Nikke Tier List June 2024: Characters Ranking From top to bottom

In “Nikke Tier List: As In Pokemon Go the players come across many powerful characters like the ” Legendary Pokemon,” which they try to collect and hold together to form the ultimate team. We aim to highlight this complexity by putting out our new Nikke tier list, classifying toons from the top tiers to the more narrow spots.

nikke-tier-list-a2A2nikke-tier-list-2b2Bnikke-tier-list-noiseNoisenikke-tier-list-1Snow Whitenikke-tier-list-1Ludmilla
nikke-tier-list-centiCentinikke-tier-list-volumeVolumenikke-tier-list-sugarSugarnikke-tier-list-2Innocent Daysnikke-tier-list-dollaDolla
nikke-tier-list-rapiRapinikke-tier-list-rupee-2Winter Shoppernikke-tier-list-rosannaRossananikke-tier-list-signalSignalnikke-tier-list-reiRei
nikke-tier-list-etherEthernikke-tier-list-belortaBelortanikke-tier-list-yenYennikke-tier-list-product23Product 23nikke-tier-list-idolloceaniDoll Ocean
nikke-tier-list-micaMecanikke-tier-list-idollsunIDoll Sunnikke-tier-list-crowCrownikke-tier-list-deltaDeltanikke-tier-list-soldierSoldier FA
nikke-tier-list-idollflowerIDoll Flowernikke-tier-list-soldieregSoldier EGnikke-tier-list-product8Product 08nikke-tier-list-product12Product 12nikke-tier-list-soldierowSoldier OW

Table of Contents

Nikke Tier List Explained

SS Tier – This is a Super Tier In the Nikke Tier List

Red Hood

A Top-Tier DPS across all content, Red Hood has all of these qualities: it is flexible, easy to build, and useful as a buffer.




Skill 1

No 1 being a skill 1 with a moderate effectiveness, I advise it’s level to stay in 3 or 4.

Skill 2 works excellent at boss fights and can be upgraded until reaching the highest level (level 7) unless there are other skills to focus on. The Novice skill, which is extremely powerful, is a must to reach level 10 if you want to compete in the endgame and the boss battles in the top tier.


Being a gunner character, he inherently has strong self-DPS buffs that reflect added accuracy and fire rate. Thus, it can be further enhanced if only the reload and charge speed buffs are available.




The character has skills/abilities that reduce the cool-downs and cooldowns of common attacks by all team members. Their qualities to recon, respawn, and heal are unique too.


When paired with Blanc, this duo is considered the best bossing support in the game.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 constantly stabilizes the team attack, which is the most agile one during the game. It is also a skill to focus on, Once level 5 is achieved.

skill 2 grants an upgrade to the max ammo capacity up to 4. This would be a great time to not use the skill.

Burst skill is only useful in a given scenario and it would not be effective to upgrade once the level is achieved or has sufficient levels.




Modernia’s rate of fire decreases when the FPS is low. If the FPS drops below 35, she is unable to stack her.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 falls short in delivering a rating similar to the Skill 2 performance score. The rating of Modernia is appropriate but notably lower on Android and emulators that do not use high FPS rates. 

On our IOS device being able to reach 59+ FPS Modernia managed to eclipse Scarlet in attack power. In addition, Skill 1 and Skill 2 will grant Modernia the ability to significantly heighten the damage. 

The amount of our production of burst is not a priority that it is already very strong with her hero which is a wave clear. 


In low-deficit clearing situations, she can be effective, but her taunt mechanics significantly impair her late-game clearing capabilities.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 helps the player when she is utilizing the young lady to support the offense.  

Skill 2 will improve your chances of succeeding when covering hopefully too far from the front line, however, in this case, you already provide enough support and participate well at the lower levels of play.




The Versatile Burst II Nikke is known for its increased strength when paired with Tia and its ability to provide both defensive and offensive buffs.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 uses most DPS available but is active for the core. It is the ultimate among close combat abilities, simply because of their dependability. 

Skill 2 has great recovering properties and decent inner core damages. Though it may not be necessary, we suggest a leap beyond 5 if you need to sustain. 

Burst be 10s ATK Buff, it is better with matching things together like TiA. If you find TiA uncomplicating, get off at 4.

