making it good for fighting as the case of attackers.

Deimos has two fragmentation grenades and two hard breaching charges with him. Each one of these has its own merits and demerits; therefore, the fans have to be keen in adjusting their strategy depending on the targeted objective.

Rainbow-six-siege-operator-deimos-in-the SiegeGG-guide

Instructions on Rainbow Six Siege operator Deimos in the SiegeGG guide

Despite user-friendly capabilities, Deimos’ gadget needs specific conditions for it to operate.

Overpowering Deimos’ gadget may seem to be his first impression, but it is not so because of the following two reasons. Shaw, on the other hand, is the only attacker who has live pings at his disposal. Besides, he cannot change weapons while the ability is functioning.

With his ability, Deimos has the upper hand thanks to Lit’s literal wall-hacks, however, should obvious considerations be taken into account. Another drawback of this is that the opponent cannot see the ping, hence Deimos needs to consult with his teammates.

Moreover, Deimos finds himself in the tricky position of getting killed with his Vendetta.44 as it has a lower capacity for firing at 6 bullets, even though it does high damage.

While Deimos has the advantage of literal wall-hacks with his ability, there are important limitations to consider. One of these limitations is that other attackers cannot see the ping, requiring Deimos to communicate effectively with his teammates.

Furthermore, Deimos faces a challenge in securing kills with his Vendetta.44 due to its magazine capacity of only six bullets, despite its high damage output.


What is Deimos’ role in Rainbow Six Siege?

In Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Deimos is multi-purpose as a flanker and sprayer.

The two speeds and two armors of Deimos are meant for him to have two weapons. This skin provides him with the capability of locking onto a definite enemy in real-time, for instance, Operator Lion from Operation Chimera.

Roaming during the prep phase is very ineffective against Deimos since his ability can track down the roamer in moments. He can expose the roamer to his teammates using his ability.

Rainbow-six-siege-operator-deimos-in-the SiegeGG-guide

How to counter Deimos?

Many defenders in Rainbow Six Siege can efficiently counter Deimos and therefore they will to a large extent make it more difficult for him to achieve his objectives.


Drones are the only ones that provide the red pings and if there were none, then Deimos wouldn’t be able to use his device. Worthwhile becomes the Colombian operator’s ability if the defender catches and takes out all the drones that attack. If attackers don’t use UAS, it will be more difficult for Deimos to complete his task.


The instant Vigil’s power goes forth, Deimos’ device is unable to track him. The situation is similar for Vigil and Lion and Vigil and Caveira, where her steps are silent and untraceable.


Mute can be utilized as a way to counter Deimos. If you are within the range of a Mute jammer, your location will remain hidden. However, once you move out of the jammer’s range, your location will be revealed.

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