Pixel Piece Fruit Tier List: Ranking of the best fruits to choose

Pixel Piece Fruit Tier List

This Pixel Piece Fruit Tier List for the game lists the fruits from highest ability down to least valuable ones.

In Pixel Piece, a Roblox game, Pixel is the theme, and pixelated blocks are there to guide the players through challenges, dungeons, and raids. Completing quests in the game allows for the gathering of fruit that grants special powers used for advancement.

The Pixel Piece Fruit Tier List gives the classification of fruits available in the game to help players make the most favorable choices to improve their gameplay.

Pixel Piece Fruit Tier List Ranking all fruits from best to worst

Pixel Fruits are items that are seen in video games and players possess different abilities with the Pixel Fruits. These fruits are divided into three types: To show how those character types fall into Logia, Paramecia, and Zoan, and to divide them into five tiers for a better understanding of the Pixel Piece Fruit Tier List.

  • S Tier: At the S Tier rank, the fruits are considered to be the most effective in the game. The players need to get these fruits ahead so that they can use them to do powerful fire waves and ice skates. 
  • A Tier: The special features of A-Tier fruit are as powerful as damage in the game. 
  • B Tier: Fruits in B-Tier are not as powerful and would offer moderate benefits by offering protection, that is, and long-range attack bonuses. 
  • C Tier: The greatest damage output is performed by fruits of A-tier and higher whereas C-tier fruits are less preferred but still are useful for example invisibility and even stomp attacks. 
  • D Tier: Fruits in the D-Tier are described as the worst choices in terms of their taste in the game.

To prevent it, perfect your skills in the game, and avoid these fruits.

Pixel Piece Fruit Tier List Ranking all fruits from best to worst


The Hie-Hie Devil Fruit provides the user with strong combat abilities and the ability to travel faster with ice skates.

Mera-Mera is a powerful ability that releases waves of fire like a giant fireball.


Bomu-Bomu is a skill that deals explosive damage with the help of a Bomb Booster.

Moku-Moku has a high-range attack capability, bombarding their way through enemies.


Kilo-Kilo is a move that involves wide-ranging attacks and buffing effects on melee attacks.

The Cry-Cry character has healing and shielding abilities, allowing them to regain health by launching three projectiles.


Suke-Suke grants invisibility powers, allowing individuals to become invisible to enemies and allies.

Kilo-Kilo utilizes stomping attacks to smash and damage enemies.


The spinning assault move involves flying around to damage enemies.

The Smooth-Smooth attack involves using the smooth ground to inflict chip damage on enemies.

This Pixel piece Fruit Tier List was created to enable the players to learn which fruits in the game are the most helpful. Stay alert for any new articles to be released soon reflecting the changes in the game’s meta and its updates. Before the release, take a few frits to gain experience and use the unique functions to make the highest rankings.



Where is the fruit dealer in the pixel piece?

One of the most straightforward approaches to obtaining Fruit is to purchase it from a Fruit Dealer. You can find the Fruit Dealer of Central Port near the southwest of Orange Town. If you have a yacht, begin your journey out of Orangeville and head southwest to the main port of Central Harbor.

How do you get good fruit in pixel piece?

Bloking fruits begin to spawn from 60 minutes on a public server and 90 on private servers but with more of a chance of better fruits. They are found under any tree which is either on the map or on an island. Pixel Fruits will disappear after twenty minutes if they are not picked up.

Where can I find a Blox fruit dealer?

Blox Fruit Dealer

  • Marine Starter Island.
  • Middle Town.
  • Kingdom of Rose Docks (Second Sea)
  • Café (Second Sea)
  • Mansion (Third Sea)
  • Port Town (Third Sea)

Where is the Blox fruit dealer cousin in 1st Sea?

All Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin Location.

Where does a fruit dealer spawn?

Location. Many players find it extremely handy to obtain the Advanced Fruit Dealer from Flounder Primestner, a boss drop in the Bottomless Crater. Unlike Mirage Island where this boss can randomly spawn while sailing, the Advanced Fruit Dealer will be available at all times. The NPC zone on said island will disappear after 15 minutes. Make sure you take your time watching for this PNPC.

How do you unlock Haki in pixel piece?

How do you unlock Haki

What is the best fruit in pixel piece?

TierFruit NameRarityEffect
SIce (Hie)MythicalLogia
Flame (Mera)MythicalLogia
CInvisible (Suke)CommonParamecia
What is the best fruit in pixel piece?

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