Rivals Duel Codes June 2024: Redeem free Codes For Card Battler


Finally, the developers released Working Rivals Duel Codes. Quickly redeems them to enjoy the special features of Rivals Duel. All codes are valid for a certain time so redeem them as soon as possible before they expire.

Active Rivals Duel Codes 

These are the active Rivals Duel Codes:

  • sasuke667
  • naruto777
  • naruto999
  • ninja666
  • ninja8888
  • sasuke666
  • hylove520
  • goddess888

How to Redeem Rivals Duel Codes?


Follow all the steps carefully to redeem Rivals Duel Codes.

  1. Open the game Rival Dual on your device.
  2. Click the Gear icon from the top right.
  3. By clicking the Gear icon you will Enter the Redeem Code section.
  4. Write the Promo Code and Hit the Redeem button.
  5. Enjoy the special features of the game.

Video Tutorial on how to redeem Rivals Duel Codes

Rivals Duel Community

About Rivals Duel Game


In Rivals Duel, the competitors fight using various strategic playing cards. During the battle, players become a general trying to use with cleverness the deck of otherworldly cards, which are their soldiers and spells, to surround the enemy and achieve victory.

This game provides a good balance of tactical and strategic experience which everyone can easily master and get into right away, be they a strategy pro or a newcomer.

Game battles of RDL are balanced into dynamic and accessible performances, made in a half-line division, where your historian position is of main importance, and the outcome of each line depends on the temporary demoralization and immediate regrouping.

The cards and features are changing because of regular updates, thus giving complicated challenges over time. Players will be able to select their mashes to solve strategic puzzles in each battle, with great pace, as they fight PvP combat which chips the cards.


Some More Working Codes:


That’s all for now about Rival Duel Codes. Keep in touch with GameTierList or above mentioned Community links for more updates about Rivals Duel.

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