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This Tier List is for the Prequel Soul Knight Tier Lists. It is used to rank all the available classes in the the Prequel Soul Knight so that the players can lead an army which can be competent. The Prequel Soul Knight provides a variance of class options, kits, and skills that give the possibility to play solo or with others, and tackle quests and seasonal challenges. 

This Soul Knight Tier List works as a reference providing for players’ correct decisions when selecting their class. It aims at accelerating the process without compromising the efficiency of the RPG, which was developed by ChillyRoom, and it is set after Soul Knight events.

S Tier For Soul Knight Tier List


Perhaps the most notable attribute of the Assassin is their Strength and Dexterity prowess, the latter equipped with an arsenal of skills made for quick take-downs of the opponents. It is also worth mentioning their assaults are accompanied by transient abilities and lethal singular strikes.

The Assassin is a versatile character which makes him particularly lethal when he damages his enemies. This class primarily concentrates on Dexterity and Strength Statics and does great in hand-to-hand combat.


The word “Pyroknight” stands for a character or a thing that can manage the command of the fire.

The Pyroknight the character who is a combination of Warrior and Pyromancer keeps his name to set fire to his enemies and receives a little increase in health when he suffers. Additionally, the Pyroknight uses the Active skill Fireblade Ward, where she wields fiery blades to surround and slay more deadly opponents.

Class Combination: Pyromancer and Warrior


The main feature of Bastion as a class in Soul Knight Prequel is that this class has inherited the power of both Archer and Aegis and thus its power to kill increases. With Aegis’ power in Archer’s agility, it becomes a class that is highly adaptable and versatile. Besides its other powers, Bastion can cause a knockback and modify the skill cooldown rates, thus making its overall usefulness even greater.

Archer and Aegis: A Class Combination


The Elementalist is a hybrid, merging the skill sets of the Tempest Mage and the Pyromancer to create a new, formidable class that draws inspiration from both. Arguably, the Elementalist class falls between the two classes as it can be a reliable option for potential heroes who can’t decide which of them to go for.

Class Combination: Tempest Mage + Pyromancer


A Tier List


A person well practiced in the handling and functioning of small arms weapons.

The Artillerist in Soul Knight Prologue is the unique combination of the Pyromancer and Archer classes that has the potential to dish out high-level ranged damage, thus making the chance of success much higher.

Class Combination: Archer and Pyromancer


The Stormblade (a.k.a. a combination of the Thief and Tempest Mage roles) is unique in primarily providing high burst damage through a compelling set of skills. The active skill for Ice Boomerang is the one that targets aggressively and attacks enemies. Near the top of the list of recommended classes in the “Soul Knight Prequel” is the class that is the best blend of the Thief and the Tempest Mage classes.

Class Combination: Rogue and Storm Sorcerer


The Ranger class, an enemy of long-range combat, features the Agility of the Thief and the Marksmanship of the Archer, resulting in a series of burst attacks from the distance. The main point in its tuning is the Dexterity and Strength types.

The main plus of this class is its ability to deal damage from a distance and to have strong characteristics in Str and Dex attributes for the best impact. Moreover, the weapons that are incorporated into the game in a seamless way, which include the firearms and bows, remarkably increase the strength of the passive abilities of the character.

Class Combination: Rogue and Marksman


The Warrior is a trustworthy class in most games that you can start with and is adapted to all play styles and types. This class is an ace in close-range combat and is well-equipped with an arsenal of weapons providing it with massive weapon damage that does not compromise speed or other factors.


The character of Archer has been a key for literature and popular culture.

The Archer is often associated with its high Dexterity and damage potential from great distances by shooting arrows.

Base Class


Tier B

Tempest Mage

Considered an elite class from the common perception, the Tempest Mage is renowned more for its extraordinary adaptability rather than simple strength. Its power is unleashed when combined with any other class which serves to illustrate that its diversity can contribute positively to a broad range of skill applications. The solo class, for example, is very skilled in neutralizing magical damage; this is mainly due to its primary attribute of Intelligence.


Warliege is a hybrid powerhouse of the Warrior and Aegis categories. It offers a unique learning curve as it combines a Warrior body with a shield Aegis. However the unexpected polarity and specific utility of the course in certain circumstances is one of its exceptional perks, and that is different from what is presumed before the class starts. It might not be universally appealing, but this approach suits as an atomic blast to experienced players who crave novelty.

