Punishing Gray Raven Tier List June 2024: Characters Ranked Best to Worst

Punishing Gray Raven Tier List

Do you want to learn more about the top dojos on the Punishing Gray Raven Tier list? You don’t have to stress. Because we are there to help you. We develop a Tier List that specifically analyzes the entire cast of characters from the strongest to the weakest. In the end, we provide you with the most suitable for top boarding so that you can control the leaderboard.

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The game Punishing Gray Raven Tier List includes a total of 38 characters, divided into four categories: The Tank, DPS, Healing, and Support roles are often referred to as these meaning: those that take a lot of damage, others that deal damage, and the two others who sustain and support. The character itself has all its different abilities and skills. 

Explanation of All Tiers in Punishing Gray Raven Tier List

Explanation of All Tiers in Punishing Gray Raven Tier List

Taking into account the characters’ battle capabilities and their values, the skill sets have been calibrated into specific levels on the Punishing Gray Raven Tier List.

S-Tier: Although everyone chooses these constructs because of their high damage outputs and special skills, the S-Tier constructs are the top choices. It is a must to have them by your side which is a must.

A-Tiers: Surpassed by A-Tiers bring the highest reliability after them. They have tough and useful skills and play an important role in fighting to win the war.

B-Tiers: Although they are not the best, B-tier shelters will probably provide their inhabitants with a better experience than not having any option at all. They perform their functions well with a certain category of cases.

C-Tiers: It is rather a matter of common sense that you will surely not remember me if you are among the best. On the one hand, it is desirable to choose from the earlier tiers as often as possible.

S Tier:

S Tier
  • Bianca-Veritas
  • Changyu-Qilin
  • Liv-Luminance
  • Qu-Pavo
  • Lucia-Crimson Abyss
  • Lee-Entropy
  • Karenina-Ember
  • Liv-Empyrea
  • Roland-Flambeau
  • Lucia-Plume
  • Rosetta-Rigor
  • Vera-Rozen
  • 9S

A Tier:

A Tier
  • Bianca-Zero
  • A2
  • No.21-XXI
  • Karenina-Blast
  • Wanshi-Hypnos
  • Nanami Storm
  • 2B
  • Kamui-Bastion
  • Luna-Laurel
  • Ayla-Brilliance

B Tier:

B Tier
  • Glory-Chrome
  • Tempest-Selena
  • Palefire-Lee
  • Tenebrion-Kamui
  • Astral-Watanabe
  • Lux-Liv
  • Silverfang-Sophia
  • Pulse-Nanami
  • Garnet-Vera
  • Arclight-Chrome

C Tier:

C Tier
  • Lucia-Lotus
  • Watanabe-Nightblade
  • Liv-Eclipse
  • Lucia-Dawn

Top Performers in Punishing Gray Raven Tier List with exceptional abilities:


Liv-Luminance and 9S are the most skilled Healers in Punishing Gray Raven.

When it comes to dealing damage, Lee-Entropy and Lucia-Crimson Abyss shine.

Changyu-Qilin is indisputably the best Tank in the game.

Capabilities of Liv-Luminance: Healing Abilities

  • Offensive Power: 383
  • Health: 1915
  • Defensive Strength: 287
  • Critical Strike Chance: 191

9S’s Capabilities: Healing Abilities

  • Offense: 364
  • Health Points: 1973
  • Resistance: 287
  • Critical Hit: 176

Lee-Entropy’s Capabilities as a Damage Dealer

  • Offense: 422
  • Health Points: 1915
  • Protection: 244
  • Critical Hit: 201

Lucia-Crimson Abyss’s Capabilities as a Damage Dealer

  • Strike: 421
  • Health: 1820
  • Protection: 273
  • Critical: 201

Capabilities of Changyu-Qilin: Tank

  • Damage: 288
  • Health: 1545
  • Protection: 227
  • Critical Hit: 141

Video Tutorial on Punishing Gray Raven Tier List

Punishing Gray Raven Tier List

Based on the balance of the game (also called the Meta), the “Punishing Gray Raven tier list” includes all heroes available in the game. These are the characters who can increase their chances of success in each match and will provide a good visual aid to all the players of this game. Make it a point to save this page, as the list will be periodically updated if any modifications are made to the chart.

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