anime adventures tier list June 2024

If you are looking for updates in the Anime Adventures Tier List, this article is for you. In this, we covered all the aspects such as: 

  • Ground Unit
  • Support Unit
  • Hybrid Unit

All characters are ranked on their powers and abilities.

Anime Adventures Tier List Units Explain

In general, there are four different types of units available in Anime Adventures. The ground units, a unit of support the air/hill units, and the unit that is a hybrid.

Ground units cannot strike the Air Units, but they possess huge DMG capability that can inflict massive amounts of DMG on enemies. However, as we’ve said previously, they’re useless in the face of Air/Hill Units due to their ability to not strike opponents who are hill or air kind. Air/Hill units are among the least well-known units of the game due to their ability to only be positioned in hills and can only be replaced by hybrid units.

Hybrids are among the game’s most well-known and effective units because of their ability to snare air and ground units.

support units do not excel in creating DMG for enemies, but they can be highly beneficial because they greatly enhance all other units. As an example, DMG Boost, increasing PHY/Magical DMG, and providing buffs for friendly units.

This is for you If you want to know the rankings of Rumble Heroes.

Anime Adventures Grades 1-6

Each unit in A[Anime Adventures] falls under the five levels: secret, Mythical, Legendary, Epic, and Rare. The majority of Secret as well as Mythical units belong to Meta. A majority of Epic and Rare units do not have a good reputation. Except for a handful of famous units, the majority of iconic units fail.

Anime Adventures Game Modes

infinite mode Infinite Mode: This mode is available only in tough mode. In this mode, you’ll encounter endless battles with enemies and each one will be more challenging than the one before. Story Mode The primary game mode in which you progress gradually through various places in the world of anime. It is possible to earn items like gems, XP, and gems in this game mode. Raid The Raid game mode is one of the most challenging games where you battle opponents to earn rewards like gems, shards, and various other exclusive and precious objects.

This is the entirety of this article on this Anime Adventures tier list. The latest updates introduce new characters. We will do our best to ensure that this list is up-to-date. keep in touch with GameTierList for more updates.

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