Scarlet: Black Shadow

The All-Around Nikke is an impressive bossing class, ranking second only to the piercing Nikkes. It is currently known as the strongest Wind Element Damage dealer.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 is a top-of-the-line ability, the largest damage percentage of her totality. 

Skill 2 (does not come tailing) accelerates the rate with which she uses the burst ability. This best choice is the use of the capability at level 4 for her with the duo. However, she should be used with the Tia/Naga teams in the future when the ability is enhanced to level 7

Her burst skill is a crucial bumping factor in her normal attacks and skill 1 as well because it also multiplies their effectiveness by a huge amount.


S+ Nikke Tier List – From this tier you can make Balanced Choices


This thing is good at doing a lot of damage to one enemy, and can also do a lot of damage in a big area. It gets even better if you have more bullets and can reload faster. It’s good to use in any situation.

Skill 1, Skill 2, Burst:

This is quite decent in Skill 1 but it maintains scaling down in the range of the levels. However, we can also consider it ours because it inflicts serious single-target damage, and the more often she hits somebody, the stronger she gets. 

Skill 2 offers to add up to a small extent to critical damage but her counter is a highly effective tool for the arena, given the proper team. Skills needed for this position include court awareness.


Anis: Sparkling Summer:


She performs well in all forms of content and provides strong personal damage and buffs for electric code teams.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 has a mighty effect on the whole community; it is illuminating when working with electric teams. 

Skill 2 is a ‘kin of her damage and acts efficiently as the content changes. It can be said that the game is considered the best one of all. Anis won’t need to spend resources infusing skill materials into burst level 4 and will be able to get to burst level 9,

where she can have an unloaded burst with Privaty. It takes a relatively long time to advance the amount of damage through the burst skill when there are no special patterns or systems in normal places.


The welfare unit is highly recommended to fully limit breaks. It has a strong reload speed and provides support with the last bullet. It can perform well on any team and has a stunning ability that allows for strategic plays in PvE and is particularly effective in PvP.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

The scaling potential of Skill 1 (Spacing out with the reload speed buff) is currently among the highest, which can even activate Skill 2 immediately after the first skill. 

Skill 2 is also light for Miss Zhao’s striking skill, which triggers a significant burst of damage and can also hit the core. The stun is the grab of that skill, which to my people’s mind, is more effective than the damage.




The character has a high damage output and provides a beneficial buff for attack and charge time during a full burst.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Strike 1 gives both units a bonus power of full attack power with the highest striking during a full run. The stronger the popularity, the richer the dividends (factoring in the investment) with the feature of the area growing.


She is a powerful boss killer and is often used in UR teams and for certain Interception bosses. She is also useful in Campaigns. Her ability activates when she fires the last bullet and it affects all allies.

The cooldown of Burst Skill is 1.56 seconds.

This ability is activated when the last bullet is fired during Manifestation and it affects all allies.

When targeting an enemy’s specific body part, damage is dealt at a rate of 50.68% and lasts for 5 seconds.




DPS unit resides is a great option when the boss has sections of it. Nevertheless, it’s like a battery that soon cannot maintain its electrical charge if it does not start with good moves. The need for investment is also cut.

The burst activates it. With this trait, he gets a final damage multiplier, which is also very helpful. It is also the slightest to attack normal modifiers in the collective of Laplace. This benefits her DPS.


It requires great collaboration, and the other players’ investment must be as strong as yours. They have great HP(health points) and can take down the wall easily with enhanced ATK(attack) values and pressure attacks. 

On the other hand, their spite attack amounts are very small. The usefulness of boosters is limited as only certain groups can be boosted because ATK boosts a little to help teams stand against enemies.




The main reason why she a weapon of choice for the players is that she can charge with a taunt and self-healing characteristics. Yet a full recovery requires quite a few manual operations.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

The main reason for that Noise’s taunts-on-charge limittime powerful attacks and self-heal capabilities place Noise among the best taunts in the world. 

On the other hand, the autonomous version of herself demands more hands-on play to allow her self-healing.

Snow White:

This character has high damage per second and a strong burst ability, which allows for skilled manual gameplay.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Auto-play power is insufficient. The second skill to keep in mind is the efficient use of Burst when the timing is right to maximize its effectiveness. 