Class Combination: Warrior and Aegis


Swing reactions, dominant copies without your lethal touch, and the amazing fact that bleeding is amassed superfast.

However, the worries about substations, skill displacement, slight bulkiness, and steep decrease of the cap for HP that might cause out-of-the-blue death are also there. Additionally, taking into consideration, controlling destinations where clones evaporate might be difficult too.

Class Combination: Thief and Animancer


Type of Class: Strength and Intelligence

The sustainability of the Soulkeeper class is on par with Aegis skills, which makes it a desired choice for provers intending to climb the rankings by meeting a certain charge height. Even though this class is not the best out of all classes with DPS but still one of the best.

The optimization process of this category can be expensive, especially when the enterprise depends on the goods of Amaros. The Goblin Sacrificial Bow, an infamous weapon, is the most sought-after among the Armaros class who utilize it during combat. This is because the weapon will be entirely used after it is summoned.

The course involves quite a bit of damage relying on minions to do that. On the other hand, fate bounds can only be summoned by romantic weapons originating from an item that was crafted by a smith.

Class Combination: Animancer and Aegis

The individual who goes against commonly accepted beliefs and practices.



Type of Class: INT

The Heretic is the class of summoner who uses Intelligence stat as the base. It lets players choose between pyromancy or summoning as the main damage rhythm. (Note: They are not only able to cause pyro damage, but they can also inflict damage over time.

If you pick the summoner path, you will benefit from more summon damage; however, your damage will keep occurring. In exchange, you will gain a way of life which will affect the type of gameplay you’ll get as the risks involved could lead to rewards. It may lead to self-harming if one gets no competitors to be defeated.

Thus, the success of this course is based on the performance of your minions. It is essentially the use of ally buffs which will make your minions stronger. However, at the same time, using pyro abilities can lead to serious damage.

Class Combination: Animancer and Pyromancer


Tier C


The Thief class might not be my absolute favorite of them all, but even so, I still regard it as an insanely tempting primary class because of the unequaled mightiness of its damage-inflicting strikes and also the exceptional swiftness of its movement. Its agility is the best, which is unlike any other thing, and makes graceful and speedy movements possible. On the other hand, choosing Thief would mean that you will have more complex offensive abilities but less near immortality. The blessed one-shot ability singles this class out as the incarnation of the proverb ‘go fast, die hard,’ granting a ruthless and adrenaline-pumping playstyle to those adventurous enough to pull it off.


However, both Tempest Mages and Aegis are regarded as the notable class and Stormwarden offers a lot of advantages, but the class has not yet achieved its full potential. Knowledge unfolds in this class, either power is there Mere waiting for a skilled guide to train them into a formidable force. Although its benefits have not been fully explored, the Stormwarden still attracts players who are ambitious enough to embrace the unexplored side of the weapon and expose what strength it is truly capable of.

The classes of Tempest Mage and Aegis have been combined into one.

Video Tutorial on the PrequeL Soul Knight Tier List

Video Tutorial on the PrequeL Soul Knight Tier List


Which is the best class in the Soul Knight prequel?


  • Bastion.
  • Warrior.
  • Assassin.
  • Pyroknight.

Can you change classes to Soul Knight prequel?

There are four other basic classes that you can choose from, depending on the basic class you first selected.

Who is the best hero in Soul Knight?

  • Paladin.
  • Werewolf.
  • Priest.
  • 3rd skill robot.
  • Rogue.
  • Assassin.

What is the strongest weapon in Soul Knight?

This is a list of the top 10 best weapons in the game based on my personal experiences in badass mode. What do you think? Do you agree with this list?

  1. Varkolyn Assault Rifle
  2. Soul Calibre
  3. One Punch
  4. Grand Knight’s Sword
  5. Missile Battery
  6. Magic Bow
  7. Sandworm
  8. Rocket Gun M1
  9. Dragon Bros’ Sniper Rifle
  10. Fine Magic Staff

Is Soul Knight Prequel offline or online?

Soul Knight Prequel is free to play and It is always supposed to be connected to the internet.


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