Holocure Tier List 0.6 Collabs and items: Characters Ranked Best to Worst


If you are looking for characters ranking in the Holocure tier list, you are in the right place. In this article, we have briefly described all the characters ranked in the Holocure Tier List.

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Holocure Tier List for Characters Explained

We have divided the tiers into five tiers from S to D. Here’s our Holocure tier list, ranked from best to worst:


The S-tier in the Holocure Tier List are characters who have the most well-rounded and powerful abilities in Holocure. They are brilliantly good at both their staple attacks and unique abilities. These are the top idols you’ll want on your team.

  • Mel
  • Kiara
  • Suisei
  • Gura
  • Ina
  • Fauna
  • Sana
  • IRyS

Mel: Average SPD; 1.4x, and her skill to recover HP implies that you will be able to manage things easily since they will be so coordinated. Jingisukan makes Mel immortal. She can be still and wait till the destroyer is killed by her. With that, the game will be Prince.

Kiara: In particular, I applied armor skill/una bonuses/only recommended up/not even. heal. Not to mention some of the characters from this backdrop writhing in the characters was easy. Good SPD, weapon attack power, and the ability to deal moderate damage and heal a bit as well.


Suisei: At first it looked like who I was playing was a big deal and more difficult than I had imagined, but by the end, it was much easier than expected. I am Halu competition. I took part in level 3. Stellar deployed thermal neutron warheads against an enemy swarm near Suisei. Blocks Master produced slow and heavy samples. (There are more warriors in Purgatory, therefore, the more souls to clean.)

Gura: A decent basic SPD, healer, evasion, and, all in all (firepower is also not too bad).


Ina: Fast initial SPD (1`5x) made sure Ina maintained the last stand even after a lot of the enemies were dead.

Fauna: Throat heal, Shield, SPD buff. The fact of death is harder than the combat itself. In addition to the extraordinary range of her firepower, she is very good in this respect.


Sana: She is a master at throwing confusion into the enemy troops and making them bottleneck. Although Milk is less powerful than others to increase hit stun as a distance attacker she’s way better.

IRyS: As soon as we notice that, the camera focuses on lvl 1 main weapon which despite being the very worst is still very weird to the outsiders. Yes, her lvl 7 main weapon is surely very good, but her social distancing is not that good. 


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A-Tier Of Holocure Tier List

A-Tier in the Holocure Tier List is mentioned below:

  • Ollie
  • Korone
  • Roboco
  • Baelz
  • Okayu
  • Miko
  • Ayame
  • Mio
  • Kronii
  • Fubuki
  • AZKi
  • Kaela
  • Risu
  • Subaru
  • Aqua
  • Aki
  • Matsuri

Ollie: During this time I was picking his items and keeping on moving and focusing on his chakra meter. But her merch grants the higher rush boost, 50% SPD, and 50% Haste buff, which becomes a deterring factor. (The 50% Haste buff is greater than the perceived 30% Haste buff of Korone and AZKi! So, she is great at firepower too). Just as Zombie Ninjutsu is helpful too, it has Undead as the most trusted insurance.

Korone: It’s one of the most powerful characters that might sometimes become tough and decent fire can always be useful. The redone Biki Bikit and Ghibli Jingisukan combination here was very striking as well. Although I took the damage playing her, I didn’t have any problem with it.

Roboco: Robodismissal entity can pull enemies from the back as the zones around the enemies are protected with auto-turrets.

the ability to completely absorb all the attacks by using Takedown and Battery stun is a great blessing.

Baelz: Fast Pace AT SPD (1.5x).

Layered: Runway (heatmaps) based on AT traffic speed at the beginning. On the bright side, we have some time to prepare including, turning off utilities, taking shelter in the basement, or evacuating, but when disaster strikes, everything can change in a moment and nothing can survive the punishment.

Okayu: SPD buff, not-so-bad stats, not-so-bad power, and heal. She is balanced.

Miko: After the line, the player with more constant, but not reliable healing. I will be choosing Sakura Gohei over an Onigiri.

Ayame: she receives SPD buff when enemies are near, invincibility to keep her from being attacked. It seemed like she couldn’t hold her own when it came to a firepower from higher characters/levels To I say in summary, she was not to me as delicate as Korone.

