Smite Tier List in 2024: Best heroes for selection


Smite Tier List by Hi-Rez Studios ranks characters from best to worst.

If you’re trying to figure out the Best Characters to choose for Smite to defeat evil this guide is for you. It’s the Smite Tier List, which presents the Ranked Characters to play Smite, giving you the chance to improve your game.

Hi-Rez Studios has created and launched Smite the MOBA game accessible for play at no cost. The game features powerful characters that come from mythology and ancient times offering players an array of options to choose from. When you work in a group of five players to take on your enemies eliminate their evil forces and advance within the game.

Make use of the Smite Tier List to select the gods with the highest rank and dominate the battleground.

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Ranked List of Smite Tier List from Best to Worst


Enhance your knowledge about Smite characters with the most recent Tier List.

In Smite the game, there are more than 100 classified Characters into various categories. They are made up of

  • Assassins Hunters
  • Guardians
  • Warriors
  • Mages

The Mortal is broken down into five different levels to facilitate understanding. The five tiers include:

S+ Tier: You’ll find players or gods compatible with the game’s meta in this tier. They do not just dominate the game, they also help with leveling.

S Tier: The S-Tier characters aren’t as strong as those of the S+ Tier but they can summon magical power and a huge strength that make the perfect choices.

A Tier If you’re looking to do well in the game, then the characters from the A-Tier are an excellent opportunity. Though they aren’t more powerful than the S-Tier or S+ Tier characters they could benefit players progress when used strategically.

B-Tier In the B-tier, characters are average gods, with good abilities that could contribute to winning games. It is however suggested to pick the characters of higher levels if you wish to advance.

C Tier This is a C Tier that includes gods or characters with the lowest power. It’s excellent to stay clear of together these as they are based on poor talent and capabilities and will nothing to benefit you.

S+ Tier From Smite Tier List


Odin has been ranked as the top S+ Tier character in the Smite Tier List.

Ao KuangMage560(+86)240(+38)375.012.01(+1.95%)35(+2.5)
ChernobogHunter 630(+84)220(+38)365550.95(+1.7%)31(+2.6)
PeleAssassin 644(+81)240(+40)375121(+2%)39(+2.25)
Sun WukongWarrior 672(+89)205(+35)370121(+0.9%)39(+2)
  • Odin – (Warrior class)
  • Arachne – (Assassin class)
  • Agni – (Mage class)
  • Yemoja – (Guardian class)
  • Kukulkan – (Mage class)
  • Tsukuyomi – (Assassin class)
  • Cthulhu – (Guardian class)
  • Set – (Assassin class)
  • King Arthur – (Warrior class)

S Tier From Smite Tier List


S Tier characters and their classes are mentioned below:

Ah PuchMage630(+79)265(+55)365550.86(+0.95%)35(+1.5)
AresGuardian 679(+95)200(+37)365120.9(+1.25%)38(+1.55)
AthenaGuardian 700(+105)190(+34)365121(+1.2%)35(+1.5)
Baba YagaMage560(+77)280(+50)365.055.00.95(+1%)35(+1.5)
CamazotzAssassin 616(+82)240(+35)375121(+2%)39(+2.3)
CthulhuGuardian 700(+100)210(+38)370160.9(+1.2%)38(+1.5)
GebGuardian 714(+95)190(+34)360121(+1.2%)38(+1.5)
ThanatosAssassin 546(+79)240(+38)370121(+1.7%)39(+2.3)
ThorAssassin 665(+79)240(+38)370121(+1.45%)39(+2.4)
  • Thor is classified as an Assassin.
  • Jing Wei falls under the Hunter category.
  • Bakasura is also an Assassin.
  • As a Warrior, Shiva brings strength and power to battles.
  • Freya is known for her magical abilities as a Mage.
  • The fearless Mulan is a Warrior.
  • Athena is a Guardian, protecting and supporting her team.
  • As a Mage, Hera possesses powerful magical abilities.
  • Susano is a skilled Assassin.
  • Ah puch is a formidable Mage.
  • Heimdallr is a skilled Hunter.

A Tier From Smite Tier List


Hercules is currently ranked as one of the top A-Tier characters in the Smite Tier List.

A Tier characters and their classes are mentioned below:

AwilixAssassin 665(+81)240(+38)370161(+1.89%)38(+2.16)
BastetAssassin 581(+84)230(+39)375121(+1.98%)37(+2.21)
Jing WeiHunter623(+82)205(+36)370551(+1.4%)33(+2.7)
MercuryAssassin 560(+79)200(+40)381121(+2.4%)38(+2.13
NeithHunter 640(+79)230(+39)365551(+1.6%)33(+2.5
The MorriganMage 560(+79)250(+38)365550.87(+1%)34(+2.4)
YemojaGuardian 696(+100)0365551(+1.2%)34(+1.5)
  • Hercules – a powerful warrior
  • Ares – a protective guardian
  • Ishtar – a skilled hunter
  • Terra – a steadfast guardian
  • Pele – a cunning assassin
  • Zeus – a mighty mage
  • Ganesha – a nurturing guardian
  • Maui – a stalwart guardian
  • Persephone – a talented mage
  • Vamana – a fierce warrior
  • Ravana – a deadly assassin
  • Da Ji – a sly assassin
  • Rama – a skilled hunter
  • Discordia – a mischievous mage
  • Fenrir – a ruthless assassin

Tier B From Smite Tier List

Smite Tier List

B Tier characters and their classes are mentioned below:

Baron SamediMage532(+84)300(+44)360550.9(+0.8%)34(+1.5)
CernunnosHunter 672(+84)220(+37)365551(+1.4%)32(+2.5)
DanzaburouHunter 644(+82)230(+38)370551(+1.4%)35(+2.6)
FenrirAssassin 637(+82)230(+35)370121(+1.7%)38(+2.3)
Hou YiHunter 672(+82)240(+38)370550.95(+1.2%)35(+2.8)
Hun BatzAssassin 644(+79)220(+38)370121(+1.89%)38(+2.16)
LokiAssassin 553(+79)210(+35)375121(+1.9%)38(+2.4)
RavanaAssassin 560(+79)230(+35)370121(+1.7%)39(+2.2)
  • Achilles – a powerful Warrior
  • Izanami – a skilled Hunter
  • Lancelot – a swift Assassin
  • Bellona – a formidable Warrior
  • Atlas – a protective Guardian
  • The Morrigan – a mystical Mage
  • He Bo – a formidable Warrior
  • Medusa – a deadly Hunter
  • Chronos – a magical Mage
  • Khepri – a supportive Guardian

Tier-C From Smite Tier List


C Tier characters and their classes are mentioned below:

  • Kali is listed as an Assassin.
  • Amaterasu is classified as a Warrior.
  • Charybdis falls under the Hunter category.
  • Bacchus is designated as a Guardian.
  • Hades is categorized as a Mage.
  • Nu Wa is also considered a Mage.
  • Xing Tian is listed as a Guardian.
  • Artemis is classified as a Hunter.
  • Anubis falls under the Mage category.

Make sure you check back on this page since we regularly make changes to this page. “The Smite Tier List is up-to-date with the latest meta.”. For now, select one of the most powerful characters and take on the battle.

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