World Tree Clover Retribution

World Tree is a Mythical Type Magic Grimoire that includes 4 leaf non-4 Leaf moves. It also has a four-leaf move. World Tree has 0.14 percent of spinning in a normal spin and 1% for an uncommon spin.

It may cause two different consequences of status, namely “Rooted” as well as “Weakened“.

World Tree Magic Icon

World Tree


Magic Grimoire


4 Steps



Costs to purchase

0.14 percent from normal spin, or 11% of uncommon spin

This is the current second of two Mythical Grimoires.


Worlds Root Cooldown: 6 Seconds – Requires Mastery 10 ( 10% chance of achieving the level of mastery at which you are at the end of.)

It creates roots that are before you and they grow upwards, which harm anyone in the area, and could even apply the ‘Weakened’ state. The more INT you have, the higher your chances of spawning roots. Mana can be drained.

Alternate Ascendancy in Arborial Form – Cooldown 5 seconds – Requires Mastery The maximum is 25 ( Percentage of chance to attain the level of mastery at every level thereafter.)

It creates a landmine, in which the cursor is stepped upon can root enemies in posts for a brief duration. Also, it can be used to apply the ‘Weakened’ condition.

Verdant Vortex Cooldown: 25 seconds Mastery Requirement 45 ( Percentage of chance to achieve this level at every mastery.)

The wood spouts out from the ground in the area where it is located and produces a swirl of leaves which can cause damage to anyone who is.

Forest’s Embrace Cooldown: 8 Seconds – Level of Mastery 60 ( percent chance to make it at every level of mastery at the end of.)

Roots are pulled up from all surrounding the player, causing damage to opponents in the vicinity as well as triggering two conditions: ‘Weakened’ condition and “Rooted” conditions. Also, it can drain mana.

(4-Leaf Required)

Great Tree Mistilteinn – Cooldown: 120 seconds – Mastery Required 75 ( 75%) chance of achieving it at every level of mastery following.)

Create a smaller variant that is a miniature version of World Tree, giving any allies in the region (yourself not included) a 15% reduction in damage against any damage along with an extra 5% mana or replenishing health every 2 seconds.


  • The most popular of all magics, it is regarded as powerful and versatile magic that has many AOE in addition to healing moves by with the Four Leaf technique.
  • A bit strong at the beginning of the game. There is a lot of knockback. They can serve as an attack and support magical.

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