Cyber Rebellion Tier List (June 2024): Best Characters To Pick


Find out your best and the worst characters on the Cyber Rebellion Tier List, this will provide you with the most compelling personnel to form your fighting force.

Cyber Rebellion

Cyber Rebellion is the title of a game that has a historical theme mixed with the appeal of strategic gameplay and graphic design. Here you are playing the online (cyber battle) game, fighting with the evil spirits over cyberspace. Form, shape, and raise the very best platoon to wreak havoc on the rival, killing machines. Make use of the character selections of the Cyber Rebellion Tier List to form a better team of your own.

Comprehensive explanation about all Cyber Rebellion Tier List.

The ranking system breaks the characters into five tiers all depending on the given factors like the overall power, classes, roles, and the strength of the character, in other words, the most beneficial and the least useful character. With these tiers, they also clarified why each had been ranked in such an order.

The most powerful characters are defined as S-Tier and they are considered as the best ones in the game. They have greater combat power and can upgrade if the process is too difficult

The most influential characters of the game are the A-Tier ones but still not quite as strong as:

  • S-Tier: Characters who have the Best abilities and powers.
  • B-Tier characters are those who have normal capabilities and may work well where they are needed when the move takes into a fixation.
  • D-Tier, those parts are having less-good participants. If compared to WP, they may exhibit less effectiveness and show a lower capacity of impact.

In this case, D Tier, the characters with minimal value and skills, are designated for the last and should be skipped by the players.



  • Leyva – Starring Diva
  • The author of Ember In Ashes is Noam.
  • Saki – Byakko
  • The title of the song is “Pastoral – Hound of Doom.”
  • Saki – Arashi Kiru
  • Leyva – Ghost
  • Pastoral – Plague Huntress
  • Rik is a part of The New Order.
  • The name of the product is Amy – Foamy Sweet Dream.
  • Seer – Oracle
  • Lindsay – Graffiti
  • Rosa – Matrix Runner
  • The title is “Lindsay – Speed To Burn.”


  • Frost – Master Chief
  • Candido – Jab
  • Frost – Vanguard
  • Catherine – Dirty Gold
  • Vera is a powerful natural force.
  • Frost – Fortress
  • Saki – Zangetsu
  • Lindsay – Metal Panic
  • Taki – Seiryu
  • Morgan – Vicious Rose
  • Candido – Duke Silver
  • Candido – Barrage Fortress
  • Saki – Suzaku
  • Saki – Sakuragari
  • Rik – Striker
  • Eric – Death Eye


  • Frost – Assault
  • Rik – Alpha Wolf
  • Lindsay – Aquila
  • Pastoral – Stinger
  • Leyva – Neuromancer
  • Frost – Ranger
  • Apat
  • Candido – Tarantula
  • Lindsay – Vermilion Dawn


  • Victor – Prosthetic Doctor
  • Rik – Raiden
  • Rik – Gunblade
  • Candido – Jet Boxer
  • Candido – Iron Fist


  • Pastoral – Augmenter
  • Leyva – Intern
  • Rik – Amagi Guard
  • Pastoral – Data Hub
  • Pastoral – Agents

The Cyber Rebellion Tier List has concluded, and I have provided the information based on the strengths and weaknesses of various characters. keep updating yourself on new additions by regularly visiting this post because we regularly update this tier list as we get any updates.

Video Tutorial On Cyber Rebellion Tier List

Video Tutorial On Cyber Rebellion Tier List

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