Ever Legion Tier List June 2024: Best ranked Heroes

Ever Legion Tier List 2024: Best ranked Heroes

Currently, the best Ever Legion Tier List introduces the gradation of heroes from Mythical and Legendary down to the Common stages. It becomes a policy of down-going order arrangement that is paramount in helping you to make the righteous decisions concerned with very great team compositions. Thus, that will enhance your battles to cut into your enemies.

Understanding Rarities: The Key to Power

The roles of Legendaries, Rares, and Commons are divided into three tiers, pointing to their power levels. It’s not recommended to spend too much on randomly good heroes in the beginning, but instead, build the discovery process around the ones with higher potential. The listed rarities are as follows: The listed rarities

  • Mythical
  • Legendary
  • Common

Further, examine an additional list of tiers to attain a wide outlook. When it comes to Common heroes, they’re likely to find themselves as the lower rank meaning that at the same time, some of the Legendary heroes with only 3 skills at their disposal can be powerful until better units are obtained.

Ever Legion Tier List: S+ Tier Heroes

Ever Legion Tier List 2024: Best ranked Heroes

We start with S+ Tier, which are the best ones in Ever Legion to demonstrate the heroes available in the game. The professional athletes used in these commercials are truly exceptional as they outperform their opponents no matter what gear they have.

S+ Tier

  • Aeyastra
  • Theadril
  • Eudos
  • Esia & Arnoth
  • Melial
  • Alexios
  • Nyras
  • Vivienne
  • Kthir
  • Razhul
  • Alexandria
  • Stannos
  • Ahmut
  • Nefertari
  • Aravis
  • Melusine
  • Th’londrir
  • Aenara
  • Xayl’thir
  • Daevos
  • Yelina
Ever Legion Tier List 2024: Best ranked Heroes

The Strong Contenders: S Tier Heroes

Moving on to the S tier, we present the second-best characters and reliable choices that can contribute significantly to a powerful team.

S Tier

  • Holech
  • Oroth
  • Cyrilla – Ruby of the Sea
  • Leuka
  • Excessium
  • Ahasver
  • Constanza
  • Gatek
  • Ul’Gosh
  • Niviana
  • Genevieve
  • Robert
  • Olivier
  • Edward
  • Asmodai
  • Anne
  • Brenia
  • Leolas
  • Julia
  • Desmond
  • Godfrey
  • Seithmann
  • Keelia
  • Velnak
  • Rogrys
  • Creithylad
  • Sulien
  • Celtchar
  • Malakith
  • Gar’zak
  • Aylwyn
  • Iya’thill

Solid Performers: A Tier Heroes

Those heroes from A Tier may not be the strongest, but they are dependable heroes at the higher levels when fully upgraded and well-equipped. They are risk-free and will ease your team’s investment but the sole battle against a formidable opponent remains the biggest hurdle.

A Tier

  • Grukzag
  • Kulgaz
  • Heinrich
  • Dorlin
  • Psyche
  • Aello
  • Armog
  • Yunalesca
  • Puith
  • Maeve
  • Arawn
  • Blodeuweth
  • Rhiannon
  • Elyarill
  • Viridy
  • Llyr
  • Dirwyn
  • Kaspar
  • Herla
  • Mawi
  • Globnik
  • Cruban
  • Donnith
  • Sera
  • Wadjetta
Ever Legion Tier List 2024: Best ranked Heroes

Decent Choices for Specific Situations: B Tier Heroes

While in the B tier, these heroes can work in certain scenarios. Use them if no better options are available, but consider upgrading to higher-tier characters for long-term benefits.

B Tier

  • Heinrich (Duplicate Mention)
  • Chretien
  • Tam
  • Kveldor
  • Katerina
  • Leapfrog
  • Urash
  • Gretchen
  • Bruk’daz
  • Aaranella
  • Holiburn
  • Lailoken
  • Ruthven

Gretchen, for instance, is an Assassin with fast, tanky attributes, making her a decent burst unit.

Ruthven, a Tank, deals AoE damage while recovering HP, akin to League of Legends’ Vladimir.

Aranella, a Debuffer, offers decent DPS with Slow and Bleed effects.

Ever-Legion-Tier-List-2024: Best-ranked-Heroes
Ever Legion Tier List 2024: Best ranked Heroes

Exercise Caution: C Tier Heroes

These heroes are not recommended for use beyond the initial stages of the game. With only two skills, they have limited potential and are best replaced as soon as better options become available.

C Tier

  • Royal Priest
  • Royal Guard
  • Ogre Warrior
  • Chaos Shaman
  • Forest Spirit
  • Forest Guardian
  • Undead Swordsman
  • Undead Fighter

Aeyas is an Assassin with the ability to deal effective AoE damage and break down enemy defenses. Additionally, she can enhance her damage by upgrading her skills. Moreover, she is capable of doing so from a safe distance, which makes her a valuable asset to any team.

Ever-Legion-Tier-List-2024: Best-ranked-Heroes
Ever Legion Tier List 2024: Best ranked Heroes

Alexios is a tank belonging to the Eudic faction, with an advantage against the Daevic heroes. Additionally, he can weaken enemies, freeze them, and attack the enemy team consistently. His stats are further enhanced by his passive, making him a highly effective tank.

Nyras is a Control Warrior in the gaming world, known for its strategic play style that heavily relies on team composition. They possess a unique set of abilities that can be incredibly impactful in the right situations, making them a formidable force when faced against the appropriate opponents.

Niviana: The main character in the game is Niviana who is a mage unit that is capable of inflicting high damage against multiple enemies at once. The affliction of her blows comes with a shockwave-like effect of damaging the enemies in a greater amount. [After the blows, there is a wave of damage Alongside that, the buff that she provides to the ally capable of causing the highest damage allows the critical hit chance to increase with each Ultimate use, hence, the Ultimate gains in strength over time.

Here are three heroes in the A Tier of the Ever Legion roster.

Ever-Legion-Tier-List-2024: Best-ranked-Heroes
Ever Legion Tier List 2024: Best ranked Heroes

Maeve is one Mage character who can resist her Darkness Feast ability, moreover, she definitely won’t be a weak link to the team since she deals a lot of damage. The choice varies if she is meant to be a tank mage or an HP mage as her passive Queen’s Prerogative grants her increased ATK according to her HP strength. Overall, she is considered a reliable unit, though you have to dis-bamboozle her with other damage over time skills or AoE by others. Mostly, she can carry the team during the fight and can flaunt competitive spirit.

Blodeuweth is a Mage with very high DPS that will quickly take out more fragile slayers, allowing her to easily cope with static control enemies with ‘her Ultimate.

Ever Legion Tier List 2024: Best ranked Heroes

Ruthven is a champion of a Summoning Rift battlefield in League of Legends. He can deal with area-of-effect damage and restore some of his health. Advanced players will recognize that her way of playing is very similar to Vladimir’s since she can become a pool and gain a particular amount of health that has run out.

Attack Skill: Arabella deals debuff damage. This ability has an average DPS. She can go slow and bleed with a stacking effect. In some battle instances, this effect can be helpful.

Conclusion: A Guide to Hero Selection

Our Ever Legion tier list covers heroes whatever, no matter the grade. Unlike the ones starving to enter Common ranks as usual, some Legendaries come with only three skills but counteract being second-class until you finally get better options in the future. Make sure you can make the right decisions and you will lead your team to winning!

These all are the Ever Legion Tier List 2024: Best ranked Heroes

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