You should consider doing some research on the abilities of your team members, and plan your Burst usage accordingly. Another challenging factor about Burst is that it requires considerable training on the skill level to operate it efficiently


Ludmilla: Winter Owner


This Nikke is a boss with good campaign skills.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 is the most effective among all and the damage you take is reduced, you get back the ammunition, and proc damage you have been availed with The metal which encompasses

Skill 2 is not as desirable but still mighty, thanks to a large number of investments

It is better to keep the burst at level 7 until higher priority passes Nikke’s level 10, team formation so on and forth.

S Nikke Tier List – Unique Specialists


This character has a high healing per second and decent AOE damage. They also have a unique ability to resurrect a fallen ally on burst, although there is a bug that sometimes causes them to resurrect an ally at 0 HP.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skills 1 and 2 confirm its efficacy in sustaining the position to consider before investing. On the other side of the coin, I have discovered that her burst ability happens rarely, and it is often certainly left for near-death healing or resurrection. 

There also is a common glitch where, on rare occasions, units party up with only one HP.




Shotguns are known for their high damage per second in boss battles. They are also effective at buffing DPS, especially with characters like Scarlet and Harran when targeting closerange enemies.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and a burst.

Skill 1 is weak and does not have high landing, it on the other hand possesses good buffing options when it is carrying out to its maximum power. 

Skill 2 adds a clearing circle and extra damage. Listen to the given audio and summarize the key ideas in your own words. 

The Burst skill is a targeted inflictor that deals a large area damage effect to an enemy while also giving us the self-based ammo buff.


She is a “Healer” who can take down the enemy team by applying the three-second debuff on her ultimate ability on the opponents and multiplying the power of the camps by one second.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and a Burst.

Because Skill 1 has high sustain, and mana healing, ofc you have to play manually, this skill covers the inconsistency of damage in boss stages that require the hold on the game. 




This character can be left with features like an increase in attack on strong enemies, regain health points when crucial moments arise, and an increase in an individual attack and critical hit chances

This shows that it also can be used as a backbone drug to be used together with Moderna.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 is assigned by a medium-level critical rate attack buff. 

Apart from Skill 2, a moderate attack buff is made available by rank, but the scaling is not good. 

In terms of the Burst skill, it is best because it gives the highest healing, if not it is at least decent at single-target damage. Its effectiveness becomes manifest even at low levels of implementation and total automation is not a required part of levels 5 or 6.


The character performs well in PvP when partnered with taunt defender characters, although it may struggle against certain bosses.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Raising Skill 1, 2, and Burst to level 4 is recommended as they offer decent improvements in survivability and damage, although further upgrading may not be necessary.


A Tier – Situational Picks From Nikke Tier List



Centi is the best shielder right now and has a low cooldown. It is very effective against powerful attacks, especially in the later stages of the game. It can generate burst energy very well. It has decent defense debuffs. It performs strongly in the arena.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 lowers the left shield cooldown and some bosses mostly attack with close-range hits or self-destruction types of attacks, therefore this is good for those bosses. 

The downside of this skill is that it becomes less efficient against quick-shot opponents. /The second thing is the durability of a shield is not bad, and a barely bigger HP will not be effective against many hits./ Through a defenses-reducing skill, this skillset can assist in burst damage.


This character provides strong CDR and crit buffs to the entire team, but may not be as effective as Liter. They are often used in union raid teams that do not include Liter or Dolla.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and a burst.

Skill 1 is very rare to activate and the attack buff has minimal impact on her overall performance. Skill 2 (basic) is boring, and there is no way to decrease the cooldown for Skill 1. 

The burst times are moderate and work fine with a focus on the critical group from Julia’s team and Maiden.




The character has a high shotgun damage per second and also boosts the maximum ammo for other shotguns, making her a valuable member of shotgun-focused teams.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 requires taking damage to receive beneficial buffs.

Skill 2 and Burst complement each other effectively, and investing more skill points would greatly enhance Shotgun teams.

Sugar ranks on A-Tier in the Nikke Tier List

Snow White: Innocent Days

Snow White: Innocent Days is the Welfare Nikke character who has decent personal damage and solid AoE capabilities.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1: More damage in that area justifies investing an additional point in this skill, providing our party members with a seventh-level mastery of that skill. 

