House TD Tier List June 2024: Top Picks for Heroes

Gain a better understanding of the heroes through the most up-to-date version of The House Td Tier List.

Do you want to raise your game performance by bringing top players to your squad? Take a look at the House TD Tier List, which will help you find the accurate choices. House TD is an online Roblox game based on a spooky mansion that has an enigmatic plot.

To take on the house of evil to defeat the house, players need to take the elevator and gather the heroes they want to join. To benefit to build a formidable group of heroes, we have provided our House Td Tier List.

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House TD Tier List: Explanation of Each Tier


Get familiar with the characters by checking out the most recent and revised The House Td Tier List.

The heroes we selected for our team were assessed based on their performances and divided into five different tiers. The tiers include:

  • S-Tier One of the most powerful characters currently in the meta can be found within the S-Tier. They’re highly effective at fighting off enemies.
  • A-Tier Heroes from the A-Tier are also strong and efficiently complete jobs, but they aren’t more powerful than those from the S-Tier.
  • B-Tier The B-Tier players are best when it comes to the performance department. They excel in every scenario.
  • C-Tier The heroes of C-tier are not the best and appropriate for games in the early stage. The excellent feature is to move to heroes of higher tiers whenever possible.
  • D-Tier The D-Tier is made up of the weakest heroes. It must be avoided as much as possible.

S Tier

  • Containment
  • Angel
  • Ghost Hunter
  • Demon Boy
  • Demon Mage
  • Samurai
  • Ghost

A Tier


  • Shadow Kitty
  • Bone Collector
  • Kitty
  • Deadshot
  • Demon Preist
  • Hallow

B Tier


  • Warblade
  • Spectral Samurai
  • Swat Commander
  • Lucifier
  • Demon Brawler
  • Whiskers
  • Swat

C Tier

  • Plague Doctor
  • Death Angel
  • Sage
  • Boom Bear
  • Phantom
  • Skull Knight

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Ranking in the D-Tier


The House Td features a selection of D-Tier Heroes.

  • The Hunter
  • Paranormal Detective
  • Melon Masher
  • Spec Soldier
  • Dusk

The House TD Tier List was completed. We are confident that this house td Tier list will benefit you by picking the most popular characters in the game. However, it is advised to take care to select characters that are compatible with your way of playing and comfort level. In the meantime, pick the accurate heroes to conquer any fear.

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