Honkai Star Rail: The Ghost Actor Hidden Quest mission guide

If you’re playing Honkai: Star Rail and want to complete the hidden quest called “Ghost Actor Hidden Quest,” you’ll need to head to the Fyxestroll Garden area. This quest challenges you to perform lines of dialogue correctly during a musical performance. To succeed, follow these steps and you’ll be rewarded in no time.

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A guide to finding the Ghost Actor hidden quest mission in Honkai Star Rail

The Ghost Actor’s Hidden quest can be found near the Pavilion of Cessation Corridor partition in Fyxestroll Garden. Her singing can help you locate the specter once you are in the general area. Interacting with the ghost will start a two-part quest that will take place over two real-world days.

 Day 1: Exploring the Haunted Harmonies 

On the first day, agree to learn the vocal techniques of flower-drum opera from the ghost to initiate the secret mission. The specter will then instruct you to return tomorrow for a full performance, and no further actions are required.

 Day 2: Finishing the Macabre Melody 

On the second day, the Ghost Actor performs her previous piece called “Wedding Wine.” Pay attention as she instructs the player to continue certain verses, assessing their lyrical memory and improvisation abilities.

Correct responses:

  • My heart yearns for the acknowledgment of my love for you.
  • The candles flicker, creating shadows on the wall, while my bones serve as the wick and my flesh emits the fragrance.
  • The robes are removed, unveiling my longing. In the hibiscus tent, our desires will unfold.
  • We will embrace tightly tonight, but tomorrow you will be taking your flight.

Select all four passages accurately to complete the song and hidden quest. If even one is incorrect, you will have to fight the angered spirit instead, so it’s important to remember the lyrics.

This guide provides information on the “Ghost Actor Hidden Quest” in Honkai Star Rail, including details on quest rewards.  

  • Lost Gold Fragment x2
  • Strale x100
  • Credits x10,000
  • The mountain of Recto and the water of Verso both achieved success.
  • You may find helpful information about Fyxestroll Garden in Honkai Star Rail by reading the complete guide.
the-Ghost-Actor-hidden-quest-mission-in Honkai-Star-Rail

In Honkai Star Rail, there is a hidden gem that provides a musical distraction from the intensity of the main questline. Players can find the Ghost Actor, listen to her supernatural singing, and pass her lyrics test for ample rewards.

Found in Fyxestroll Garden  

  • Ghost Actor Hidden Quest Location Map provides a view of the world.

The Ghost Actor Hidden Quest is located in the Fyxestroll Garden, which is south of the Pavilion of Cessation Corridor space anchor. To begin the quest, interact with the partition.

Locations of the Fyxestroll Garden treasure chest.

the-Ghost-Actor-hidden-quest-mission-in Honkai-Star-Rail

Ghost Actor Quest Walkthrough  

To begin the hidden mission for the Ghost Actor Hidden Quest, you need to fast-travel to the Pavilion of Cessation Corridor at the Fyxestroll Garden in The Xianzhou Luofu. Once there, make your way to the opposite side of the area and interact with the partition.

To continue the quest, wait for a ghost actor to approach you and offer to teach you Zhuming flower-drum opera. Select the “I’ll Learn From You” dialogue option and speak to her again to finish the first day of the quest.

Ghost Actor Hidden Quest.  

Return to the Fyxestroll Garden to engage in a conversation with the Ghost Actor again. During this encounter, she will perform the song “Wedding Wine” and it will be imperative to pay close attention. Following the song, you will be required to accurately complete it alongside her.

If you want an easier way of remembering her lines, you can either memorize them or refer back to the chat using the Story Recap function. After you finish singing with her, talk with her again and you will receive the achievement Mountain of Recto, Water of Verso.

Here are all the answers for The Ghost Actor Hidden Quest.

  • Dialogue Answer
  • I have a strong desire to be acknowledged by you, my love.
  • Candles flicker, casting shadows on the wall, while the scent of the fragrance fills the air.
  • In the hibiscus tent, our desires will be revealed and our passions will unfold.
  • In the evening, we will embrace tightly. Tomorrow, you will take your flight.

Rearrange the lines to combat the ghost.  

If the lines for the opera are performed incorrectly, the Ghost Actor will be encountered, resulting in a different achievement upon the completion of the hidden quest.

The fight involves battling a single Entranced Ingenium – Illumination Dragonfish, which is relatively easy.

Illumination Dragonfish Enemy Guide

Ghost-Actor-hidden-quest-mission-in Honkai-Star-Rail

Complete the task to earn an achievement.  

Upon completing the quest, players will have the opportunity to unlock the achievement, “Mountain of Recto, Water of Verso,” provided they successfully execute the song’s lyrics.

If the lines are incorrectly performed and you engage in a battle with the Ghost Actor, the achievement you will receive is the Apprentice, Disciple Renegade.

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The Ghost Actor Hidden Quest mission guide


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The Honkai Star Rail features numerous hidden quests, which offer valuable rewards and the occasional achievement.

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