Saiyan Battle Supremacy Tier List June 2024: Top Characters Ranking


If you are looking to boost your performance on Saiyan Battle Supremacy by using top-notch characters, then the Saiyan Battle Supremacy Tier List will be the best giveaway to get to know the most powerful options.

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“Saiyan Battle for Supremacy” is a fighting game presented in the popular Dragon Ball Franchise, which allows for live 1vs1 battles among the legendary characters from Dragon Ball Z.

The best way to claim victory is to have a solid roster of powerful characters and we will be bringing to you the “Saiyan Battle Supremacy Tier List” to help you with the same.

Explanation of Saiyan Battle Supremacy Tier List: Breakdown of All Tiers


To classify into five different tiers, we have done so by taking into consideration different aspects such as their performance, skills, and the overall abilities that they have. These tiers consist of:

  • S-Tier: Protagonists at the apex of the roster are treated as the ones who are the most powerful and skilled, to the point of clearing all the difficult levels in the game.
  • A-Tier: If a player fails to pick a character who has the ultimate set of skills, the second-best tier characters will be a good alternative just like any other character in the game.
  • B-Tier: Necessary to say that a low-ranking character will not get anywhere far without the investment of some effort even though this character is not perfect.
  • C-Tier: Characters with poor grades in the tier merely perform rather low, their capabilities and skills are lesser than those of higher-standards characters.
  • D-Tier: The players must overcome such weak characters to progress in the game effectively.

S Tier

  • Whis
  • Kefla
  • Zamasu
  • Top
  • Vegito

Tier A

  • Champa
  • Android 16
  • Broly
  • Majin Vegito
  • Ultra Instinct Goku
  • Beerus
  • Perfect Cell

B Tier

Saiyan Battle For Supremacy has a collection of B-tier characters.

  • Frieza
  • Buu (Innocent)
  • Trunks
  • Nami
  • Buu (Super)
  • Goku


Saiyan Battle For Supremacy’s C-Tier Characters.

  • 18 Android
  • Prince Vegeta
  • Dabura
  • Jr. Piccolo

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Saiyan Battle For Supremacy’s D-Tier Characters.

  • Cell in Imperfect form
  • Buu as a child
  • Nappa from Dragon Ball Z

Saiyan Battle Supremacy Tier List: Top Characters Details


Whis, in addition, possesses some exclusive skills featuring the application of a staff that can make anything disappear and reappear and turn what is empty into something it never was. He can transport people into his ‘pocket dimension,’ which at some level is undetectable and inextinguishable, according to him.


Kefla’s strength is enough to keep Goku away at a distance and block his attack. In other words, Kefla’s power is the great result of a multiplication of Caulifla’s and Kale’s powers 10 times bigger. Being Super Saiyan was not enough, so she turned to Super Saiyan instead. After blocking Super Saiyan’s second attack on Goku with her full might body power, Kefla starts sliding on the ground to increase her power.


Both Goku Black and Zamasu have various powers such as ki energy manipulation through the use of which they can produce several things like ki blasts and the ki blasts overlap each other to form a barrier known as the ki shield. Zamasu and he each in their forms use God’s power to destroy that of their opponent by portraying the energy blade to the enemy 神裂斬.



This is the strongest type we have ever seen a Saiyan character possessed in the anime series and it certainly serves as a great finale to Dragon Ball Super anime. In this trait, Goku’s hair and eyes are all gray. Karma’s level of power concentration grows by an unbelievable order of magnitude, but it nevertheless damages his organism strongly.


He can move at extraordinary speed, deftly manipulate any energy in flight form and even energy blasts, sense life energy, and teleport putting him high among the most powerful beings in the universe. Vegito possesses a wall of one-ups, which are all tied to increased powers.

Saiyan Battle Supremacy Tier List

Already months of voting, combined with the polls that were run on our discord server, have closed the final results for our Saiyan Battle for Supremacy Tier List. We hope that this ranking has been useful for you to decide the person in your group who is the most perfect for the team.

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