Skill 2: What makes this the most important factor to consider is that it offers ▲ Attack Damage ▲. With this in mind, she would not be a good candidate for a unit to be leveled up.

Burst: Strengtheners her self ATK thrill of passion not advised to separate beyond 7 because she leaves for this reason as a Skill 2.




The Core CDR unit is commonly used for Union Raid and is often considered the preferred B2 option when liter is not available.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 gives just a fraction of the combat superiority that stays unchanged over half of the whole battle. 

Skill 2 has two perks which are cooldown reduction and number of dash dodges, and these remain consistent from levels 1 to 10. The nuke is certainly powerful in its single-target damage but with a global range that is out of control.


Rupee has a high DPS and a permanent self-attack buff, as well as a strong team attack buff.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 The character does not require Iron synergy to be powerful.

Skill 2 significantly affects her personal DPS.

The burst skill also provides a moderate attack buff with a cooldown of 20 seconds.

Rupee ranks on A-Tier in the Nikke Tier List




The b2 Offensive option is a decent choice for generating burst damage. However, it may not be as strong as Guilty in terms of personal damage and utility.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 has some usefulness in a campaign, but its applications are limited in a fight and may not be worth investing heavily in.

Viper ranks on A-Tier in the Nikke Tier List


Laplace can cause large-scale damage and spiritualist energy. This is best in the boss zones if the weakness is focused on clusters of personnel, e.g., Chatterbox and Alteisen

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 results in a little radius increase, for except in specific cases, it is not practical. 

Skill 2 is bad in terms of DPS and just decreases personal damage. However, this also increases the self-buffing part-breaking damage, which is not good even against bosses. 

Her quirk is rather her burst and damage bow due to her scaled ability with bosses, which gives her a powerful burst.




The character possesses a potent energy generation and impressive AoE abilities with skill 1, pierce, and burst. However, they may encounter challenges if they cannot secure kills.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 has AoE damage capabilities and excels in burst generation.

Skill 2 offers significant DPS increases but necessitates kills.

The burst remains effective to a slightly lesser degree, as it can eradicate weaker adversaries.

Harran ranks on A-Tier in the Nikke Tier List


It has strong buffs, damage share, and shield, making it a great option for close-range fights.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 receives a permanent uptime, but its score is reduced due to the small buff it provides.

The Burst skill offers a 10-second attack buff and a shield, making it a decent alternative to Anne for SW and MX teams.

Poli ranks on A-Tier in the Nikke Tier List



Decent B3 DPS



Guilty is the offensive b2 unit is great and has good burst generation, defense shred burst, and a cooldown of 20 seconds. Skill 1 greatly enhances her DPS with good scaling.

Skill 2 is attack buff is minimal and requires specific ally-type teammates. The burst is a decent singletarget nuke with defense shred.

Guilty ranks on A-Tier in the Nikke Tier List

Anne: Miracle Fairy

Anne: Miracle Fairy can do the buff (effect) and excels in both damage and healing, but it has a long cooldown of 60 seconds. 

The Arena fairs very well and is more effective in-the-moment battles as you can combine it with Poli or Noah to replace these two monsters at every bout after 40 seconds, 60 seconds, and 40 seconds

 As an additional feature, the hero owns the power to block the opponent’s health regeneration on S2.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

The skill comes with a small amount of healing that is sufficient to help you get along. This behavior is a great fit either in SW / MX teams and it is effective also outside that culture. 

What may work well is the 60-second cooldown but can also be slow during other situations. It delivers well-aimed attacks to siege with a 2-stage mortar.




The effectiveness of the Versatile Healer decreases with the acquisition of more Nikkes.

Marciana ranks on A-Tier in the Nikke Tier List


This attack is most effective when the HP is below a certain threshold (70%/50%) and is typically only used for dealing with electric elemental damage.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

The crit buff for Skill 1 is insufficient and Skill 2 provides a modest increase in DPS with a burdensome condition.

The Burst skill is an uncontrollable single-target nuke with a moderately difficult condition to meet.


Helm: Aquamarine


Very Solid b2 unit against electrically coded bosses

Deals 13.65% of ATK as damage.

