Season of Discovery Tier List 2024: Top Classes and Specialization

Season of Discovery Tier List 2024

The Season of Discovery Tier List in WoW Classic is introducing new Runes that enhance the power of all classes, potentially impacting the established DPS meta. Season of Discovery Tier List will consider factors such as:

  • Pure DPS strength
  • Utility
  • Survivability
  • Mobility
  • Self-sustain

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Season of Discovery Tier List classes and specializations for the Season of Discovery

Season of Discovery Tier List classes and specializations for the Season of Discovery

The following provides a summary of the rankings on this Season of Discovery Tier List, offering an overview of how specializations compare to each other. For a more in-depth understanding of the rankings and the reasons behind them, we suggest reading the full rankings.

  • S-Tier
    • Enhancement Shaman
    • Hunter
    • Warrior
  • A-Tier
    • Mage
    • Rogue
    • Elemental Shaman
    • Melee Hunter
    • Warlock
  • B-Tier
    • Retribution Paladin
    • Feral Druid
  • C-Tier
    • Balance Druid
    • Retribution Paladin

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Season of Discovery Tier List of DPS class and specialization rankings

Details On Season of Discovery Tier List of DPS class and specialization rankings

S-Tier Classes and Specializations

Enhancement Shaman

Enhancement Shamans have scaled very well in Season of Discovery, outperforming other DPS classes. They have powerful new runes and can scale both Attack Power and Spell Power for damage. In phase 3, they are expected to remain popular due to their buffs to party members and high damage output for both single target and AoE. With the upcoming raid gear, they are anticipated to scale even further.


Hunters are known for their early-game strength due to their high base damage and minimal gear requirements. With their focus on ranged DPS and less reliance on mana, they are a solid choice in the pre-60 phases where resource generation is a concern for other classes. Additionally, the scaling of pet damage in the Season of Discovery has made them even more powerful, with pets now contributing a significant portion of Hunter’s overall damage. Marksmanship, in particular, is expected to excel in phase 3 due to the valuable buffs provided by Trueshot Aura.


Warriors are proving to be more powerful than expected thanks to lower-level raid gear. They excel in both tanking and DPS roles, topping meters with high-damage weapons, raid buffs, and powerful runes. Warriors are performing well in cleave and single-target situations. With upcoming raid gear and new runes, Warriors are expected to remain strong in melee combat, particularly in short encounters.


A-Tier Classes and Specializations


Mages excel in scaling with spell power and have high base damage on their spells, especially for AoE. They are considered the best class for large-scale AoE, although they may lack single-target output compared to Warlocks. In WoW Classic, Mages remain strong in raids and other content. Their mana is limited before level 60 and their single-target damage is not as high as other classes in S and A tiers. However, their AoE capabilities are unrivaled, making Mages a top choice for players.

Elemental Shaman

Elemental Shamans have new rotational abilities in Season of Discovery which give them strong buffs. Their burst damage with cooldowns and Chain Lightning is powerful on single targets and AoE. They provide consistent damage and raid buffs with totems, making them valuable in raids. They can be included in caster groups for their buffs alone, but their damage scaling from AP and spell power conversion has made the Shamans exceptionally strong overall.


Rogues are considered strong melee characters in the game, ranking just below the Warriors. They scale well with raid gear early on, especially with the addition of new poisons and rotational abilities. This has made them excel at single-target boss damage, making them a top choice for this role. However, Rogues do not have the same overall benefits as S-class characters, which lowers their raid value and places them in the A-tier category.

Melee Hunter

In Season of Discovery, Hunters can now play as melee thanks to unique runes. This has been weak so far but with new rune slots, it is now incredibly powerful. Hunters are currently the best melee DPS in the game and may see eventual rebalancing. Season 3 also introduces powerful melee-only runes, but their effectiveness may be adjusted compared to Season 2.


Casters in Season of Discovery have faced challenges due to lower scaling potential compared to melee. Warlocks, however, have benefited from new spells and gearing options, allowing them to scale well. Their combination of spell power, buff scaling, and rune options offer high burst and single-target damage. New rotational spells, runes, and raid utility at level 50 make Warlocks a strong choice in raiding. Despite this, they still fall short in damage compared to other classes, and their utility is limited beyond the first Warlock.


B-Tier Classes and Specializations

Retribution Paladin

Retribution Paladins showed promise with new runes for a rotation but started at a lower point than other classes. Rogues, Warriors, and Hunters have scaled better at this level. Despite their rotational ability, Retribution Paladins’ rotations are not as fleshed out as other melee classes. While not weak, they are not as strong in comparison.

Feral Druid

In Season of Discovery, Feral Druids have strengths that make them valuable in raids, such as bringing the wind fury to tem buff to Alliance groups. However, they do not scale as well as other classes like Rogues, Warriors, and Hunters. While their single-target abilities are strong, they lack the same AoE and cleave potential, which can make raiding difficult for Druids.

Feral Druid

C-Tier Classes and Specializations

Balance Druid

In raids, Balance Druids rely on Starfire for damage, a Mana-intensive spell. In the Season of Discovery, they have access to the new Wrath rune, allowing them to cast it for free. However, their damage output is still lower compared to other casters, and they lack in terms of AoE abilities, placing them in the C-tier.

Shadow Priest

Despite having access to all the necessary spells to be considered full casters with a rotation, Shadow Priests lack the scaling and sheer damage output required to be competitive with Warlocks and other casters in higher tiers. While they offer solid utility, and multiple rune options, and can be enjoyable to play in both PvP and PvE scenarios, their overall damage output is lacking even at level 50.

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Season of Discovery Tier List classes and specializations for the Season of Discovery

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