The Fire Force Online Abilities Tier List: (June 2024) ranks the best abilities.


If you are searching for the top skills in Fire Force Online then feel no more. The Fire Force Online Abilities Tier List ranks all abilities according to the current meta. Improve your gameplay by selecting the best ones.

Fire Force Online is a Roblox game based on the anime series, Fire Force. The game has 13 abilities and choosing out of these abilities is paramount since they are meant for battle both in the PvP mode as well as in PvE mode. To aid with this our Fire Force Online Abilities Tier List puts abilities in order from highest to lowest taking into account factors such as damage output and mobility. Now, let’s get to know more about it without pause.

Fire Force Online Abilities Tier List, providing explanations for each Tier


In Fire Force Online, there are 13 abilities, and they have all been ranked in the Fire Force Online Abilities Tier List. To make it easier for you, we have divided them into five different tiers.

  • S-Tier: abilities are known for their high mobility and effective damagehealing capabilities.
  • A-Tier: The A-Tier abilities are effective options for combating high-tier enemies, although they may not be as powerful as the S-Tier abilities.
  • B-Tier: In B-tier abilities are considered to be relatively effective. When used with skill, they can be useful in specific situations.
  • C-Tier: The C-Tier abilities should be avoided as they lack skills that can contribute to winning in combat.


  • Devil’s Footprint
  • Liberation Fists
  • Grand Hands

Devil’s Footprint:

The mobility offered by The Devil’s Footprint is outstanding. Its attacks blend movement and offense easily, allowing you to skillfully navigate the battlefield. Sneakiness becomes a plus as you deftly switch from one strike to another catching your opponents unawares.

Grand Hands:

Both novices and veterans often choose The Grand Hands. These factors include but are not limited to ease of use and high damage output, thus making them great characters for people who want to improve their skills. Yet, it may be too straightforward at times leading it into being predictable which makes it a balance between being powerful and being predictable.

Liberation Fists:

With the right enhancements, Liberation Fists move very powerfully. Augments add on its already immense damage output while super armor moves help you take hits long enough before delivering a hefty counter attack.


  • Excalibur
  • Lightning
  • Explosion
  • Sakura


Excalibur is a powerful weapon, but it can be without difficulty countered by way of professional combatants who can parry your attacks. It is essential to have precise execution and finesse to become a master with this weapon. The capacity to govern lightning enhances your fight capabilities by permitting you to carry out electrifying ranged attacks and powerful unblocked grabs while enemies get too near.


A well-placed explosion can be devastating when in the right hands. This power comes with various abilities that are useful for crowd control and fast movement; thus making it suitable for players who like to adapt themselves in the game. It also combines range and melee attacks into an all-rounded approach.

Sakura possesses a rather powerful capacity that, when mastered, offers the user the functionality of stopping time. This capability introduces a brand new degree of strategic opportunities, making an allowance for unique and perfect attacks or strategic retreats whilst faced with overwhelming circumstances.


  • Gun
  • Shield
  • Pile Bunker
  • Axe n Gun


Gun offers an extensive variety of firearms for folks who experience ranged struggle. With multiple alternatives to be had, every with huge firepower, gamers can adapt quickly in close-quarters fight and hold manipulate.


The shield is an unusual offensive option that involves using it as such. Its slam attacks prove in situations where space has to be cleared giving the opponents distance. Throw shield certainly does provide some ranged edge but its intended focus remains on being used in the melee.

Pile Bunker:

The Pile Bunker is a weapon that is a combination of missiles and powerful attacks giving a variety of methods to fight. It enables you to fight for opponents but also be ready for close encounters. Although it may not be a pro at combos it can still defeat sometimes even highly skilled opponents with its timing.

Axe n’ Gun

The Axe n’ Gun ability merges melee dexterity with ranged artillery, giving you a hybrid experience. It has a pretty good dodge and good damage output thus making it flexible. Nevertheless, it is slightly lower than other options but its mobility is another positive aspect.


  • Sickle
  • Sputter


Do note that the [FFO] Fire Force Online Abilities Tier List that we are composing for the game is subjective and may differ from any changes that may happen. 

Be aware that the ranked FFO Fire Force Online Abilities Tier List presented here is our perspective of the game and our experience in playing it. This is not a standard to be used to measure the content of the game because it is not the whole truth.

We are aware of course that there are a lot of play styles and possible strategies, that each player will have his own opinion about the most successful character or item. Hence, we encourage you to begin with our tier list as a basis of your comprehension of the content of the game, but be mindful that individual perceptions can diverge.



One has to bear in mind that the current [FFO] – Fire Force Online Abilities Tier List is prone to modification in the future as a result of probable additions of the characters, items, or mechanisms by the developers. We shall do our best to keep the list up to date so that it would show the changes and even though we can’t guarantee that our views will constantly match the players’, we will certainly try.

Overall, the Fire Force Online Abilities Tier List seeks to be a reference that will match your curiosity about the game. You must realize that the decision of the characters, items, or strategies belongs to you and your personality. Thank you for your understanding and we wish you the best in your gaming.

This is the current list of abilities in Fire Force Online, and it will be regularly updated with new information.

Fireforce online ability tier list

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