Takt Op Symphony Tier List (June 2024) ranks the best Musicarts

Takt Op Symphony Tier List

Our Takt Op Symphony Tier List ranks musicarts based on determined by their strengths and weaknesses. It is a battle of heart and mind where the players have to use 100% correct thinking to win. Explore a vast adventure world with the right tunes at the controls; they are your key to being able to build a strong bond with them. When discovering the top musicarts, make sure not to miss the Takt Op Symphony Tier List.

This article explains all tiers in the Takt Op Symphony Tier List.

The game ensures that different characters with different personalities of music arts or MAs, and five musically scored, are categorized into tiers.

  • S-Tier: Musicarts are ranked as the best, focusing on team fighting and flexibility in combat situations, that is why they are ranked first in the game.
  • A-Tier: The musicarts drummers take the front position with the main contribution to the team, but they may not be as strong as the S-Tier musicarts.
  • B tier: In the game is musicart which is average playing.
  • C-tier: Musicarts is on the lower end and can be deployed as a last resort in the early game.
  • D-Tier: The musicarts is the least solid and is possibly the worst to choose.


  • Autumn
  • Destiny (Anna)
  • Elise
  • The Swan Lake
  • Pavane
  • Nachtmusik


  • Bolero
  • La Mer
  • Pomp and Circumstance
  • Walkure
  • Titan
  • Winter


  • Destiny (Cosette)
  • Canon
  • Fantaisie Impromptu
  • Tannhauser
  • Air on the G-String
  • Don Giovanni


  • The Nutcracker
  • Arlesienne
  • Carmen
  • Spring
  • Scheherazade


  • Erlking
  • Queen of Sheba (Belkis)
  • Fledermaus
  • Jupiter

Details Of Some Top Characters From Takt Op Symphony Tier List



The item is ranked as Tier 1 on the tier list.

Star Grade: 3-Star


This skill inflicts physical attack damage, reduces the target’s critical hit chance, and deals area-of-effect damage.


Factions: Struggle, Fantasy

Class: Warden

Skills include a Protection Buff, Debuff which reduces PHY DEF, and Single-Target DMG.


Class: Restorer

Skills include healing, magic damage, and debuff abilities.

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The tier list ranks takt op Symphony in Tier 2.

Factions: Struggle, Romance

Class: Mage/Magus

This skill deals magic damage to enemies.

Fantaisie Impromptu

The rank on the tier list falls between Tier 2 and Tier 3.

Factions: Fantasy, Mystery

Class: Blader

The skill inflicts physical attack damage and has a stunning effect, immobilizing the target.

Swan Lake

The item is ranked in Tier 2 on the tier list.

Factions: Fantasy, Romance

Class: Gunner

Ability: Inflicts physical damage on a single target and removes debuffs from the user.

Destiny Cosette


Abilities include inflicting single-target physical damage and area-of-effect damage by attacking a stack of bruises that each inflicts physical damage.


Star Grade: 2-Star

Warden Class

This skill deals damage to a single target and restores HP after each hit.

This passive skill boosts a unit’s physical defense and decreases damage taken when Protection is activated.


Factions: Lament, Mystery

Class: Magus/Mage


Factions: Mystery, Fantasy

Skill: Protection Buff. This skill boosts the speed of characters in the Mystery and Fantasy factions while lowering the physical defense of enemies.


Star Grade: 1-Star

Factions: Struggle, Mystery

Skills include single-target damage and healing, as well as a buff that increases damage dealt and physical defense.


Factions: Struggle, Lament

Skills include dealing single-target magic damage, area-of-effect magic damage, and dispelling buffs on the target.


Factions: Mystery, Eternity

Class: Stalker

Ability: Inflicts physical damage on a single target and boosts speed.

Pomp & Circumstance

Factions: Struggle, Eternity

Skills include the ability to inflict magic damage on a single target, heal an ally, and provide area-of-effect healing.



The tier list ranks this item in Tier B.

Factions: Romance, Fantasy

Skill: Inflicts physical damage and reduces damage taken by units and characters from the Romance/Fantasy section.


takt op Symphony is ranked in Tier 3 on the tier list.

Gunner Class

The skill inflicts physical attack damage on one enemy and includes a buff that increases damage.

Daphnis & Chloe

Factions: Romance, Jollity

Skill description: Ability to heal a single ally or multiple allies in a designated area.


Skills include inflicting physical attack damage, reducing healing received by the target, and decreasing the speed of the enemy.



The item is ranked in Tier C on the tier list.

Active Skills involve dealing single-target damage by firing energy projectiles into the sky to recover stamina.


Blader Class

Active Skills include dealing single-target damage and cleansing debuffs for an ally.

Free shooter

This skill can inflict physical damage and reduce the target’s physical attack. It also increases the unit’s speed. Additionally, it releases magic bullets to inflict more physical damage.


Adagio gently taps the drum, dealing 115% of Physical Attack damage to an enemy, and attaches 1 stack of Imprint after the attack for 3 turns. Imprint takes 15% of Arlesienne’s Physical Attack damage every turn, stacking up to 45%. This skill inflicts Physical Damage.


Factions: Romance, Eternity

This character has skills in single-target magic damage, AoE magic damage, and cleansing debuffs. They can also create a shield effect.

The musical composition “Air On The G String” is a well-known piece.

Factions: Eternity, Mystery

Ability: Inflicts single target physical damage.

The Nutcracker

Factions: Fantasy, Jollity

Has single-target physical damage skills, boosts ATK for Fantasy and Jollity faction allies, and reduces damage taken for an ally.

Twinkle Star

Factions: Jollity, and Fantasy

Abilities include single-target magical damage and healing allies.


Factions: Jollity, Eternity

This skill focuses on dealing with single-target physical attack damage and reducing the target’s physical attack. It also boosts the physical and magical attack of Jolity and Eternity faction characters. Additionally, it provides a Warmup protection buff to protect allies.

Some More Characters in Takt Op Symphony Tier List:


Change Logs & Note

I would suggest that you read the Takt Op Symphony reroll guide and use Takt Op Symphony codes to redeem rewards.

February update, Cosette is and the rankings were adjusted to the current game status.

Update on February: Titan joined, and Belkis was promoted from A Tier to S Tier.

The skills modification details were logged in February. Winter has been included, and some characters still need to be ranked.

We are aware that there could be numerous play styles and strategies that can be applied to the game and that different players could have different performances by using different characters or items. That said, our tier list should be taken with a pinch of salt and used as a springboard for your discovery of the kind of content that the game has to offer.

Keep in mind, that the takt op Symphony tier list is not permanent and may change with time due to new characters, items, or mechanics that the developers may decide to add which could influence the game balance greatly. We will try as much as possible to update our tier list at the appropriate time to comply with these changes, but cannot promise for the opinions of the bigger community to conform with our own.

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Takt op symphony tier list


The takt op Symphony tier list that has been provided would be a useful resource for you and you will feel more confident while playing “Takt op Symphony”. Nonetheless, we would like to stress that the choice of which characters, items, or strategic style you will choose is up to you take a look at yours. Hope the understanding on our part might have been beneficial to you and we wish you luck in your gaming journey.

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