Mio: Honestly, Mio is still number 1 above Fubuki, Kronii, and AZKi. What is more, relaxation was a perception I had while playing her, as compared to a trio. What’s more, I do not need an additional person in the group to beat all the bosses two or three times faster than any trio that would use a special weapon.

Kronii, Fubuki, AZKi: Interestingly, they play very well but frankly speaking, to AFK up with them takes so little and it’s way lengthy. They recruit, bond the team together, and push us forward, all being very busy at the beginning.

Kaela: No pressure, (pun intended) increased the early phase game. At this juncture of No Pressure, the killing of enemies did not quite reach what killing enemies in the SD combat could offer, which made her fight a bit difficult and at the same time, the difficulty kept dropping with time.

Risu: It’s like I am in the best Callie. And here, a crazy would hit the ground and nuts fly in every direction that makes the squirrels go crazy. Deez lets the boss defeat the mini-boss and main boss if you talk in fast motion. Keep in mind there is no SUPPORT skill and no healing skill so you just can’t simply relax.

Subaru: The whole experience of that interview with the executioner was neither killing nor dying.

Aqua: The efficiency of SPD coat from SololiveDecent firepower. First, her journey may not be smooth sailing.

Aki: Purely her sword at haloth level can stamp on the enemies, not only with help from Belly Dance.

Matsuri: While her skill range is quite good, but not significantly high, the fact that her skills possess only individual power and do not collaboratively synergize, therefore restraining her potential quite a lot. The biggest challenge is not so much to portray Rachel but it gets by and by. Also, with her building materials, you are worked to the bone. It seems that you are unable to take off the’ spinner’ from the aim!

B-Tier From Holocure Tier List

B-Tier in the Holocure Tier List is mentioned below:

  • Mumei
  • Choco
  • Haato

Mumei: The difficulty was between S1H to S2H. From my experience while playing Othello in 0.5, I believed that she could swallow Halu like a cat, however, I was disappointed. She’s lacking the base stats (which she doesn’t have when compared to Ame), and she’s not fully grown up yet. It was kinda difficult in the beginning, but she becomes tough as other strong top characters later.

Choco: Even though she can show off brilliant scores in the show, she still cannot dominate the stage. Her HP recovery is more unstable, the reason may be that you need to collect 10 Cooking Pots from enemies to recover 10 HP and her AOE and charm skills are dependent on CRT but CRT boost is not provided.

Haato: She had described Korone as being weaker in her story. Compared to Korone, whose variety mode was stronger, Hato mode had no advantages, nor did Haachama, whose variety mode was similar to Korone’s, have any superiorities over Korone. Neither pairs PP with the protagonist nor Beetle, any of them.

C-Tier From Holocure Tier List

The C and D-tier in A-Tier in the Holocure Tier List are enchanters’ powers are underwhelming, to put it mildly, their powers are about protection with little to no offensive capacities. As far as peanuts are concerned, although not bad my preference would be for a better alternative.

  • Calli
  • Reine
  • Moona

Calli: Even trained in the skill, she clung to death by the strong ones whose resistance supported HP by the Halu. Her ability is quite good, but it has a very long cooldown time. The impressive is that she disappeared off the stage in the S3H run, compared to the chain explosion in the S3H stage. However, this general reduces the number of his enemies, and contrarily to this fact, it increases the amount of the quality of his enemies.

Reine: I was not enough fulfilled with such firepower which improves attack speed by 20%, additional critical damage at 30%, and the other 70% coming from the critical rate. I don’t know why. I restricted access to no more than two weapons identical to the Holy Fire and I opted for the full build of Shackle.

Moona: Her combination skills deal pure damage to the enemy’s skill gauge. Her fight wouldn’t be as good because her stat buff is not that great. (60% ATK bonus only) The kit Beetle tastes quite strong during the early stage before the Dreamy Noob picked up Halu, however, adding Beetle doesn’t offer greater advancement to her social distancing.