Charge Time: 0 s

Charge Damage: 100%

Reload Time: 1 s

Burst Generation: 0.2%

Ammo 60

Helm: Aquamarine ranks on A-Tier in the Nikke Tier List


This skill provides a significant boost in attack and critical damage for one ally. It can be useful for Snow White’s strategies involving one-shot eliminations.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and a burst ability.

Skill 1 and 2 have strong compatibility with other units that can deal significant burst damage, such as Maxwell, Alice, and SW, assuming these units have the highest attack.




Through the character’s gift of being untouchable during surges, it becomes a phenomenal player who excels in certain battlefields where one must be a clean-up or erasure whichever is the case.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 fortifies me with a slight enhancement in defense, which, unfortunately, is pure luck. 

Skill 2 offers only a moderate downside in the long-term battle against Raptures though other offensive skills are more effective. Since base defense is already good, the initial burst defense buff is already quite substantial.


She has good healing abilities, but there are no viable Water DPSs to use her other passives.

Normal Attack

Deals 65.95% of ATK as damage.

Charge Time: 1 s

Charge Damage: 250%

Reload Time: 1.5 s

Burst Generation: 2.65%

Ammo 6

Mary ranks on A-Tier in the Nikke Tier List




In addition, the character vastly elevates both the critical damage and critical rate stats. Skill 1 permanently raises the attacking power of a team and, consequently, level 7 or 10 is the most wise to invest in.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Having a set of skills you can increase by 4 the maximum ammo number at level 5 and thus you can get enough ammo to continue your fighting. 


The Shotgun Team Buffer is considered effective, although many shotgun Nikkes are no longer popular in the current meta.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and a Burst.

Advancing Skill 1 causes the stack effect of accumulation and self-replenishment of the magazine to increase. Once she reaches level 6, she already does that well as the current character is not the dominant one. 

Skill 2 takes attack speed to the next level of EXPLETIVE transit at level 6. The following additional level which is 6 in terms of headings should not be implemented at all. Star skill helps to boost the shotty Nikke ger an ATK by 200%.


B Nikke Tier List – Situational Picks



The character has a powerful debuff for boss battles that can be valuable if there are already attack buffers on the team, but her burst in the story has inconsistent and unpredictable targeting.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and then Burst.

Skill 1 and 2 have a very minor influence on the gameplay (by players). Similarly, she has special skills that work perfectly fine for long boss fights, and the best thing is that it is complementary to the top burst damage units such as Alice, MX, and SW.


The character has a decent Burst heal, but there are not many other notable abilities.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 and Skill 2 have lower scaling and the buff itself is average in effectiveness. Additionally, her burst ability provides decent healing.

Quiry ranks on B-Tier in the Nikke Tier List




This unit is considered to be strong in PvP due to its ability to generate bursts and share damage. However, it is not commonly used in other areas.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1: has a decreased debuff, but it is hard to get attacked 10 times to activate it at once. Keeping in mind this particular aspect of the e-sports industry, it is worth investing in it, if your strict specialization is in the e-sports area. 


Her second skill provides invulnerability for 5 seconds after taking a fatal hit, making it effective in PvP and when battling SII Alteisen. Additionally, it has a full-screen taunt.

Makima ranks on B-Tier in the Nikke Tier List




The hero encounters bowtie also known as a rounder together with Alteisen, Shot round; however, She is not a great taunter since their taunts do not last very long. 

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 is giving the most if the character is appropriately leveled and capable of performing with the best of the best and faring well even if people distribute their points to a different skill.

By having its animation take too long and demanding too many stacks of players, skill 2 only provides little help to the player. Taunt time is based on the level of the trap.


It provides a strong reload speed boost, making it a good companion for Scarlet and/or Alice to achieve 100% reload speed. Additionally, it serves as a decent charge support and can assist with the final bullet using Privaty.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 has a passive effect which can be activated by being hit 20 times. On one hand, this is not a good thing, though the majority regard it as meritless.

burst punches don’t approve this well because the rate of fire declines in the late game if too much investment without supporting burst damage is made.

Admi ranks on B-Tier in the Nikke Tier List




The Burst generator is effective, but it may not offer the same level of manual control as other rocket launchers.

Nihilister ranks on B-Tier in the Nikke Tier List


The healer has a cooldown of 20 seconds and possesses good self-sustain. Skills 1 and 2 complement each other and should be leveled evenly.

