Rumble Heroes Tier List 2024: the best characters for selection


Are you getting confused about figuring out which characters to choose from the Rumble Heroes Tier List? It can be overwhelming to know which of the many options is the best to use in a battle. That is when the Rumble Heroes Tier List for 2024 is of much need.

For team compositions that consistently work, consult the top characters on our Tier List. Go through the Rumble Heroes Tier List if you need to find characters that are generally the most effective.

‘Rumble Heroes’, the first game, from PlayHard.The lab has been available for download since March 2. The main gameplay is simple to navigate and includes a lot of interesting gaming modes. The aim is to protect the princess from black knights and dare to join the battle using powerful characters. For the gamers to decide who will be the best characters to play, the Rumble Heroes Tier List has been made available.

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The Rumble Heroes Tier List provides explanations for all tiers.


The wisest way is to choose a priority on the quality while ignoring the veracity. Powerful characters are becoming more common. This game features 4 rarities – Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Uncommon. We have resulted in all these characters in four tiers considering these rarities.

They are: Characters categorized as S-Tier are those that have the most powerful aptitudes in the organizing of current meta since they can survive in all types of emergencies and deal huge damage. The characters in the A-Tier, although may have some weaknesses, nevertheless, are strong and capable, but still a notch lower than the characters in the S-Tier. The character in the B-tier belongs to the moderately performing tier of individuals who can perform well only in certain situations. Those that are in the C-Tier in the game are believed to be the weakest, and therefore should not, be used.

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  • Big-Sickle Jennifer
  • Wave Talisay
  • Dark Kiara
  • Blind Matilda
  • Nurse Ivy
  • Big Sword Gray
  • Time Mia
  • Ego Sword Polly
  • Elemental Lisa
  • Holy Mace Paul
  • Forest Vanessa
  • White Evelyn


  • Feather Corbin
  • Dr. Forge
  • Crow Bibi
  • Mace Gilburt
  • Lance Pico
  • Double Gun Mary
  • Shotgun Gupi
  • Spear Kelly
  • Snow Yuki
  • Heavy Armor Humphry
  • Boomerang Ray
  • Calm Foe
  • Canon Waldo
  • Flame Sword Giselle
  • Dancer Maya


  • Orange Woody
  • Big Hammer Joe
  • Backpack Chico
  • Turban Coby
  • Epee Laura
  • Magic Shot Sally
  • Skull Pop

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  • Olive Cindy
  • Hero
  • Strong Laura
  • Whitehair Leo
  • Diamond Bob
  • Brave Uva
  • Nudie JackIce Bobo
  • Leaf Shot Tim
  • Shadow Isaac


This Concludes our Rumble Heroes Tier List. Let’s hope that you have watched the video and hence got the idea and you’ll be able to choose a character in the game that will maximize your experience.

As the game evolves, and new characters are being added, it becomes critical to keep yourself updated with the ones that are quite the strongest and most effective in the gameplay Or visit our Post Regularly. The Tier List is an indispensable tool that gives the most complete picture of characters’ strengths and weaknesses and allows players to choose a team that is fully prepared to win.

Whether you are a veteran player striving to be the best or a new contender trying to create a formidable team, the Rumble Heroes Tier List 2024 will guide you in picking the champions that will bring you victory over your opponents. Now, let’s examine the heroes in this newest game and figure out who’s the best!