D-Tier From Holocure Tier List

  • nya
  • Shion
  • Iofi
  • Kobo
  • Zeta

nya: When she moved all she could use was the two skills that existed in her world, but they were far from enough to fight well. However, that was the strangest part of her, considering she was a sword-holder she was not that powerful, regarding. Lulling is one great might of treatment, but it cuts the inflicted damage by up to 70%. It could be said this in turn is the primary drawback of the fight with the masters of the prodigies–their merciless opponents!

Shion: In short some people assert that in need of buff Shion. Her damage link of skill is inferior to Moona’s‘, and the portal is inapplicable. There is that what she can do, but there will always be those who better her at what she can do.

Iofi: At other times, she is almost invisible, like a bug is stuck on her. As a result, in the near-infinite runs with tons of Casters flying every second, Erofi will gain over tens of thumbs, which then allow her to receive much more HP and become almost everlasting for a long period

Kobo: She has relatively low firepower (with only half the speed of her sword; even before the Halu force). Thus her mist cloud is not useful to her anymore. (Did you know that the first Dark Matsurisu has 50 HP and 9 damage which is double the 25 HP and 4 damage of Dark Shrimp? This means that Tantrum is twice as useless as Dark Matsuri.) Everyone she shares space with also needs to play their role. And if she thinks it’s the biggest issue, she has no idea how bad it is.

Zeta: I lost sight of Halu in the middle of my run, therefore I did Halu’s run after the time was up. Nevertheless, Sitalaria denied having any better feelings with or without Halu. The main difference between Zeta and Fubuki’s kits is her invisibility and the enhancement of her power as long as she is in that state, however, despite the similarity, she is terrible, so compared to Fubuki, the hacking from the enemy is crude.

Holocure Items and guidelines on how to Unlock Items

Item NameHow to Unlock
SakeUnlocked Automatically.
Body PillowUnlocked Automatically.
LimiterSurvive for 10 minutes in a run using Tsukumo Sana.
Credit CardPick up an Anvil.
Injection Type AsacocoClear Stage mode can be achieved using Breathe-In Type Asacoco or Plug Type Asacoco.
Knightly MilkUnlocked Automatically.
HaluDefeat 5,000 enemies in one go.
Face MaskUnlocked Automatically.
Nurse’s HornUnlocked Automatically.
PlushieUse Hakos Baelz and survive for 10 minutes in a run.
Full MealUnlocked Automatically.
Piki Piki PimanUnlocked Automatically.
MembershipBeat Stage Mode using Super Chatto Time!
HeadphonesUnlocked Automatically.
Gorilla’s PawBeat Smol Ame.
Chicken’s FeatherUse Takanashi Kiara and survive for 10 minutes in a run.
Uber SheepUnlocked Automatically.
Energy DrinkUse Calliope Mori and survive for 10 minutes in a run.
Idol CostumePerform a Special Attack.
Stolen Piggy BankBeat Golden YAGOO.
Just BandageLose the game after surviving for 10 minutes.
Study GlassesAchieve Level 50 during run.
GWS PillLose the game while using Halu.
BreastplateTake 500 damage during a run.
Super Chatto Time!Acquire 5,000 Holo Coins in the inventory.
Kusogaki ShacklesSurvive for 10 minutes in a run using Murasaki Shion.
Blacksmith’s GearUse an anvil to enhance a max-level weapon.
Devil HatDealing 1000 damage in a single attack is the goal.
Hope SodaClear stage as IRyS.
Focus ShadesSurvive for 10 minutes in a run using Vestia Zeta.
Candy Kingdom SweetsSelect the Haste stat upgrade 10 times when you level up to achieve the Orarara achievement.
Ninja HeadbandUse Kureiji Ollie and 10 minutes of survival in a run.
Researcher’s Coatdoesn’t get damaged for 5 minutes while a run.
BeetleAchieve any stage without using any Character Skills.
Holocure Items and guidelines

To conclude the Holocure Tier List, Among all the S-Tier Holocure Idols, the top five must be Aki Rosenthal, Ceres Fauna, IRyS, Nekomata Okayu, and Sakura Miko. Amongst them, Hoshimachi Suisei, Ouro Kronii, and Yuzuki Choco can be classified as fierce A-tier choices. Therefore, for me, this is most of them. AZKi is at the bottom of the list. The top choices associated with S and A-tiers determine the best Holocure team compositions.

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