For Honor Tier List 2024: Best to Worst Heroes


Get to know the heroes in depth with our For Honor Tier List (Image courtesy of Ubisoft)

We strive to help you make the best possible choices about characters in For Honor Tier List 2024. The list below provides a rundown of the best characters you can select. The ratios of the players from most powerful to weakest are aggregated and hence determine their position in the game.

For Honor Tier List is, among other things, an action game taking place in the medieval era, a product of Ubisoft. The goal is to go against the contestants who are known as famous fighters like knights, samurais, or Vikings who will use a variety of weapons like swords, spears, and axes. The hallmark of the Souls-like series is each character’s individuality, which creates the ability to have a diverse selection of weapons and special moves.


In For Honor Tier List, there is such a great amount of heroes, who differ from one another in their characteristics, that it gradually becomes hard to find the perfect hero for you to play and so this will make you linked to the game itself not just the hero you play. The game has an unfair tier list that has been bothering many players for years, and we come up with a solution to this issue.

Ranking of All Heroes in the For Honor Tier List


Get to know the characters more intimately through our comprehensive For Honor Tier List (Image courtesy of Steam and Ubisoft).

In For Honor, the heroes are categorized into five distinct factions:

  • Norse Raiders
  • Honorable Warriors
  • Chivalrous Fighters
  • Martial Artists from the East
  • Foreign Invaders

These categories consist of five tiers that show gender imbalance, general ableness, and nervousness in a game simulation atmosphere.

S-Tier: It reaches an extraordinary damage output and through the best defense, the S-tier heroes are currently dominating. They are resilient and always able to cope with any kind of situation.

A-Tier: One of the lowest in the rank is Right on the heels of S-Tier, A-Tier characters are strong and reliable. They are not that bad though, with decent stats and can cope up a good fight against top teams.

B-Tier: These heroes are somehow average in their performances. They usually won’t have a major impact on the game since the first and second lines but they have a huge opportunity to produce when called upon. B-Tier may be a valid option as well.

C-Tier: These figures don`t stand out among the crowd nor outshine the others. If, for instance, the playstyle of C-Tier heroes fits your fancy, then you can consider choosing them. By offering options for different skill levels, the game also aims to engage a wider audience. However, I would prefer you go for one of the ones highlighted above.

D-Tier: In easy battles, you should perhaps avoid D tier and not be too aggressive, but in more difficult battles sometimes you use D tier to bring the battle in your favor. As the weakest Heroes in For Honor, they require much more time and energy invested in their skills and abilities.

Here, we will be highlighting each tier of the game, as well as the corresponding stats of the tier.

S Tier


S-Tier- These are the prevailing characters in the current meta (Image via Steam/Ubisoft)

  • Conqueror belongs to the Knights faction and is classified as a Heavy class.
  • Nobushi is a Hybrid class from the Samurai faction.
  • Jiang Jun is a Heavy class from the Wu Lin faction.
  • Kyoshin is a Hybrid class from the Knights faction.
  • Warmonger is a Vanguard class from the Knights faction.
  • Shinobi is an Assassin class from the Samurai faction.

Tier A


A-Tier- These formidable characters are known for their excellent performance in combat (Image via Steam/Ubisoft)

  • Kensei – A type of warrior that belongs to the Samurai group and serves as a Vanguard.
  • Hitokiri – A heavily built Samurai warrior.
  • Shugoki – A bulky Samurai warrior.
  • Black Prior – A Heavy Knight.
  • Nuxia – An Assassin from the Wu Lin faction.
  • Shaolin – A Hybrid fighter from the Wu Lin group.
  • Berserker – A swift Assassin from the Viking clan.
  • Medjay – A Hybrid warrior from The Outlanders.
  • Warlord – A burly Viking fighter.
  • Raider – A Vanguard from the Viking clan.
  • Gryphon – A Hybrid fighter from the Knight faction.

Tier B


The B-Tier ranks below the higher tiers in terms of power, but they are still capable of performing well in certain situations (Image via Steam/Ubisoft).

  • Pirate – The Outlanders/Hybrid
  • Jormungandr – A Viking of the Heavy class
  • Afeera – A Hybrid belonging to the Knights faction
  • Shaman – A Viking Assassin
  • Zhanhu – An Assassin from the Wu Lin faction


Tier C

For Honor C Tier List 2024
  • Centurion – A hybrid character from the Knights faction
  • Valkyrie – A hybrid character from the Viking faction
  • Orochi – An assassin character from the Samurai faction
  • Lawbringer – A hybrid character from the Knights faction

Low Ranking

At present, D-Tier heroes are ranked as the weakest characters out of all the competition. It would be best not to utilize them, which could help increase your chances of overcoming your opponents in the battle. This icon is sourced by Steam/Ubisoft and is made available to the public.

The peacekeeper is a fusion of Knights and assassins classes. The Aramusha has its roots in the Samurai sub-group and represents the Hybrid class type. Tigercub is a Wu Lin Vanguard from a Vanguard class.

The For Honor Tier List is now over with the finish line. Every time we have a new hero rolling out, however, we promise to keep all the changes up to date in this list. Therefore, regular visits to this section would be highly recommended to keep abreast of all new developments and updates.


What are tiers in for honor?

Top TierKensei, Berserker, Black Prior, Shinobi, Warlord, Nuxia, Raider, Gryphon
Mid TierShaman, Zhanhu, Highlander, Jormungandr, Afeera
Low TierLawbringer, Valkyrie, Centurion, Nobushi, Orochi, Peacekeeper, Aramusha, Tiandi, Warden, Gladiator
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Who is the best character in for Honour?


  • Kensei– Samurai/Vanguard.
  • Hitokiri– Samurai/Heavy.
  • Shugoki– Samurai/Heavy.
  • Black Prior– Knights/Heavy.
  • Nuxia– Wu Lin/Assassin.
  • Shaolin– Wu Lin/Hybrid.
  • Berserker– Viking/Assassin.
  • Medjay– The Outlanders/Hybrid.

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What’s the best class for Honour?

AKensei, Hitokiri, Shugoki, Black Prior, Nuxia, Shaolin, Berserker, Raider, Gryphon
BPirate, Jormungandr, Afeera, Shaman, Zhanhu, Highlander, Nobushi
CCenturion, Valkyrie, Orochi, Lawbringer
DPeacekeeper, Aramusha, Tiandi, Warden, Gladiator
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What is S in the tier list?

‘S’ level commonly means “Special“, “Super“, or the Japanese character for “Excellent” ( Excelling) (秀, shū) and originated with the use of ‘S’ level characters in the Japanese culture for advertising and academic grading.

Is For Honor a good game?

No matter how deep the affection of the gamer is towards melee battles, For Honor is a game everyone should get. For Honour executes a ridiculous idea, delivers a martial arts base, and thrusts ample play inducements at the player.

Can you play For Honor on PC?

FOR HONOR is the manufacturing of a 3rd-person fighting genre product which is located at medieval fantasy for PC, Playstation, and Xbox. This highly popular game will celebrate its fifth anniversary in 2022.

What is For Honor gameplay?

Gameplay. The For Honor is a game from the action category, which combines elements of the medieval and fantasy milieus. The players can choose a character directly from any of the five factions the Iron Legion (Knight), Warborn (Vikings), Dawn Empire (Samurai), and the Wu Lin (Ancient Chinese).

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