Souls Habby Tier List: Best Heroes Ranking June 2024

The Souls Habby Tier List for 2024 was released and it is a list based on the top heroes in the game. Check out the updated rankings in the image below: Check out the updated rankings in the image below:

Souls Habby Tier List

To win the Souls tournaments, it is necessary to train a strong squad of champions. In this selection of Souls Habby tier list that is for 2024, all the characters have been divided into different tiers based on their ability to conquer enemies in the battle. Take advantage of this ranking system in the recruitment process and make your team stronger, with ideal synergy.

The Souls Habby Tier List is categorized into the following Tiers:

  • S Tier in the Souls Habby Tier List
  • A Tier in the Souls Habby Tier List
  • B Tier in the Souls Habby Tier List
  • C Tier in the Souls Habby Tier List

Summary Table of the Complete Souls habby Tier List

Disclaimer: This ranking is formulated based on our research and preferred playstyle, therefore it may vary slightly for individual players.

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Souls Heroes Tier List

S Tier

Nowadays, in most war situations, the existence of S-tier fighters is irrefutable. They are equipped with unequaled damage ratings, damage-absorbing power, crowd control, and team support that favorably impact the allies. Summoning the epically gifted fighters is highly recommended without delay.


Fantastic control of her puppet talent, cleansing buffs, self-shields, and heals make her incredibly versatile. Her target selection lets you decide which targets she will become an actual puppet.


Excellent burst of damage, and in addition, the control over enemies by the enemy and batteries for energy to your team.


Cleansing debuffs and healing are simply amazing. If you’re not in the game, she will help keep your team going.


Provides energy generation, attack buffs, and healing in urgent situations for the entire team.


A large area-of-effect healer that brings back deceased comrades with complete health.


Offers burst healing, shields, removes debuffs, and can revive.


A resilient tank that excels on the front line, able to reduce damage and revive allies in critical situations.


A Tier: Highest Tier In Habby Souls Tier List

Though they aren’t invincible, A-tier warriors still perform impressively across types of content. They provide high value for their price and have no weaknesses compared to minimal-level soldiers. Hence, it deserves concrete and substantial long-term investment.


Great targeting of your opponent who has the greatest attack which can benefit to eliminate highly hazardous formations


Excellent damage, and the capability to hit in a line, and then reach enemies in the backline could be very effective. Particularly powerful early when he can just carry and then nuke, which will then cool down slightly, but you’ll be able to hit his later on in the game too.


The tank is quite auto-healing, damage mitigation, and silence.


A good damage output as well as damage as time passes. The biggest benefit is the fact that he can attack all enemies, so it is possible to chip backline enemies energetically.


Absorbing the ATK of enemies and controlling energy of the enemy’s energy using self-healing makes for very versatile equipment that is well-suited to use throughout the game. In the beginning, she isn’t revealing the full power of her abilities, but this is expected to happen later when you reach higher levels and gain access to additional parts of her arsenal.


Ally buffer, and a bit of healing. It doesn’t go too crazy, and strangely sufficient I just helped her perform during the middle chapters of SOULS. She’s just not all that impressive initially because her function isn’t required and by the end of the game, her skills aren’t strong sufficient in the end.


A high damage output as well as the capability to shock opponents around the target could be priceless.


Taros is a tank that can sustain itself and inflict punishment on groups, as well as revive after being defeated.


Benzel is known for its ability to shred through shielded enemies with acid damage over time debuffs.


Carmen has the power to spread deadly poison effects across the entire battlefield.

B Tier (Middle) in Habby Souls Tier List

Characters in the middle, are still good, but we usually look at them as less desirable than the ones in the S or A tier. It is a solution if niche markets are waiting to be occupied.


Uses piercing critical strikes to put pressure on dangerous enemies in the backline


A fast attacker who boosts the attack rate of the team.


Great chaining attack which could add additional damage to the backline opponents. The player needs all the gear to perform the way it does. Don’t feel frustrated if he struggled in the beginning chapters because you do not possess the necessary passives locked.


I’m still not able to comprehend the connection between debuffing backrow chipping as well as buffing the identical row dodge rate. The overall concept isn’t very appealing There are other options.


Inflicts damage, and also a part of the healing process can provide an excellent passive healing option but still does decent damage. It is more valuable in the latter chapters, as in earlier levels of SOULS the healer isn’t as powerful and cannot heal on his own which makes him more valuable if there are two healers during the later stages of the game.


It tries to accomplish everything, with damaging defenses, self-healing, and the ability to debuff, but it isn’t doing anything very well, so I prefer to choose to have better-trained heroes to drink, who excel in those tasks.


The impact isn’t too dramatic and debuff removal could be performed by a variety of other heroes. Her self-sustenance isn’t too shaky.


Excellent damage, but also boosts the attack of your ally and increases energy efficiently. If you take him out early, it is possible to see him struggle and the role becomes vital in the latter stages But he’s a great hero to be considered for your long-term list in Souls.


