Souls Codes(June 2024): Complete Redemption Guide

Souls Codes(June 2024)

In this case, the Souls Codes 2024 is in place to provide gems at no cost for your mission upgrades within the game. We have collected the currently running Souls codes 2024 which are working and offer Free Gift Rewards. Redeem them to get Gems, Hour Chest, Summon Stone, Torch, and many more.

How to redeem Souls codes?

How to redeem Souls codes?
  • Open the website: gift-exchange 
  • write all the information in the text field such as Game IDRewards Code, and Verification Code fields.
  • Then press the Redeem button.
  • Sign in to the game Souls.
  • Click on the Letter icon from the right.
  • Tap on the Giftcode is redeemed and get your rewards.

Working Souls Codes (June 2024)

Working Souls Codes (June 2024)
SOULSFREEGEMSIn-game rewards
junegift24x300 Gems, x3 Gold 3 Hour Chest, x1 Summon Stone
SOULS77710.000k Gold, 10.000 k Magic Stone, 300x Gem, 3x Summon Stone, 3x Torch
GIFT4SOULSPLAY10x Summon Stone
SOULS2024500x Gems
SOULS2023300x Gems
Souls Codes (June 2024)

Expired Souls Codes

Expired Souls Codes
  • souls0606
  • maypresent24
  • soulsmaygift
  • eggcellent
  • SoulsReddit
  • valentinesouls2024
  • snakersouls
  • archerosouls
  • survivorsouls
  • googleawards2023


Souls, an action RPG, Space developed by Habby, occurs in a broken continent covered with darkness. Habby Studio, being the same developer as Archeo and Penguin Isle, has its distinct style in this mobile game. In It, players create their powerful team of heroes, fight against monsters, and rescue their ancient continent from the darkness that buried it.

Advancement through the game gradually increases the need for in-game resources to help you with the mission. Here is where the Souls Codes 2024 will be helpful since the codes can be redeemed to get the required resources for free.

Free Souls Codes 2024: [Effective & Up-to-Date]

Free Souls Codes 2024: [Effective & Up-to-Date]

The developers impressively create fresh codes for players to increase their community. Nevertheless, the desire to get started playing the game might urge players to forget that the codes will expire in case they take too long. It is critical to acknowledge that each coupon has its validity date on it, therefore the codes have to be redeemed before they expire. Below, we put no codes that are working and playable now.

What are the codes for type soul?

What are the codes for type soul?
  • newcodeoldbugged: This code to Redeem with Locked Shikai/Resouse/Voltabilty Rerolls and Clan Reroll is New!
  • mainmenufixes: Don’t forget this code to avail of the Shikai/Res/Volt reroll i-locked Clan reroll gig (New).
  • tradehub: [Enter this code for Redeem Locked is for Reroll Element and Reroll Locked Weapon (New)]
  • soonupdates: Utilize this code to trade for the Free Weapon Property Reroll.
  • championship: Inject this code into Live Locked Element to redeem these Locked Element Reroll options.
  • sorryfordelays: With the following redemption code, you can get the Locked Shikai/Res/Volt reroll 589fnLn8Gkp as well as the Locked Clan Reroll 7quafgep77h.
  • watermelon: Input this into this and enter these codes to get the facilities of Rerolls.
  • sorryforthat: By typing INN-1 to redeem the coupon.
  • midtermsover: Input this code for a Free Element Reroll and a Clan Weapon Reroll
  • contentcoming: This code is for a single use so Redeem it quickly to get your own Clan Reroll.
  • haveagoodday: Apply the following code to receive discounted Rerolls.
  • slowpace: Input the code from the purchase and the system will award you with 3 Element Rerolls.
  • thehonoredone: Coming to this line, type in the code 3 Wep Rerolls and hit the button below to Redeem the offer.
  • triplethreat: Reroll for 3 corresponding Elements using the following code.
  • apologyforlate: This code will give 3 weapon Rerolls
  • middayfixes: Enter this code in for a free 1-prize element reroll*/ and 1 prize weapon reroll*/
  • 100kfavourites: Ragardu kodu imibazele mpabakuwa na milaki.
  • segundanextupdate: Scan this QR code – entitles you to 2 Locked Weapon Reroll and 2 Locked Shikai / Shikai / Volt Reroll.
  • fixedoldcode: Use this promo code to get free 3 locked/clan rerolls and 2 other rerolls of shikais/resonances/volts.
  • eumorningupdate: This is the code you can use now to exchange with 3 Locked Clan Rerolls three times.
  • latenightupdate: Use it to get rid of the barrage of Shikai/Res/Volt locked, tied fortune weapons.
  • updatecomingsoon: Input the code and the program raffles to you 2 Weapon Rerolls.
  • 3shikaireroll: Use this rrlroll to chat for a Shikai reroll of your choice.
  • 80klikes Enter this code to reborrow Shikai Purple Resolute Warrior or Volt Reroll.
  • newgame: This code gives you access to Locked Soul Ticket and don’t forget to use this code at the appropriate time.
  • shutdownsrry: Input Below: This gives you a chance for an Elemental Reroll.
  • 55klikes: Use this code to Perform the Blue Pie process.
  • tyforfollows: Once you have fulfilled the requirements, you can go ahead and redeem your Avengers/Riot/Volt reroll.
  • 35klikes: Use the code for a blue pill to be redeemed.
  • 20klikes: Use a specified code for unlocking a Locked Weapon Reroll option.
  • 10klikes: This code is for exhausted travelers wanting to redeem a Blue Pill.
  • sorryforshutdown: When you go to the movies, don’t forget to redeem a soul ticket by typing the following code.

Video Tutorial On How To Redeem Souls Codes?

Video Tutorial On How To Redeem Souls Codes?

Where Can I Locate Additional Souls Codes?

Where Can I Locate Additional Souls Codes?

For the most recent updates and additional codes, please refer to the game’s official social media accounts.

More Working Codes:

The best solution here is to bookmark this page as we are diligent in updating the page regularly with any new Souls codes, newly released by the developers.

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