Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List 2024: Top Fruit Picks Ranked


Gain a deeper understanding of fruits through the newest and updated Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List (Image via Roblox)

To help the new Aggressives choose the right fruits for playing, the Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List guide will do the selection for them. Fruits of the Battlegrounds is an exciting game that has been developed on Roblox by the creator P O P O as a remake of the world-famous TV show One Piece. The player progresses in the game by increasing their power of bulk with more fruits being unlocked. This is why our tier list comes to the fray.

Understanding Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List: A Comprehensive Guide


Enhance your knowledge about fruits through the most recent and revised Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List.

Every fruit has its individuality in the area of competence. Correspondingly, the fruits have been grouped into four layers from highest to lowest. These tiers consist of:

S-Tier: These fruits belong to the brightest level and are famous for their unparalleled quality to lead you to a better level.

A-Tier: We also have A-Tier fruits which are good but they might lack in some respects. However, they are very good at anything they do, even in the most complicated environment.

B-Tier: The B category also involves fruits that, although not strong enough to break down resistances, can exert some sort of positive action. These fruits are suggested to be consumed during the later stages of the game.

C-Tier: These fruits are the worst in the game and have lower ratings with less skill level. Also, the recommendation is to stay away from fruits of this type.


  • Electrical discharge
  • Mythical bird
  • Molten rock
  • Thin thread
  • Operation Efficiency
  • Tremor
  • Time travel elastic
  • Flour mixture



The top-level fruits in Fruit Battlegrounds.

  • The force of attraction between objects
  • Mika, a name
  • A highly toxic substance
  • An explosive device
  • The name of a space vehicle
  • Unimpressive or dull



Fruit Battlegrounds’ B-Tier Fruits.

  • Frozen water
  • Cut
  • Animal foot
  • Obstacle
  • Gloomy
  • Granular material
  • Bright



C-Tier fruits have been spotted in Fruit Battleground.

  • latex
  • Peregrine
  • fumes
  • Fuel

Completing our Fruit Battlegrounds Tier List. We hope that the fruit selection table will help you to choose the most appropriate ones. And also, if you need extra gems to clear your tasks you may check through our Fruit Battlegrounds Codes page.

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