The bloody effect causes Telfer the best player of damage in SOULS However, there are times when it’s just a matter of burst, and his full potential isn’t realized. In the beginning, he’s it’s not the accurate hero since battles will not last for long suitable for them to truly cause lasting damage.


A few issues: Her targeting and debuffing her enemies that have the desirable ATK sounds amazing and her energy-giving even when you’re dying is helpful – however, there is no damage enough and she is killed frequently and quickly to serve the energy therefore I would rather have a the hero on my team who remains alive suitable to truly make a the difference.


It is necessary to be killed and revived for it to be effective. If this isn’t happening, the character isn’t very effective when it comes to battles. that I played with Bahzam in SOULS, I’m able to say there are many RNGs involved.


The emergency healer is not that vital before you get into the game of SOULS in its final stages. She has many opportunities to become a game-changer in your team.


C-Tier: Consider As (Low) Tier In Souls Habby Tier List

C-tier warriors are faced with difficulties because of the important weaknesses and enormous sacrifices that they have. They might be beneficial, especially during the initial stage, however it is advised to look for substitutions for them.


It is only useful to focus on specific back row formations and is just a hero in the endgame that you will need to have in SOULS. Before that, you don’t get any value or require the player.


Front-row damage is a possibility If you are required to break through. However, I do not know of a more general damage repairer who could do this and is more reliable than her.


Aiming at and freezing back-row opponents sounds wonderful however her impact is absent and unless needed, she’s simply not that useful she is not a good choice in the beginning, mid, or even at the end of the game. you’re better off with other options.


A different hybrid role that combines healing and damage in addition to that, he requires killing enemies to obtain the ability to attack. It’s a lot of RNG and lots of things need to happen for this hero to perform effectively.


Offers strong group damage, but lacks versatility.


Capable of providing ally protection, but lacks consistent offensive or supportive abilities.

Take a look at the comprehensive tier list for all fighters to maximize the effectiveness of your team!

who are primarily support and healers.

Souls Hero Tier List

In our latest Souls Habby tier list update, you can now strengthen your army of heroes by placing the list at the forefront of your hero and team selections. When you do get the hang of the basics and start to encounter more challenging enemies, slowly switch from weaker lower-tier heroes to stronger ones. This list is always at hand to just look it up again when employing new fighters and assigning worthwhile upgrading materials to build an unreachable force.

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Who is the best hero in Souls?

SUlion, Kaion, Zeke, Sol, Lilith, Olga, Zagrako, Taros, Benzel, Carmen,
AKen, Ripper, Void, Babu, Coco, Dextor, Telfer, Amanda, Bahzam, Fiona, Milia, Sander
BGalan, Tania, Idina, Aruru, Naru, Asjek, Amanda, Luke, Marty, Pico, Dolucos, Abala
For More Click Here

How do you get heroes in souls?

Soul Shop, Some Rare and Legendary Epic Heroes are available for purchase in the Shop, the Rare ones for 100 soul fragments in the Soul Shop each. Olga is also to be had in the Shop of Souls for SOF 1500.

What do hero souls do?

Hero Souls, which are global damage boosters, and can also be applied for Ancient summoning and leveling up. Every hero soul furnishes a +10% buff to DPS and the Cid’s click damage.

Is Richelle good in souls?

Richelle (Tank) – Richelle is a tank, which is what makes her stand out from the rest of the surrounding allies; she can defend one another while also providing healing and buffs during times of clan assault.

How do you enter soul codes?

Alright, let us begin. From the Main Menu page, click on your avatar icon located in the top-right corner. Go to the official website of the code redemption and give in your USER ID. Enter or copy-paste the code a programmer has designed.

What is primal hero Souls?

• 10y ago. Primal Hero Souls are Hero Souls but with the distinction that Solomon’s boost affects Hero Souls earned from the killing of Primal Bosses (not say, from killing of Heroes).

How do you get a demon soul?

Demon Souls are unique Souls dropped by a final boss of each area in Demon’s Souls. Such Souls can be swapped for strong miracles, magic, and weapons. A Boss Soul can only be acquired once per playthrough, so you will need to play through the entire game several times before you will have obtained every possible reward.

Where is the legendary hero’s soul?

The last time I checked, I discovered the real place of the soul of the mythical hero. the curves start in 1-4 and end right on the dragon. if you murder the dragon that could help you get it and it is worth 10,000 souls.

Is Bahzam Good Souls?

Bahzam falls into my highest damage-dealing pocket pretty much every single time in a fight and often uses one-shot mechanics to finish off the enemies that have lost even a sliver of their health. The pro is that when killing stuff with his active skill he will be credited with another life BUT it cannot be more than two.

What is Hero Demon Soul for?

Blacksmith Ed can be rewarded Human Demon’s Soul if you go with Claws+8 for Large Sword of Searing. Hero can trade Souls Demon to Saint Urbain in exchange for miracle Second Chance.

How much does the soul of a hero give?

A normal consumable class “The Soul of a Hero” and “The Soul of a Great Hero” is the best Normal soul found throughout the game. The difference between this one and other versions is that it is slightly less soulful than the Larger version, but still fantastic; still! intake the unit the essence of 10000.

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