Roblox Encounters Tier List 2024: Top Champions for Optimal Gameplay


In the Roblox Encounters Tier List, you can easily identify the best of the best heroes based on their performance in gameplay. Encounters is a very popular Roblox game where people compete in an arena with their opponents and use weapons to attack them and defend themselves. This guide explains to you how to go through the Roblox Encounters Tier List.

As for Roblox, it is a development platform where games come in many shapes such as Encounters. It is this game which features the possibility of obtaining certain heroes when using Diamonds. Every pull needs 500 diamonds, however, players can also collect more of it with their victory in battles Making the right picks is tricky and can be quite a challenge so make sure you check out this Roblox Encounters Tier List for best champions.

Roblox Encounters Tier List: Which Champion is Best for You?


This Roblox Encounters game consists of more than 20 champions which are there for people to choose from. One cannot stress enough how experimenting with all the heroes would be better than clinging onto the smallest disadvantage there is In case you need a quick guide on champion selection, we have categorized them into tiers as follows: In case you need quick guide on champion selection, we have categorized them into tiers as follows:

  • S-Tier: Champions of the top tier are often referred to as the “top” in the game and they can give a strong shot to your success.
  • A-Tier: These champs can be durably and by a combination of strong and versatile, that plays in many situations.
  • B-Tier: This level is occupied by those who are already fine champions, implying that you need a high skill level to come up with a winner.
  • C-Tier: At the top of the list, you will never have any trouble getting and/or keeping a victory lane with the mentioned champions.

S Tier

  • Fiona
  • Kusanagi
  • Pactwo

A Tier

  • Ryan
  • Charlemagne
  • Build
  • Hamza
  • Hana
  • May

B Tier

  • Don
  • Rena
  • Zhao
  • Senthe
  • Seth

C Tier

  • Gunso
  • Arash
  • Poppy
  • Alina
  • Aloysius
  • Walter


That was all about Roblox Encounters Tier List in a nutshell. Check back for updates as we add new champions to the game at the link mentioned.

Roblox Encounters Tier List


What are the ranks in Roblox encounters?

If you select S-Tier champ, you will be able to win the game no matter what. A-Tier: Superb remedies that suit well in all circumstances. B-Tier: These champions are on the upper-middle ground, but no less than a skilled fighter can take you literally nowhere. C-Tier: You do not get rich by playing the bottom card; with it you will have to focus on the victory.

How do you use the poppy in encounters?

Because her motion supporter would enable you to cover a large area with buckets you will be able to scoop all the water easily and quickly. This is an ideal type of placing the buckets in a line that could be widely viewed as a trap in which after the player hops over it, he/she will hopefully be slowed down so that there is no area to move on. (There can be this hurdle of crossing the divide.)

What is the rank 0 255 in Roblox?

The GetRankInGroup function will come back to the player with a rank in the group being an integer from 0 to 255. Not member, as 0, and group’s owner, as 255. In a script, you don’t get something as fresh.

What is a 63 Roblox?

The term ‘R63’ in Roblox is typically connected to the trend of having gender-swapped variations of Roblox characters, avatars, or game objects. By the way of / By the song of / In the sense of Roblox, it is almost always men being women characters and thus those of the opposite gender.

What does Amber do in encounters with Roblox?

Amber will hopefully be obtainable for buying the skin variants that are present in the skin rotation. The number of emeralds released by the Hellfire depends on the duplicatory rarity.

What are some codes for encounters?

Encounters codes

  • 350KLIKES – free crystals.
  • 275KLIKES – free crystals.
  • 250KLIKES – free crystals.
  • babioyunda – 100 gems.
  • Wilco – 100 gems.

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