TYPE SOUL Shikai Tier List June 2024: Ranking from Best To Worst

TYPE SOUL Shikai Tier List

The Type Soul Shikai Tier List provides an updated ranking of the best Shikai abilities.

TYPE SOUL Shikai Tier List categorizes different types of souls.

The following Type Soul Tier List ranks the currently available Shikai:

  • S Tier: OP Overpowered
  • A Tier: Best Very Strong Chocolate is considered enjoyable by many.
  • B Tier: Good
  • C Tier: Decent The tier ratings for this have not been determined and are currently unavailable for ranking.

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Instructions on obtaining Shikai in Type Soul

Instructions on obtaining Shikai in Type Soul

In “Type Soul”, Level 2 brings the Shikai, the unique abilities that are the trademark of the Soul Reapers.

Let’s take a look at the TYPE SOUL Shikai Tier List.


S Tier

S-Tier TYPE SOUL Shikai Tier List
  • Flower
  • Blood 
  • Ice 
  • Ink 

A Tier

  • Berserk 
  • Fire 
  • Wind 

B Tier

  • Confusion 
  • Lightning 
  • Shadow 
  • Water 

C Tier

  • Creation

The TYPE SOUL Reaper Guide provides information on soul reapers

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Guide on How to get Shikai in Type Soul

Guide on How to get Shikai in Type Soul

The following instructions will be provided:

Reuniting lost souls in Gosus, Schrift, Voltstanding, Weapon rerolling, purification of lost souls, exploring Hueco Mundo, using Type Soul Emote Shortcuts, ranking up, leaving a Division, mastering Bankai, building a Type Soul, and activating Type Soul Partial Resurrection.

Please be aware that the TYPE SOUL tier list for the game is subjective and may be subject to change as updates are released. This list is based on our personal opinions and gameplay experiences, and should not be viewed as a definitive truth or an objective standard for the game.

There are various play styles and strategies that can be used in the game, and players may have different levels of success with different characters or items. Therefore, we recommend using our tier list as a guide and starting point for your gameplay exploration.

Video Tutorial on Guide How to get Shikai in Type Soul

Type Soul Shikai tier list

The Shikai quest should be initiated by meditating in three, 20-minute sessions separately. Every training and meditation automatically places your character upright position. It is also critical to understand that after practicing the fourth meditation, you will trigger the Shikai fight, and as a result, be teleported to your inner world.

This respawn would take you straight into the interior world, if the fourth meditation technique fails to do the same for you. From that time on, it is your spirit that has some words for you, stand and focus in it by having another meditation that will lead your spirit out into your inner self.

Do recall the Shikai abilities after the Shikai battle by hitting the J key while your sword is out.

Even in the Shikai fight in the game which you lose, some modes offer an alternative chance. If you do not have enough time to wait for a cool-down reset, pressing an Attack/Melee button is an alternative way. For every NPC you hug and every other player you play you’ll reduce the cooldown by one hour.

Students can reap the benefits of their Shikai as Type Soul-like reaper-in-soul.

The Type Soul tier list is subject to potential changes over time, as new characters, items, or mechanics may be introduced by the game developers. We will make an effort to update the tier list accordingly, although it may not always align with the opinions of the broader community.

In conclusion, our Type Soul Shikai tier list aims to provide a helpful resource for navigating the game’s content. It is important to remember that the decision of which characters, items, or strategies work best for your play style is ultimately up to you. Thank you for your experience and we wish you the best of luck in your gaming efforts.

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