Clover Retribution Tier List June 2024: Top Magical Choices


This is a revised version Clover Retribution Tier List in which we’ve categorized the various magic abilities available within the game into levels to make it easier for you to pick the most effective possibilities.

It is a game Clover Retribution is a game via Roblox that is gaining immense popularity due to its broad variety of magical powers races, characteristics, and traits.

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Explanation of Clover Retribution Tier List


The Clover Retribution Tier List consists of all tiers. Each is explained in this document.

The most up-to-date and updated Clover Retribution Tier List will enrich your understanding of the magical Powers.

The game provides a broad array of abilities that can be used in magic and each has its unique power and talent. Based on these elements we intend to categorize all magic abilities into five different tiers.

  • SS Tier: This category is the best about power in the meta of today. These players have abilities that could effortlessly lead you to victory.
  • S-Tier The effects that are in the A-Tier are excellent, however they are a bit less than the magics in the S-Tier. It is an appropriate replacement if you can’t find the magic of the S-Tier.
  • A-Tier These are magics that go over the average and could be good additions to your roster.
  • B-Tier The magical aspects of this tier are regarded as less than average, however they are useful in particular circumstances.
  • C-Tier This is the least effective group that falls within this category. The accurate advice is to stay clear of these.

In Roblox Encounters Tier List, you can easily find the best heroes based on their performance in gameplay.


SS Tier

Super Magic In Clover Retribution Tier List

World Tree

World Tree

  • Worlds Root
  • Mastery: 10
    • Then summon roots to your character, which attack close adversaries
    • Can give opponents the debuff Weakened.
  • Ascendancy of the Arboreal
  • Mastery: 25
    • Set up a landmine to be used to sever enemies when they are the foot is stepped on (also can cause injury!)
  • Verdant Vortex
  • Mastery: 45
    • Invoke a storm of leaves and wood while you damage all enemies in
  • Forest’s embrace
  • Mastery: 60
    • Take roots off the earth to destroy the enemies nearby.
    • Possibility to give opponents the Weakened and Debuffs that are Rooted
  • The Great Tree Mistilteinn
  • Mastery: 75
    • Start a little World Tree which buffs you and your allies
    • 15 Damage Reduction, 2% HP, and Mana regen every 2 seconds


  • Self Healing
  • Mastery: 5
  • Cooldown Time: 16 seconds
    • It will heal a certain percentage of your HP
    • The healing amount will be determined by the number of Clovers you own for the spell.
  • Healing Link
  • Mastery: 15
    • Connect to a person for healing
  • Healing Field
  • Mastery: 35
    • Invoke a healing field that can heal players in it.
  • Death Ward
  • Mastery: 45
    • Gives a boost to you and your friends that boosts the player’s HP by 25% when it falls below zero.


  • Wound
    • Attack forward with a punch to your foes
  • Crimson Cataclysm
    • Hit the ground with your fist to unleash an enormous AoE attack that causes the most damage to enemies nearby
  • Crimson Pursuit
    • Aim a ball at the adversaries and strike them
  • Crimson Hydra
    • The summoner Hydra shoots at the opponent.

S Tier

Top-Ranked Magics in Clover Retribution Tier List

  • Lightning
  • Fire
  • Water


  • Lightning Strike
  • Mastery: 5
  • Cooldown Time: 8 Seconds
    • You can summon a cloud if you have your mouse on the screen, which fires off lightning
    • It is possible to grant an opponent Shocked debuff
  • Lightning Circus
  • Mastery: 25
  • Cooldown Time: 16 seconds
    • Sparks are summoned around your person that cause harm to any enemies that surround you.
    • When you take on enemies who already possess the Shocked debuff, you’ll do extra injury to them.
  • Thunder Gods Attire
  • Mastery: 75
  • Cooldown 5 Seconds
    • Your body’s surface is encased by light sources, which improves the speed of your movements overall and boosts the effectiveness of your M1 attack


  • Flameball
  • Mastery: 5
    • Inspire a ball of fire that is charged ahead to strike your foes
  • Flame Scattershot
  • Mastery: 5
    • summons a fire sphere, which is still, and then shoots the fire to attack any enemies nearby
    • At the time it is over then it explodes to cause extra harm.
  • Flame Thrash
  • Mastery: 50
    • Fire forward and you’ll have an opportunity to grant your adversaries the Burn debuff
  • Flame Tower
  • Mastery: 75
    • Invoke a tower of flaming fire which attacks enemies in the vicinity.


