Roblox Encounters Tier List June 2024: Top Performers Among the Champions

Roblox Encounters Tier List

Roblox Encounters showcases the best champions.

The Roblox Encounters Tier List provides the champion’s rating in their highest rank. Encounters which is a popular game on Roblox, allows players to face each other in a one-on-one fight.


On the encounters tier list of Roblox, players obtain any hero by using Diamonds that cost 500 Diamonds for every draw. To determine which champions are worth the effort to be pulled, look through the Roblox Encounters Tier List.

Choosing the Best Champion in Roblox Encounters Tier List Comparison)

Players can select any equipment among the 20 champions to play in the Roblox Encounters Tier List. It is advised that you give them all a try and decide on those who make you happy. But on a more immediate basis, for selecting the champion to play we have pre-arranged them into different tiers.

Choosing the Best Champion in Roblox Encounters Tier List Comparison)
  • S Tier: These are the premier fighters that compete in the e-sport. Selecting an apex uniquely increases the probability of getting a win.
  • A Tier: Also, these heroes are mighty and can be used in most situations you encounter.
  • B Tier: These are lower-level good champions however to win at that skill level will cost the player.
  • C Tier: Among the champions at the bottom of the tier list, the number of times they lead to wins is not very frequent.

S Tier

  • Fiona
  • Kusanagi
  • Pactwo
S Tier

Tier A

  • Ryan
  • Charlemagne
  • The creation of Hamza
  • Hana
  • Mai

Tier B

  • Don
  • Rena
  • Zhao
  • Senthe
  • Seth
Tier B

Tier C

  • Gunso
  • Arash
  • Poppy
  • Alina
  • Aloysius
  • Walter

Video Tutorial on Roblox Encounters Tier List 2024

Roblox Encounters Tier List 2024


Ultimately, the Roblox Encounters Tier List 2024 presents a rating of all the characters thoroughly by weighing each character’s skill set, strengths, and weaknesses. In a lot of situations, players can take advantage when they use the tier list. They’ll be able to plan and choose the best characters for every encounter and hence their probability of success will be higher. Always remember to return and check the GameTierlist as we update our reviews and information regularly.

People have to be aware of allegedly helpful or dangerous choices while the game is being played. Play Tier List is a tool the players use to get the most value from the game where Tiers are the building blocks of their route activities.

Ultimately, the Roblox Encounters Tier List may be of benefit to gamers who aspire to become a better gamer in the game. This tier list is a strategy that will make you a dominant player above the competition. Use it to boost your gameplay.


What does Amber do in encounters with Roblox?

Amber is used to purchase skins that are available on Skin Roulette. The rarity of the duplicate determines the amount of amber provided.

Is noob good in encounters?

Noob Champion is the default Roblox character but Jacked. This is shown by how his muscles rip through his clothes. All of his attacks shatter the ground showing how powerful he is. He is a simple, basic character that is easy to use.

What are some codes for encounters?

Encounters codes

  • 350KLIKES – free crystals.
  • 275KLIKES – free crystals.
  • 250KLIKES – free crystals.
  • babioyunda – 100 gems.
  • Wilco – 100 gems.

Is Don good in encounters with Roblox?

A brawler, Don is a character who mostly stays in close range and deals both constant attacks and damage. Most of his attacks are moderately powerful, but he can still be used in quick succession, making him a good character for aggressive players.

Who is Sarah in Roblox?

Sarah is a survivor of Daybreak, the winner of the second community competition, and was released in the chapter “What Lurks in the Shadows”.

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