Soda ranks on B-Tier in the Nikke Tier List




The niche of this approach is a strong damage multiplier against bosses with parts, accompanied by the added benefit of extra elemental damage against wind-weak raptures.

D ranks on B-Tier in the Nikke Tier List


Rival Scarlet can be effective in boss battles, but she is considered a niche unit due to her requirement of being at full HP at all times.

Her skills do not have a significant impact, and her Skill 2 and burst also depend on maximum HP for maximum damage.

Soline ranks on B-Tier in the Nikke Tier List




F2P budget Liter performs well on almost any team. Despite her low CP as an SR, investing in her can help mitigate this issue. However, she can easily be replaced if Liter is obtained.

N102 ranks on B-Tier in the Nikke Tier List


She can heal two units with the highest attack during each burst, while also providing them with a buff to their maximum HP for a brief period. Additionally, her passive ability ensures that her modest ATK buff is active for more than half of the time.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 activates only once per battle during auto-play, making it less valuable to invest in.

Skill 2 provides a decent ATK buff with high uptime. Burst is where her healing abilities excel, so investing in that skill is necessary.




The attack buff boosts the power of two allies with the highest attack, but it becomes less effective when team-wide offensive supports are introduced. The burst also provides a lifestyle for 40 seconds.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1: a team regents member gains a moderate amount of bonus for 10 seconds. 

Skill 2: does not make to get over an extremely complicated obstacle and gives a highly unpleasant type of team buff. 

Her passive skill is called burst Skill, the hero can provide healing of about 75% which can be useful in team fighting situations for attackers and if the heal is applied immediately after taking damage attackers can be healed to full health.


This character brings the highest offensive advantage, but the risk factor involved may scare it off given the 30-second cooldown time. The first condition is tough because your heroine has to receive 30 attacks to activate. 

Yulha ranks on B-Tier in the Nikke Tier List


C Nikke Tier List – Situational Picks



Vesti can reduce the duration of a full burst, enabling quicker rotations with CDR. It is notable for its large splash radius, capable of hitting multiple boss parts if they are near each other, such as a chatterbox, thermite, etc.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 you get a larger explosion radius,

Skill 2 gives your weapon a chance to deal a moderate amount of cuff damage and a critical rate. The critical rate bonus doesn’t have enough effect at all and stacks up very slowly which means it is rarely helpful in stages, but still gets it done.


Wind counter.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst:

These abilities do not fit in the defensive category well. Skill 1 and Skill 2 probably won’t benefit from investment in the reduction of cooldowns. This is not cost-effective. It would be more beneficial to pick Burst for more satisfying train clears.

Sakura ranks on C-Tier in the Nikke Tier List




This shielder is known for providing slight protection against Modernia lasers during Union raids.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 has applied a shield and healing buff in the next round which makes a lot of difference now. 

Skill 2 is comprised of taunting actions and substantial growth in the Max HP. Mending fixes an awful amount for your attackers and is also very strong on a lower side such as 4 or 5. 

Folkwang ranks on C-Tier in the Nikke Tier List


This Skill furnishes a conspicuous boost in power after the execution of an opponent but it may be less effective in the cases when the hides are difficult to reach/get. It’s struggled to maintain a healthy player base and many critics aren’t happy with how it’s developed.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 upgrade is necessary for increasing her damage.

The buffs from Skill 2 provide minimal gains in DPS.

The Burst attack is powerful when at maximum stack and can easily defeat weaker raptures.




The average unit may not be suitable for general use, but Cleanse is a niche product. Cover repair is considered acceptable.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 has an effective cover repair, while Skill 2 lacks usefulness as cocoa does not taunt. It only provides a modest attack down on burst with the assumption of full stacks of Skill 2.

Yuni ranks on C-Tier in the Nikke Tier List


The character has decent DPS and a strong damage burst, but it is single-target and requires her to be at maximum HP, which can be challenging to maintain in higher-level content.

Cocoa ranks on C-Tier in the Nikke Tier List




The character has good DPS and a powerful damage burst, but it is single-target and relies on her being at maximum HP, which may be challenging to maintain in more advanced levels of gameplay.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 raises the damage level by only half. 

