sf6 tier list June 2024 updated: ranking of characters from best to worst

sf6 tier list May 2024 updated

GameTierList provides an updated SF6 Tier List (Street Fighter 6 Tier List). This is the most comprehensive information for all Street Fighter Players– the Street Fighter 6-tier list! In the realm of competition gaming, it’s important to be aware of the role of every character in this famous combat game. From veterans to newbies eager to know who’s attractive and who’s not most recent edition.

Let us experience virtual reality, where the battle is furious and combos are executed with precision and only the best players can endure. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to take on your opponents or simply want to learn more about the game’s meta-game, this SF6 Tier List will help you prepare to be successful in the streets of Street Fighter 6. Take a look below at the players who can make it to the highest level!

SF6 Tier List Explained

SF6 Tier List Explained

We have divided the SF6 Tier List into 4 Tier from S to C. All characters are ranked on their Powers and Abilities.


  • JP
  • KEN
  • Zangief


sf6 jp

JP is now the best character of Street Fighter 6. JP is also the main antagonist and the antagonist of both his own Street Fighter 6 storyline and of the community that players are part of. If you attempt to take the cornered JP to confuse his blocking attempts, OD Amnesia combos punish up to 45 to 65% of the player’s lifespan based on the accessible Drive Gauge and Super Meter. One thing holding JP in his way is his difficulty playing with very high-end playing. When compared to our top selection, Luke, JP players struggle to choose the right option when playing.


sf6 ken

The initial meta of SF6 was led by the leadership under the leadership of Ken Masters. Ken was the most frequently picked player during the initial months of the game. He was also thought to be the best. Ken’s gear is very easy to master and comes with very strong offensive options, for instance, Dragonlash as well as Jinrai kicks that are very easy to master and tough for opposing players to counter.


sf6 zangeif

It’s the Red Cyclone with the most faithful fan base! One of the reasons that makes Zangief attractive is that he is always able to be an outlier. The terror he creates in the opponents with his powerful grips is one of his most powerful tools. Zangief has to be a ferocious worker to make his opponent feel less distant from his adversaries, and when the battle is over, all of his strikes will bring both opponents to different edges of the screen making him fall back to engage in a fight.


  • Cammy
  • Manon
  • Guile
  • Ryu
  • Marisa


Street Fighter 6 Cammy

Cammy remains the best player that can shoot a projectile. The dive move of Cammy, Cannon Spike, is the desirable aerial action of Street Fighter 6. Take a look at any of the best Cammy players such as Punk, Kazunoko, and Akira as you’ll notice how they integrate diving kicks into their footsies to lure and hit their adversaries over and over. If you’re in search of an extremely strong player with amazing movement, who doesn’t depart from the typical archetype for characters We strongly suggest giving Cammy the chance!


Street Fighter 6 Manon

A judoka with enough power! Manon is a well-received innovative approach to the archetype of the grappler within the Street Fighter series. Manon is a struggle for skillful players because she is weak in neutral play and due to her moves tending to have high risk and high reward. Casual people discover Manon to be a lot stronger as her penalties are more consistent. Manon’s unique medal system lets her build to be the best Super Art-like move that we’ve witnessed.


Street Fighter 6 guile

Guile was among the top win rates among players who were in the top 8 who won the Grand Finals of the Capcom Cup qualifiers. If JP didn’t exist and did not destroy the game, Guile would easily top three. He is extremely destructive and could be used in a zoner role, or as a surge-down character with his booms protecting him. Sonic Boom has the best of all characters’ projectiles and can recover so quickly that Guile is not punished by his reaction.


Street Fighter 6 Ryu

The original character of Street Fighter has truly been changed by the new shoto Luke. Although Ryu has some notable players like Ending Walker who is a qualifier to play in Capcom Cup X, he is a victim of numerous issues that prevent him from becoming a major player in the latest version of Street Fighter. However, Ryu remains one of the top choices to play casually and comes with numerous combos that are hard to beat.


Street Fighter 6 Marisa

Everyone’s most loved Muscle Mommy! Marisa’s incredible damage is what has made her a queen of comebacks. Marisa is unable to overcome zoning play patterns however once she is on her feet on the ground, she will dominate through the remainder of the match as no other character. Even though BigBird is the only Marisa player for the Capcom Cup X, he is widely regarded as among the perfect athletes in the world and proves Marisa’s ability to compete. However far back in terms of health Marisa appears but she’s only one or two steps closer to winning the tournament.


  • Juri
  • E Honda
  • Lily
  • Jamie
  • Luke
  • Kimberly
  • Dee Jay
  • Blanka
  • Dhalsim


Street Fighter 6 Juri

Juri’s newly installed Super Art, Feng Shui Engine is among the most powerful, as well as one of the most cool Level Two Super Arts. Juri is an absolute pleasure to play with. Her primary kit is simple to learn as well as Feng Shui Engine gives tons of space for mastery in character. One of the biggest flaws in Juri’s advantage is that her strategy is extremely linear. Store stock, fireball strategy behind, the Drive Rush mixup.

E Honda

SF6 Tier List E Honda B tier Character

A Sumo wrestler who won his place in SF6 notoriety. E Honda really only has three effective tools: Sumo headbutt, Sumo Smash, and Oicho Throw, his command throwing. Oicho Throw. Even though E Honda players have decent results with their participation in the Capcom Cup Pro Tour, his ability to further develop is not apparent. He relies on a lot of gamesmanship and is in a bad position against the top players in SF6. Each of these maneuvers is extremely difficult to tackle at the lower and even casual levels however, they are extremely weak when played at a higher level.


