Last Epoch Class tier list June 2024: Top Class Choices

Last Epoch Class tier list

Enhance your knowledge of the classes with the most up-to-date version of the Last Epoch Class Tier List.

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Last Epoch will catch your attention with a fast-paced action RPG that provides a great storyline. Suggesting to enroll in the right course can be key. With or finding a helping hand, we give you our on the Last Epoch Class Tier List.

Explanation of All Tiers in the Last Epoch Class Tier List

Explanation of All Tiers in the Last Epoch Class Tier List

The game features many classes, which might be the sole reason for you to hesitate and account for some minutes of the gameplay. The classes are created by grouping the character’s performance. To facilitate the decision-making process, classes are categorized into four tiers.

  • S-Tier: The top tier classes in this game which are regarded as the strongest and most powerful are the most part the most prized and demanded. Discovering such items will give players an upper hand, and they can whip the rival team in fierce fights.
  • A-Tier: Those video lectures are still very useful, but more S-Tier classes are cooler. They respond reactively, the current robot mode is less combat-efficient.
  • B-Tier: These are not without competitive cities may compete with those enterprises that belong to a higher league but they remain an alternative and opportunity for regular customers.
  • C-Tier: These classes may not be very capable, but they can be a viable option if there are no other alternatives available.


  • Mage
  • Necromancer
  • Lich
  • Druid
  • Runemaster

Every Last epoch base class comes with three different Mastery Classes. Before taking a look at the in-depth Mastery tier list below, however, you might want to know which base class has the best masteries to choose from. As the Mage has one S-tier Mastery Class followed by two A-tier classes, it’s considered the best option, but the Acolyte and Rogue aren’t far behind. 


  • Sorcerer
  • Acolyte
  • Bladedancer
  • Marksman
  • Paladin
  • Rogue


  • Foreguard 
  •  Beastmaster 
  •  Void Knight



  • Spellblade
  • Shaman

are two distinct classes.

Last Epoch Runemaster builds

Launching elemental attacks as the last epoch runemaster creates a stack of runes, the type of which is determined by the element. Depending on the type of rune you get, your runemaster may have better mana regeneration or deal greater damage against bosses.


Last Epoch Warlock

Last Epoch Warlock is harder to play than most Last Epoch class tier lists but has incredible damage potential thanks to the many curses and damage timing effects. The secret is to get passive effects like instant mana regeneration, double hits, or superior weapons. That rise in strength is in proportion to the number of curses on your target.


Last Epoch Acolyte

Acolyte’s Lich Mastery gains his health to deal better damage. Although the Reaper Form ability allows the lich to regain full health instead of dying, the constant loss of health, regaining it to avoid defeat, and then losing it again to upgrade his damage Chakra is very complex which is more than our B Tier. Last round list.

Last Epoch Bladedancer

BladeDancer is an agile assassin-type class that deals incredibly high damage. Damage comes primarily from continuous sword attacks, such as Umbrella Blades and Shadow Cascade, and can be replaced with passives to increase the number of swords and improve their effectiveness (especially the Shadow Daggers effect.

Last Epoch Falconer

The Last Epoch Falconer tops this Last Epoch tier list thanks to its high versatility and high damage potential. You can build the Falconer in some different ways, from a Falcon-centric playstyle with dive bomb attacks to a more calculated playstyle with smoke bomb avoidance and ballista placement.

Last Epoch Marksman

Marksman’s ranged arrow attacks are easy to miss, but his explosive arrow attack is very strong. When you combine this with Explosive Traps, you can activate an Exploding Arrow that deals massive damage each time an Explosive Trap explodes by unlocking the Arrow Traps skill improvement.

Last Epoch Druid

The Druid class allows for a ton of different builds depending on what look you prefer. Assembling Storm with its passive elements that boost Storm Bolts, the backbone of the Druid class, is best paired with Swarm Blade form to deal devastating melee and lightning damage.

Last Epoch Shaman

Shaman relies on Totem and Spriggan minions to deal damage. While he doesn’t have the same damage potential as some of the best classes on this Last Covenant list, Shaman is relatively easy to build and play. He only uses Healing Totems to keep you alive and unlocks Eterra totem memories to easily upgrade for mana recovery.

Last Epoch Beastmaster

While generally considered “fun to play”, Beastmaster and his animal companions aren’t the most impressive damage dealers. Unlike Necromancer, Beastmaster is a melee-focused class that usually only buffs one or two minions and then uses an attack like Upheaval to boost that melee damage and Warcry to make everyone happy. Activates for While this makes it fairly easy (you can use passives like Bringer of Winter to increase the effects of warcraft), it’s not as powerful as other late-era classes.

Last Epoch Paladin

Along with Necromancer, Paladin is a very easy endgame class to master as a new player. Upgrading the Strength and Stun passives with the Paladin’s Healing Hands ability will give you a higher chance of survival in both solo and co-op play. However, since Paladin is not comparable to other Last Epoch classes in terms of damage output, we will give it a B rank.

Last Epoch Void Knight

Void Knight is not as durable as Paladin but has much better mobility and crowd-control abilities. You can easily use Shield Rush to rush into battle, use Anomaly to cast debuffs on nearby enemies (choose the Mark of Root passive ability), and then Warpath Can be used to kill anyone close to them. As icing on the cake, there’s Volatile Reversal to reset your position, save your life, and refill your HP and Mana when needed.

Last Epoch Forge Guard

Forge Guard is a good class if you’re looking to build more tanks, but it’s pretty slow and doesn’t have a good area of effect attacks. Especially for new players looking to level up quickly, the Forge Guard’s focus on a single objective is too frustrating to give this class a high spot on our final Covenant list.

The Last Epoch class tier list has reached its end. We believe that the classification provided will help you in choosing the most suitable class for specific and complete gameplay. With that, embark on your adventure, choose your class carefully, and unleash your skills in the emerging world of the Last Age.

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The Last Epoch class tier list

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