Skill 2 and the Susana can deal massive damage, but the fact that she can’t choose which enemies the skill targets may be troubling in some cases as well as when enemy MAX or vitality hp are not on the bottom of the bar.


Nero has a large health pool, but lacks the ability for self-sustainment, meaning a healer must be included in the team, resulting in reduced overall team damage.

Nero ranks on C-Tier in the Nikke Tier List


Neon: Blue Ocean


This skill is primarily utilized for Solo Raid bosses that are weak against Water, or to assemble a complete team for Elysion Tower.

Neon ranks on C-Tier in the Nikke Tier List


The character’s ability to lower their burst duration allows for faster rotations with CDR. They excel in long fights, such as boss fights, where they can stack their Skill 2, particularly against large bosses due to their shotgun capabilities.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 gives the player offense buffs for 3 bursts and the buffs stack afterward. The timings of warcrys will allow every member more personal attack power which, in turn, will be of the most use in the battle during the closing stage, usually when the boss fights take place. 

No upgrades of this skill 2 are required for the semiaveraging AoE capabilities which are around the medium level.

Burst is a skill with debuffs that are well scaled and a reduced full burst time limit, on the other hand, the side effects of which might include constant rise of paint power.




The Tank unit is effective in taunting enemies and sustaining damage from bosses when necessary. However, her usefulness is limited in high deficit story stages due to the high damage dealt by mobs.

Sin ranks on C-Tier in the Nikke Tier List


This character is a strong close-range DPS with powerful self-buffs when attacked. However, it is important to note that she can start dying from her taunt in some stages.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 looks convincing in theory, but its limited activation condition makes it a weak skill by an overwhelming Magier ‘s attack; being hit by it 20 times may be too risky. 

Skill 2 is the ultimate skill it gives her a shield and adds to her already high defense. The Forged Jayce skill leads may not appeal but he gets good numbers in AoD damage; to make his activation of skill 1 mandatory can be undesirable.




This Nikke trade can engage in soaking target’s damage and debuffing enemy attacks, and that makes them not a bad deal against bosses. On the other hand, they are very weak and tend to get killed easily in an encounter between two units.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

You have to add debuffs characteristic to Skill 1, that decrease the movement speed (perhaps on a certain condition) and also on the last hit of the magazine. It comes to mind the fact, that Lud’s magazine is a hefty one, acting out as a longer time-consuming task in the process. 

Skill 2 is effective as Loud brings with it chunks and gauges very well. The game results in favor of those who have learned more attacking techniques and avoiding hits. 


She has decent strength in the arena, with the ability to provide strong healing. However, she lacks utility beyond healing.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 is effective in specific arena situations or mechanics only.

Skill 2 has a complicated condition to activate its passive ability without many advantages.

The burst healing is already substantial for lower levels.




The playable character Aria also ensures good shielding and crits supporting the DPS class. She is remembered, though, for easing your settlement past its Modernia enemies. 

Her strength is in the area of AoE damage, she cannot affect DPS (Damage Per Second) by a small amount, and, therefore, investing in Anabel may not be the best choice. 


This character is highly effective in interception S and other boss fights, as they are a powerful free-to-play shotgun DPS option that can compete with SSR shotguns in terms of damage output.




The B1 DPS is decent and performs well when paired with private and charge support. However, it is worth noting that Pepper offers similar results with added utility.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 generates an average attack reduction and defense debuff.

Skill 2, is not applicable without the full potential of the latter. Slightly Doubled skill2 let her deal more damage by herself. Heavy guns simply don’t deal enough damage to justify the upgrade, either the amount dealt or the type of damage dealt.


She performs effectively when paired with Rupee and Privaty, but relies heavily on their presence, leading to limited flexibility.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 and 2 of Morticia’s combo match each other well, but the question of the crits gaining the same high bonus damage as simple strikes is still open. 

The burst skill is always good for clearing off all spaces and killing the more powerful foes in a play.




The effect of this ability is to reduce the duration of the full burst, enabling quicker rotations with cooldown reduction. It may pose a challenge for less experienced teams and becomes less effective in the later stages of the match due to its low skill rating base statistics.


The last hit results in self-buffs that decrease the opponent’s ST defense. However, it should be noted that attack buffs hold more value than defense down.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and the Burst.

