Here are the Sky Fortress Odyssey codes for June 2024

Type the Sky Fortress Odyssey Codes to get the items as gifts. Check out this latest collection of free Sky Fortress Odyssey Codes for rewards.


Sky Fortress: Odyessy has a steampunk fantasy world in which the players can cross the lands of Setsmir and unveil its mysterious twists in millions of words worth of exciting tales.

Players can assemble boys in animestyled pictures and take part in parkour and boss battles by touching shoot-em-up gameplay and managing aircraft with resource-genesis games within their own hands. Pre-order now and be eligible for the exclusive prizes!

The game can be easily downloaded from the Play Store. Google Play.

This post gives details on the Sky Fortress Odyssey Codes which you need to enter in-game to receive rewards. Please note that you should revisit this page every so often for a fresh look at our code list and consider it for a bookmark for later.

Sky Fortress Odyssey Codes

Here are the codes for the Active Sky Fortress Odyssey.

  • Use code LG666 to redeem freebies.
  • Use the code DCGB111 to redeem freebies.

Here are the expired codes for Sky Fortress Odyssey.

The codes listed below are no longer functioning. If any code in the list above is not working, please inform us in the comments.

Instructions on how to redeem Sky Fortress Odyssey codes.

To redeem codes in Sky Fortress Odyssey, follow these steps.

  1. Sky Fortress Odyssey is available for download on mobile devices.
  2. Please use the avatar in the top-left corner of the profile for this.
  3. Please refer to the user center for your login details.
  4. After inputting the code, it is recommended to visit the official code redemption website:
  5. Select Sky Fortress Odyssey
  6. Please log in using the account you are associated with in the user center.
  7. Please give me a valid code for the Game ‘Sky Fortress Odyssey’.
  8. Redeem for the rewards.

Sky Fortress Odyssey Codes: Summary

In the list below, we are providing the active codes for Sky Fortress Odyssey Gift Codes that you can use to redeem the in-game rewards. Every code gives out a certain amount of reward and is usable only once per account. Before entering the codes, make sure you type them exactly as they are written in our curated list. The page will keep being updated. Please watch this page and our Discord server and other social media accounts for future announcements of gift codes. We intermittently make changes to the list by including the latest functions. You also are welcome to share the additional codes that you know in the comments below.


Game Description:

Sky Fortress Odyssey Codes is a mobile game that gives players a steampunk journey and a deep narrative with a blend of modern and fantasy settings. Players will uncover the secrets of the world of Setsemir through the storyline which features more than a million words, meeting so many civilizations, bosses, and challenges.

Animeinspired illustrations and a variety of characters are some of the features of the game. The players will have the option to recruit their favorite S-grade champion and open access to hidden upgrades, talent awakenings, and weapon combinations to fully enjoy the multi-dimensional development.

Experience a unique game that takes place in an urban setting mixing parkour and shooting, similar to the bullet hell genre. Escape from different levels, master the characters’ skills, and discover fun multiplayer dungeons. Meet friends, go through challenges, and make lifetime memories through your journey camp.

Video Tutorial on Sky Fortress Odyssey codes

Sky Fortress Odyssey Codes: With innovative gameplay that comprises aircraft management and resource generation, Odyssey is the game you need! Every hut in this game provides mini-games which range from puzzles to cooking, and this added to the general experience of the game. Players can add furniture that is unique to their property, which can be collectively built to make a beautiful home for their adventurers.


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