Cookie Run: Kingdom Tier List (July 2024): PvP, PvE Tier List

COOKIE RUN: KINGDOM Tier List (July 2024)

Here, we present to you a full-Cookie Run: Kingdom Tier List of all the cookies you can obtain within the game if you’re interested in knowing who you should be striving to get in cookie gacha, then we’ve got a list of the cookies classified by type and ranked from S to D. Use the following quick links to view them if you wish Quick links.

COOKIE RUN: KINGDOM Ranking Of Best Characters

Cookie Run: Kingdom Tier List Ranking Of Best Characters

We bring you a complete Cookie Run: Kingdom Tier List of all the cookies available in the game, so if you want to learn who you should aim to get in the cookie gacha, then we’ve got a list of cookies divided by type and ranked from best to worst. Feel free to use the quick links below to check them out! 

Cookie Run: Kingdom Tier List Explanation

That is why knowing all the cookie types can be rather helpful when you try to build the best team. The Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list gives an idea of every cookie type that is present in the game rising in the rarity ladder and the powers attached to it. Hopefully, this helps you keep the most fortified team!

  • S Tier: Cookies in this tier function well, are strong are useful in a lot of places in the game, and either have multiple applications or hit well against certain foes.
  • A Tier: These are fairly good Cookies in general, which can be used for replacing other Cookies, or which can be necessary for particular compositions of the teams.
  • B Tier: B-tier Cookies are utilized for pet and/or early-game and/or low-priority activities. I mean they are ok at what they do they are nothing out of the ordinary.
  • C Tier: In these tiers, some cookies are old, or in other cases, the cookies just are not effective enough. This means that any special characteristics that they have will more than likely not be worth investing in.
  • D Tier: The Cookies that can be classified as D-tier are mostly useless and provide no utility when consumed. Please consider higher-ranking Cookies instead of it.


Street Urchin Cookie



The Top Meta Cookies

The Top Meta Cookies
  • Black Pearl Cookie
  • Moonlight Cookie
  • Frost Queen Cookie
  • White Lily Cookie
  • Golden Cheese Cookie
  • Hollyberry Cookie
  • Crimson Coral Cookie
  • Stardust Cookie
  • Crème Brûlée Cookie
  • Parfait Cookie
  • Icicle Yeti Cookie
  • Burnt Cheese Cookie
  • Fettuccine Cookie
  • Financier Cookie
  • Snapdragon Cookie

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a mobile game that is based on the battle genre where you get to fight in a world filled with monster cakes and other delicious treats! You are alive and fight in this world like sugar gnomes or wild cakes and cookies much like yourself. You are constructing the cookie kingdom, the world that has already been turned into darkness long ago – a wicked, sweet darkness.

Types of Cookies In CRK

Types of Cookies In CRK

Defense Cookies

Defense Cookies consist of any generic first-line troops that will absorb a whole lot of aggression directed toward your team. They also have DMG reduction buffs (applied to the whole party) or Taunt abilities.

Support Cookies

Support Cookies provide team ATK, DEF, souls, or crowd control dispel and other alike boons. They can also cause a good amount of havoc; there have been times when Eclair Cookie has cleared out the story stages by himself – if he had a healer or tank to boot. s

Healing cookies

As it can be understood from the name, Healing cookies are support utility units that can restore a lot of health points to teammates, also apply boosts, and protect teammates (as for Pure Vanilla Cookie).

Bombers cookies

Bombers cookies

Bombers are quite similar to Magic cookies; however, they attack a lot and cause a great amount of damage after (as a rule) skill charging for a turn at least. It’s something that one could describe as ‘burst AoE damage.’ It is therefore good for all kinds of stuff.

Charge Cookies

Cookies that belong to the Charge type are almost identical to ‘fighters’ – they have at least some ‘armor health points’ but they also deal a lot of damage and apply some crowd control, knock-ups, and stun.

Ranged cookies

The ranged cookies are depicted in the form of a crossbow and an arrow, which is perhaps as typical as it can get. They have range and can spam, being useful for chipping away one or multiple targets’ health at a distance.

Magic cookies

Magic cookies

Magic cookies are almost always good damage dealers, who summon forth skills that cause instant hit point loss, debuffs that cause damage over time, or DoT spells, which are essentially a type of damage over time, just like in the case of Latte Cookie. But that is not all, Magic cookies can also apply crowd control on top of the damage they deal which is why they are one of the favorite cookie types in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

Ambush Cookies

Ambush Cookies are typically Assassintype cookies that excel at taking down single-target enemies or sniping the opponents in the Rear line. They are great in mainly PvP during boss battles, and occasionally for story stages.

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