Aether Gazer codes(July 2024): Complete Redemption Guide

Aether Gazer codes(July 2024)

Here you can find all the Newly released Aether Gazer codes for July 2024. Redeem them as soon as they appear on our list to claim various in-game rewards. Everything that you need to know is below on this page.

How do you use Aether Gazer codes?

  • Open the Game Aether Gazer.
  • Click on the Menu icon from the top right.
  • Tap on the Redeem Code button.
  • Type your Code from the list mentioned below.
  • Click on the Confirm button.
  • Confirm your in-game Mail to get rewards.

Aether Gazer July 2024 Codes

Aether Gazer July 2024 Codes
AG1stAnniIn-game rewards
IzanamicomingIn-game rewards
giftforadminIn-game rewards
asecretgift200x Shifted Stars
Please let me know if any of the above codes didn’t work in the comment box so I can remove that code from the list. thanks

Expired Aether Gazer Codes

  • AG1stAnni (Valid till June 17)
  • Izanamicoming (Valid till June 17)
  • giftforadmin (Valid till June 17)
  • HAPPYAG1STANNIV (Valid till June 14)
  • asecretgift
  • YingzhaoTrade (Expires March 30)
  • TianLuSupplies (Expires March 7)
  • 2024NEWYEAR (Expires January 7)
  • tomyfriendtantan (Expires December 25)
  • AG2023BESTSTORY (Expires December 6)
  • happyagdiscord60k – 100 shifted stars and 10 x coolant
  • Summer2023
  • June2023
  • AGGift
  • AG777
  • AetherGazer
  • YingzhaoTrade
  • TianLuSupplies
  • 2024NEWYEAR
  • AG2023BESTSTORY – 1x Coolant (M), 1x Shifted Star
  • happyagdiscord60k – Shifted Star x100, Coolant (M) x2

To Protect The Future and Join Forces

To Protect The Future and Join Forces

To prevent the extinction of humans and consciousness, and the continuity of civilization, the ancestors of people transferred consciousness to the nervous system, created by the giant supercomputer Gaea. Zero orbiting in space.

It was derived from the old world, the look and rules of this data network are of the 22nd century. live) Gaea does calculations into the future to generate Realbild or Idealbild of course a progressive trajectory for humanity.

Aether Gazer Information

Aether Gazer Information
  • Game Name: Aether Gazer
  • Requires Android: 5.0 and up
  • Size: 560 MB + Additional Downloads (8343.42 MB)
  • In-app purchases
  • Content rating: Teen • Blood, Suggestive Themes, Mild Language, Violence. Google Play Help
  • Released on: May 22, 2023
  • Genres: Role Playing • Action Role-Playing • Casual • Stylized • Anime
  • Offered by: Yostar Games
  • Languages: English, French, Japanese, German.

Aether Gazer Community

Aether Gazer Community

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That’s all we have Aether Gazer codes for now. We will update our list with any new codes provided by the developers for the game. Check this page frequently for freebies! Join the Aether Gazer Community for the latest game news.

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