Skill 1 increases her personal DPS slightly.

Skill 2 provides a consistent and long-lasting defense shred on the target when considering manual play.

The burst Skill has minimal impact.


D Nikke Tier List – Situational Picks



The SR DPS performs well on beginner teams but may struggle with harder content due to her taunt ability and comparatively lower SR base stats.

Rupee: Winter Shopper

The character can only be used as a reload support and is easily taunted by regular waves and high boss damage, especially in the harder content when it has a less tanky nature. 

Her burst damages fast and instantly provides life leech, but its score gets down by ICD (cooldown internal), and life leech is not useful by itself for the defender.




This strategy is commonly used in PvP battles to counter Jackal Teams, although it may not always be successful.

Rosanna ranks on D-Tier in the Nikke Tier List


The character has moderate personal damage, as well as a decrease in defense and attack.

Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1: Attack buffers and shielders outperform Mars in both defensive and offensive support roles. 

Skill 2 provides several life steals that are worthwhile, but that is not too useful because she can not use taunt skills in her kit to create tackiness. 




Upon entering battle, an ability is triggered that affects only the user. This ability creates a decoy in the form of an Avatar, which possesses 96% of the user’s final Max HP and remains active for 240 seconds.

Rei ranks on D-Tier in the Nikke Tier List


This shielder is a suitable option for beginners, as it offers a defense debuff and effective damage reduction for one ally. However, it can be easily substituted by a stronger shielder.

Ether ranks on D-Tier in the Nikke Tier List




This effect is triggered when an attack hits more than 4 enemy units. It affects the target(s) and reduces their defense by 3.52% for 5 seconds. It also deals additional damage of 14.96% of the final attack power.

Belorta ranks on D-Tier in the Nikke Tier List


The charge buffer is satisfactory, but the Liter is a better option. It provides unique enemy grouping CC.

The sequence consists of Skill 1, Skill 2, and Burst.

Skill 1 is most effective in real-life (RL) teams specifically designed to target obelisks in unions.

Burst is used for repositioning raptures, as it is not intended for dealing damage.


Product 23:


Due to its strong defense and shotgun capabilities, she proves to be a valuable asset for beginners in boss fights.

Product 23 ranks on D-Tier in the Nikke Tier List

iDoll Ocean:

This character is a beneficial healer for F2P players but is limited by their R stats. Their skills can affect up to two allies with the highest ATK.


E Nikke Tier list – Situational Picks



N102 and Anis surpass her in every aspect, making her only useful in Tetra Tower if you require a B1.

She provides an increase of 2 rounds in max ammunition capacity for 10 seconds and an increase in DEF of 19.89% for 10 seconds.

IDoll Sun:

An acceptable Tetra B3 until any better one is pulled.




The absence of a taunt limits her ability to function effectively as a tank. The attack debuff alone is insufficient justification for occupying a slot.

Skill 1, Skill 2, followed by a Burst.

Skill 1 has an attack debuff on enemy raptures during the full burst, with uncontrollable targeting on the burst skill that also deals average damage.


The taunt ability has a cooldown of 40 seconds and can only be used during the burst phase. Self-defensive buffs do not have a significant impact without a reliable taunt.


Soldier FA:

She can heal herself completely with a burst, but without a taunt, she is not very useful. She does not serve any helpful roles and is only helpful if you do not have enough units for Elysion Tower.


iDoll Flower:


As an R taunter, she has low survivability. However, she can effectively debuff free attacks if necessary.

Soldier EG:

There is no need to use them since Privaty and Rapi are free, but they can be used until Privaty is unlocked.


Product 08:


The item is no longer useful after it has been nerfed unless you do not have Neon for the Elysion Tower.

Product 12:

The Missilis B3 is a suitable option until there are better alternatives available.


Soldier OW


There is limited utility for N102 as it is significantly superior.

Nikke Tier List may change with each game update and player discoveries. Accordingly, you need to know the current game meta and community discussions to have a chance of becoming the greatest player. How players call upon the characters and the interaction between the team and the player’s skill level can influence the effectiveness of the characters. Thus, you will have to test and see how much balance is adequate for you in terms of fashioning your playstyle and strategy.

Nikke Tier List

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