Taimanin RPG Tier List June 2024: Top Units for Optimal Selection


This Taimanin RPG Tier List will help you to select the best Unit. Taimanin RPG Tier List contains all the units from the best to the weakest according to their powers and abilities. The game is mostly based on a mobile playstyle and is controlled by the gacha mechanic which makes it possible for the players to acquire different characters and then enhance them into battle units.


Explanation of the Taimanin RPG Tier List for All Tiers


Let yourself get a grasp on all the units that are in the most recent tide and go for the revision of the Taimanin RPG Tier List.

Taimanin RPG is one of those action games that allows you to pick almost anything you want from several units. Consumers should carefully examine the capabilities and disadvantages for it may differ for each model. That is why we came up with a Taimanin RPG Tier List, which splits every unit of such games into five tiers, to the end ensuring the comparison of their performance, rareness, skills, and abilities.

  • S-Tier: Currently the top-tier units are the strongest ones in the game and have proved efficient in the majority of battles. Utilize them to improve the way you play.
  • A-Tier: While they cannot match up to the superiority of the S-Tier, they still shine among their opponents on the battlefield.
  • B-Tier: These units are divisional-level galleries, wherein one can spot some average performers in the game while they are their forte in certain instances.
  • C-Tier: Units in this group are not very effective, because they do not give an advantage on the playing field.
  • D-Tier: They are the very first installed at the bottom of the rungs of society and are the most impoverished. Therefore, it makes sense when making this choice, the future doctor is not allowed to choose them.

S Tier


The image depicts the S-Tier Units in Taimanin RPG.

  • Stem Arca
  • Oboro
  • Asuka Kokawa
  • Ayame Makishima
  • NEO Saya
  • Kurenai Shinganji
  • Shiranui Mizuki
  • Rinko Akiyama
  • Crackle

A Tier


These are the A-Tier units in Taimanin RPG.

  • Lilim
  • Narsala
  • Fuma Amane
  • Kurumi S. Sakazaki
  • Igawa Asagi
  • Yatsu Murasaki
  • Ingrid
  • Shido Rinka
  • Mizuki Yukikaze



The B-Tier Units in Taimanin RPG.

  • Lilith Abel binder nail
  • Ange
  • Mirabel Bell
  • Cerastes
  • Igawa Sakura
  • Nadia
  • Dolores
  • Kozaka Shizuru
  • Lena
  • Sakura (Shadow Ruler)
  • Minasaki
  • Michea Silkys (Two)

C Tier


Image of C-Tier Units in Taimanin RPG.

  • Shizuku Oshima
  • Hisui Yuri
  • Revenant Wisp
  • Fallen Lightning Mizuki Yukikaze
  • Wight
  • Gran
  • Kisaragi Shijo
  • Felicia
  • Saika Fuma
  • Chevalier
  • Rin Uehara
  • Kimono Beauty Ingrid
  • Driving Force Arms Yatsu Murasaki

D Tier


In Taimanin RPG, the D-Tier Units.

  • Taimanin in Disguise (Party)
  • Yukikaze Mizuki (Valentine of Lightning)
  • Mari Shinohara
  • Grace Yukina
  • Winchester Aina (Bride with Two Swords)

Top Units To Pick

Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout units in the Taimanin RPG Tier List: Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout units in the Taimanin RPG Tier List:

Mizuki Yukikaze (A-Tier)

Mizuki’s Yukina Push is a cool design of asw-c in the A-Tier with a powerful unit and high abilities and skills. Her speed of battle moves and maneuverability are well-known – this way she can be just as effective as any other champion in the team. As a result, Yukikaze sports a variety of both offensive and defensive capabilities which allow the unit to be effective in various battles.

Igawa Sakura (B-Tier)

However, Igawa Sakura is a class B tier, do not lower your estimation of her. Hence, being an extremely proficient swordsman both in combat tactics and distributing lethal damage, Igawa Sakura can effortlessly outsmart opponents. She shows sort of adaptability which makes her an important asset to any team at any battlefront.

Yatsu Murasaki (A-Tier)

Demon’s Mao Yatsu Murasaki is capable of becoming an unmatched power in the A-Tier of this game with high strength and flexibility that can’t be challenged by anyone. The main character, Yatsu Murasaki, has him/herself equipped with powerful guns and the latest fighting skills, which enable him/her to effectively fight and beat even the most challenging enemies. Her special tactical insight and spontaneous and situational abilities put her side by side in situations that require quick thoughts, especially during complicated battles.

Ingrid (A-Tier)

Ingrid is a multi-tool in the A sphere that has a distinct trait. Ingrid’s art of elemental magic and enchantment will help her win tighter duels by affecting the battle scene in her favor. Unlike many games that revolve entirely around the sword and shield that you wield, Insomnia allows for an array of magic spells that make Ingrid an invaluable asset to the group.

Sakura (B-Tier)

Many people think of Sakura as a B-Tier character who relies on her shadow-based abilities, but this only demonstrates that she is a character who has made it out to survive against all odds. In that way, it can lure the enemies and use the darkness to accomplish the attacks. So in a minute, in the blink of an eye, more precisely, the situation can be turned around. Either she secretizes and mystifies the combat or remains indomitable and unconquerable in any combat scenario.

Video Tutorial on Taimanin RPG Tier List

Taimanin RPG Tier List

This is the complete guide for the Taimanin RPG Tier List. Selecting the appropriate units can be a daunting task. We trust that this list has assisted you in selecting the top units for battle. Please save this page as we regularly update it whenever new units are introduced.

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