SF6 Tier List lily

Lily is the most successful winner of the meta in 2024. Despite that, HibikiTheBeast has reached rank one on the online leaderboards numerous times in the past with Lily as well as beating the former Capcom Cup champion, Gachikun In the Finals in the Fukushima Online Tournament. At first, Lily was unanimously considered to be the most or second-worst player on the lineup.


SF6 Tier List Jamie

Pour one out for Jamie. However, Jamie takes the spot as the most weak player in SF6. Take a look at his dive kick compared against Cammy’s kick and you’ll be able to tell what the distinction is between a high-tier and a low-tier player. The most apparent weakness of Jamie is that with the point of no drinks, Jamie begins every match with the benefit of a damage reduction of 10.


SF6 Tier List Luke

Luke’s players are dominant on the professional circuit. What’s it about Luke this OP? Buttons. Luke’s regulars are all way better than the rest players in his Street Fighter 6 cast. Luke was tied for most appearances among the top 8 players during the Capcom Pro Tour. Nearly 25% of each athlete who was selected for Capcom Cup X is a Luke primary. The crouching middle punch of Luke can be +1 against block as well and its hitbox recovery makes it among the most desirable tools for footsies that you can find. The kit is easy to grasp and the iteration of his Shoto archetype is extremely simple.


SF6 Tier List Kimberly

Kimberly is struggling since she got a massive nerf from her beta version before the beginning of SF6. Kimberly is a fantastic character creator and she has a lot of character. She has a range of actions that can alter her strategy and pressure on the offensive, a lot of her movements have lengthy starts and are reachable by the visual signals. Much of her strategy is based on baiting or obfuscating her opponents, making it hard for players to be successful in a consistent manner.

Dee Jay

SF6 Tier List Dee jay

Dee Jay has been styling at his rivals recently! Although Dee Jay has always been considered a top choice, the development of his players and kit optimization has grown to such a degree during the first season in SF6 it is now Dee Jay has claimed a place as a top pick! Dee Jay’s power is incredible and he’s incredibly adept in combining the rush down and zoning play style. Dee Jay is making massive moves in competent play and is among the very few characters present in different finals mirror matches.


SF6 Tier List Blanka

If you’re looking to make it as profitable as Blanka All you need to accomplish is Blanka balls that mix up. Blanka is an accurate example of just how SF6 is properly balanced. If you have the chance, Blanka-chan offers Blanka incredibly strong and secure offensive pressure and hugely powerful damage juggle combos. On every level, Rolling Attack is very difficult to take on. The player can be a calm neutral role, but the desirable option is to go for the full and go full Mena RD is widely regarded among the top five Street Fighter players in the whole world. He is the main player of Blanka.


SF6 Tier List Dhalsim

The man with the stretchy legs, Dhalsim is probably the toughest character to utilize effectively in SF6. Mister Crimson, Garnet, and Shaka22 are all eligible to play in the Capcom Cup X and are providing a stunning display of the potential of Dhalsim. The hard work is worthwhile, but it is worth the effort! Dhalsim is a distant last when it comes to utilization, yet it is worthy of more recognition. Dhalsim is an excellent choice with plenty of potential to further optimize. He could be on the top of the list in the near soon. The majority of players have very little exposure to Dhalsim which makes his zoneing extremely difficult for players to take on.


  • Rashid
  • A.K.I
  • Ed


SF6 Tier List Rashid

Rashid just barely has a chance to catch up with the popular S-tier selections. His profile looked promising upon his debut as the very first DLC player added to the roster, and he did not disappoint! Rashid is a major advantage in both his defensive and offensive abilities whenever his fast-paced level 2 SA Ysaar and Ysaar are in play. Rashid can use a wide range of mixing and moving techniques that cause his opponents to rapidly put together quick-thinking scenarios. Gachikun’s Rashid beat Chris Wong’s Luke 3-1 in the Grand Finals reset at the CPT Offline Premier in Singapore.


SF6 Tier List A.K.I

A.K.I.’s showed so much promise in the first few days of release. The slow-burning fireball could be an effective tool in the battle to Drive Rush, or Sinister Slide ahead, but it suffers from similar weaknesses of extremely long and slow initialization. A.K.I. has a problem with poor normals for footsies, and her sole escape weapon, OD Snake Step, is defeated by throwing. Capcom identified her as an anti-zoner and was meant to deliver a solution to the evil JP! For the people of Capcom, it is the case that each special anti-zoning move that is at A.K.I.’s disposal takes a very lengthy time to start.


SF6 Tier List ED

Ed The Psycho boxer, is vastly smaller than his SFV opponent. Ed is equipped with some strong equipment, but his weaknesses are greater than the advantages. The biggest weakness of Ed is in the frame data. The hitboxes are tiny and limited range of punches. can be vulnerable to DI at neutral, and weak in jump-ins due to his dependence on Flickers that are charged and longer firing ball animations. The long start-up times of OD DP or Level 1 permit opponents to easily pound light.

Video Tutorial on SF6 Tier List

SF6 Tier List

SF6 Conclusion

In conclusion, the SF6 Tier List provides valuable insights into the current meta of the game, guiding players on character strengths and weaknesses. Understanding the tier list can help players make informed decisions on their character choices and strategies for competitive play. It is important to keep in mind that tiers are not definitive and can change as the game evolves and new strategies emerge.

Players should use the SF6 Tier List as a guide rather than a strict rule to enhance their gameplay experience. Stay updated on the latest updates and discussions within the Street Fighter community to stay ahead of the competition and improve your skills in the game.

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