Last Epoch Necromancer build guide

In the Last Epoch Necromancer build Guide find the optimal will be the most effective one.

Necromancer uses a strategy of minions to accomplish his efficiency. It empowers the players to stay away from the group battles and play successfully from a distance and the strategy also helps in elemental conversion. Hey, you might wonder, until the next bitter end? But it is not so simple to decide the right minion combinations and give them the maximum of buff cards. Of course, ensure the availability of the mana. Undoubtedly, we will give you a powerful tool for your Last Epoch Necromancer build to set up and command its army.


I have covered a Last Epoch Class tier list in addition to this so you can see the other options you might want to consider as well as Last Epoch’s best leveling builds that will open up more stuff for you faster.

The last Epoch Necromancer build guide explained


After Warlock and Lich, the Last Epoch necromancer is a mastery class for an acolyte, which is similar to the Acolyte. Unlike most Necromancer builds that abuse minions, you become spoilt with a variety of choices. If you stay the course of the Golem build then it is advisable to unlock perks only for that specific Golem. For example, if you’d like to have abilities associated with the Summoned Elemental Golem, then you should pick the Searing Darkness perk. Skeletons / Wraiths cost more than them, but mana cost is probably what you need to think about in Clash.

Because you can paint them to look like a cartoon character, zombies are the best pets. This Necromancer build prioritizes Wraith minions; therefore, it has a high damage output. It’s usually the case that these spells along with healing are mana-greedy. However, we have this secret Drain Life hack that’s gonna let us recover our mana eventually.

Summon Wraith

Getting Reapers and Bringing hang Necrotic Hunger, Covenant Wraith Brings together souls for more Wraiths, less mana cost, and more damage. Help the wraiths improve their health by opening the shadow world. Dawn of the Fall and Dusk of the Dead are very well fit to account for an increase in Wraiths’ critical strike in the particular built mode of the game.

Dread Shade

Upgrade the Congregation of Shades to trigger another Shade, enhancing Martyrdom’s armor for the minions, Blind Fury, Sinful Bourne, Lingering Doom, and Grim Fate for better damage. As the cost for those two abilities is rather high, utilize Wisdom of the Dead and Spectral Presence, if you need more mana regeneration, or a larger field of effect, respectively.

Drain Life

updating the Hecatomb, Thoughtsteal, Necrotic Feast, and Grasp of the Damned is recommended for you every round.



With a full stack of Anemia that would eliminate HP costs, and upgrade Apostasy, Bone Armour, and Haemokinesis for a succinct defensive buff. The item of Siphon also is worthy of being fully upgraded as it would lead to the emergence of a healing ability.

Summon Volatile Zombie: double Force of the Commander, Ravage, and Sepulchre of the Grave with unpaid mana as well as shredding damage. Use Necromantic Fervor on the explosion to regain Lives. Awakening Presence, also, is useful because it can spawn a Volatile Zombie when a minion dies. Get more yield from a trail of destruction, as well as Fervor radius by upgrading these abilities.

The central idea of this build is to make a strong minion type and develop a legit strategy around them; the Wraiths. Following this, let’s summon Wraiths, and to further boost them, choose Dread Shade and finally, finish them off with Drain Life which will also recover our mana. No matter whether you choose to go all-in with Wraiths on the board or not, the Volatile Zombie ones are the game-changer since there is a 30% so you can spawn a Volatile Zombie whenever a minion dies. The transplant class is used to decrease incoming damages and get some momentum enhancements.


Acolyte passives

Invest doubled into Dark Rituals and Stolen Vitality cards to make your summoned monsters deal extra bursts of damage and regenerate their HP. The Forbidden Knowledge option is used to develop your total resistance. Any points remaining can be put into the Blood Aura boost.

Necromancer passives

Let the Dark Army of Risen Army, Cursed Blood, Aegisfall, Frantic Summons, River of Bones, Heresy, Rite of Undeath, and Blades of the Forlon be fully upgraded for a minion damage gain. Apart from other buffs, prioritize upgrading Cling to Life and Empty the Graves to make your minions constantly come back to life.

Lich passives

You might want to consider an Apocrypha upgrade if you need mana recycling.

However, even our luckiest day cannot defeat the dozens of damage enhancers for summoned creatures that the Acolyte and Necromancer skill trees present. These buffs are excellent for our Last Epoch Necromancer Build:

increased damage, attack speed, and increased health and resistance. One of the issues is that the player has to pay a lot for Wraiths summoning which may make their mana cancellation hard. Then, use the Lich’s passive to do it for you.

Keeping in mind the fact that we’re dealing with an espionage setup here, your necromancer build should have all stat uplifts related to minion damage, higher minion health, and higher minion critical strike chance. Try to get some decent mana regeneration sources to give yourself room to cast the Wraiths more repeatedly

Using Wraiths, as they are the ones who have immortal and cruel nature, like the Ashen Adorned Immortal Idol of Cruelty, which generates Fire Wraiths seems to be more logical. It should be called the cheese. Afterward, leave the Flame Wraith passive and consider prioritizing your fire damage skill point distribution.

That’s all the information we have about Last Epoch Necromancer build guide for now. Keep in touch with the Game Tier List because we update our posts on regular basis.

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