  • Water Drill
  • Mastery: 5
  • Water Shield
  • Mastery: 25
  • Water Dragon
  • Mastery: 45


Magic ranked as A-Tier in the Clover Retribution Tier List

  • Spatial
  • Clock
  • Wind


  • Time Dash
  • Chrono Burst
  • Cooldown: 8 seconds
  • Temporal Flick
  • Cooldown: 12 seconds
  • Future Sight
  • Cooldown: 45 seconds
  • Chrono Anastasis
  • Cooldown: 65 seconds


  • Gale White Bow
    • Fashion the tailwind into a manually guided arrow that picks the adversary out of the pack.
  • Crescent Moon Sickle
    • It is going to be created by the sword of the wind that is to hit enemies.
  • Tornado
    • Conjure a twister that spins frontally, hitting the opponents.
  • Gale Vortex Veil
    • The shield is one of the basic mechanics of one name and it gets 25% of the player’s HP.
    • During its duration, the shield will also deal damage to the enemies by exploding at the end of the rank.

Tier B

The B-Tier Magics in Clover Retribution Tier List

  • Slime
  • Void
  • Earth


  • Viscious Blob
  • Mastery: 5
    • Construct a mass of goo that will injure the enemies and can slow them down as well on some occasions.
  • Viscous Strike
  • Mastery: 12
    • Arrow to the X-cross shape slime that can harm the enemies and interrupt the wrong way movement them.
  • Viscous Floor
  • Mastery: 25
    • All foes within the vicinity shall be damaged as your swiftness greatly increased. Thus, you have an excellent chance to curtail the speed of enemies around you!


  • Worm Hole
  • Mastery: 5
  • Cooldown: 6 Seconds
    • All over you, Void energy covers you up, and with that, Void energy blasts forward from where your mouse is moved. When your mouse is at a position higher than the ground level.
    • The frostblast in addition will deal damage to nearby enemies while, on the other hand, will prove the target Gloomed.
  • Depth Coil
  • Mastery: 25
    • With a void next to your character, the enemy will be destroyed by the vibration that attacks muster within.
    • Could be in a position of poisoning the enemies with his poisoned weapon by the Gloomed debuffs.
  • Black Hole
  • Mastery: 65
    • Make a call to a black hole AoE effect that harms enemies hanged around all enemy targets.

Tier C

The image above showcases the C-Tier Magics available in Clover Retribution

  • Melody


  • Melody Blast
  • Mastery: 5
    • Shot out a sound wave to inflict hurt.
    • One of those tools is the melodizing ability which will reduce any damage inflicted to any of the party members by 5%.
  • Melodic Amplifier
  • Mastery: 12
    • The character that applies this effect can deal great damage using the blast attack whenever he casts a song spell.
  • Melodic Seascape
  • Mastery: 25
    • Bring Forth puffs of bullets that are splattered across opponents that dare stand inside. Give them a blasting while they’re at it.

To Conclude, That is all that we have in the Clover Retribution Tier List for now. Hope you find this helpful in increasing your gaming experience. Keep yourself updated by safe this page as a bookmark Because we update our posts regularly.



What’s the best magic in Clover retribution?

The bottom line is that World Tree, Healing, as well as Blood Magic, lead the group as the most powerful Clover Retribution magics. Water and Void also surpass all other spells.

Is lightning good in Clover Retribution?

What’s the Takeaway: Healing and Lightning outshine other spells when it comes to Clover Retribution. You should prioritize them if you’re looking for the most straightforward path to victory. Space and Fire are both great alternative options that are still able to compete at a top-level with appropriate builds and playing styles.

What does 4-leaf mean by clover retribution?

Also, there is a one percent chance to spin an item with the number the number ‘4 Leaf” in brackets which means you can fully gain the abilities associated with the specific grimoire. The game does not allow for saving the spins.

How do you get the broom in Clover retribution?

To get to the Broom, visit the capital of Clover, go to the right, then turn left. You will be able to be able to find a black market, which allows you to purchase the broom for 100,000 coins. It is recommended to have at least 4 million coins available for upgrading it to level 4.

What is the rarest grimoire in Black Clover?

Five-leaf grimoire is an uncommon magical item, and its fifth leaf symbolizes the devil. The details were revealed quickly within Black Clover, but the reasoning took longer.

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