Last Epoch Best Leveling Builds in 2024

The best starter builds to get started in Last Epoch

Last Epoch Best leveling builds are important if you want to complete the campaign quickly and easily. Fortunately, you can find the right leveling setup for each of the five base classes. Once you’ve chosen your Mastery, you can even continue leveling up with some minor adjustments. However, since Last Epoch has a large number of active and passive abilities to choose from, creating your first build can be a little overwhelming.

This initial game setup guide will help you find the best leveling setup for your class and explain which masteries you can choose from. Once you’re off to a good start, you can tweak these leveling settings to eventually find your perfect final setup.

If you’re trying to decide which class is best, then make sure you also read our Last Epoch class tier list guide.

Last Epoch Best Leveling Builds explained

Last Epoch Best Leveling Builds explained

You might be wondering why Last Epoch players often make a distinction between endgame builds and leveling builds. The reason is quite simple; Some early versions of the game are perfect for leveling up quickly but are not suitable for end-game content. Additionally, as you unlock more passive and active skills as you level up, some of the best skills simply aren’t available early in the game yet, so it’s best to focus on good starting skills.

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Last Epoch Best Leveling Builds

Last Epoch Best Leveling Builds

Void Knight Leveling Blood:

Void deals better melee damage. Swap out Rive for Abyssal Echoes and use Fluctuation as your “survival” ability. Put points into Temporal Corruption to convert Punishment damage to null damage.

Forgeguard Leveling Build:

This skill is very durable and amazing combined with a strong physical weapon. It’s best to focus on your melee attacks: stick with the Rive, Warpath, and Lunge skills and level up the Weapon Master passive for better melee damage.

Paladin Leveling Build:

To increase the healing power of the Valor passive, completely upgrade it after getting Healing Hands. Punishment rises to enhance almost every kind of harm.

The villain defeats his opponents from afar, using sharp swords and traps. A particular advantage of Rogue’s leveling build is her fast movement and attack speed, which will help you progress quickly through the campaign.

Spinning Umbrella Blade

The spinning Umbrella Blade is the rogue’s strongest attack, but until you unlock them, it’s best to rely on Flurry Attack. You can then use the shift dash ability to bleed the puncture and avoid damage. Add the Decoy skill to gather your enemies in one place and get rid of them quickly.

You can carry on with your rogue leveling build as any of the following

You can carry on with your rogue leveling build as any of the following

BladeDancer Leveling Blood:

Focuses on melee attacks and has better-dodging abilities. Keep the shift skill for this combined with strong melees. You can keep Umbrella Blade and Puncture, but start leveling Shadow Cascade and Synchronized Strike as your new melee attacks. Pursuit is the best passive to reach the level first.

Marksman Leveling Build:

Improves bow attacks. The best way to strengthen this build is to focus on bleeding damage: after putting a few points into Draining Arrow, buff Discomboll and Pronged Demise passive. Decoy and Umbral Blades can be swapped for more arrow attacks such as Detonating Arrow and Multishot.

Falkner Leveling Blood:

Earn traps and minions. If you use the Last Epoch Falconer class, upgrade the Handler and Agile Hunt passives. As Falcon deals more damage based on your skill, Steady Hand also improves. Use Falconry, Explosive Trap, and Net as your active skills (Umbral Blades, Decoy, and Shift may fade).

The best passive skill to start upgrading first is Arcanist, as the increased intelligence and toughness will still be relevant, regardless of which skill you choose to build your leveling.

When you’re ready, continue leveling up as a mage with one of the following skills:

Wizard Leveling Build:

Increases your mana to cast the most powerful spells, so it’s a good idea to stick with the Mana Strike skill. You may eventually choose to upgrade to Cold, Lightning, or Fire damage, but for now, keep both Fireball and Lightning Blast. Start buffing Arcane Momentum and Essence of Celery passives to improve casting speed and spell damage.

Spellblade Leveling Build:

Mix magic with melee. Add Shatter Strike and Enchanted Weapon abilities to your arsenal. The latter can greatly improve the former. Mana strike will still be useful and you might want to keep teleport for a while as a safety measure. This leveling build is an excellent fit for the elemental affinity passive.

Runemaster Leveling Build:

Deals better base damage. You can combine Mana Strike with some low-cost spells like Lightning Blast and Fireball. Switch Teleport for Flame Ward to protect yourself from damage.

Over time, you will need to continue leveling your Primalist as one of the following

Over time, you will need to continue leveling your Primalist as one of the following

Beastmaster Leveling Build:

This leveling build is all about beasts. You will get another minion and the minions will take more damage. Swap Gathering Storm for a secondary companion of your choice (Bear, Scorpion, Raptor) and upgrade the Gathering Survival passive to improve its power.

Shaman Leveling Blood:

Has a strong area of effect attacks and uses totems as minions. You can keep the minions and elemental attacks already used, but swap out Swipe and Warcry for Eterra’s Blessing and Tornado. Start by upgrading the Wisdom of the Wild passive to improve your totem spell damage, then add Silent Protector for better defense and mana regeneration.

Druid Leveling Build:

Allows you to take on animal form, which will become your main source of damage. Add the Spriggan Form and Werebear Form skills as soon as possible, and change Summon Wolf to Summon Storm Ravens (it also counts as a minion skill).

Acolyte Leveling Build:

As an early game leveling class, the Acolyte’s strength lies in its ability to summon minions. From the start, you can use Skeleton’s ability to spawn minions and overwhelm your opponents quickly. Minions also provide a useful barrier between you and your enemies, allowing for powerful ranged attacks.

Make sure to level up the Blood Aura passive first, as it improves damage output for both you and your minions. You can then put a few points into Forbidden Lore to boost your Intelligence stat, before upgrading to Dark Rituals to further increase minion damage.

Ready to upgrade your Acolyte leveling build with Mastery? Here are the options:

Necromancer Leveling Build:

Continues a minion-focused build with additional skeletons and improved minion damage. Risen Army is the perfect passive for a new Blood-leveling End Age Necromancer, but you may also need a few points in Blood Armor to survive. Add Bone Golem and Skeleton Mage to your arsenal, and focus on leveling Mage instead of your normal Skeleton. It is not necessary to have Bone Curses or Marrow Shards.

Lich Leveling Blood:

You will sacrifice your health for better damage. Upgrade Survival of the Crawl to increase the HP sacrifice damage bonus, but it’s best not to upgrade it too quickly as it will also weaken you. Upgrade Apocrypha instead of Dance with Death, as the latter makes leveling up more difficult (more reliance on low HP).

Warlock Leveling Build:

As a curse-focused class, you should retain the Bone Curse ability and swap out your minions for Spirit Plague Curse. You can follow up with spells as additional attacks. Keep ripping blood and upgrading Blood Cauldron and Crimson Fever passives for incredible blood damage.

This concludes our introduction to the ultimate Last Epoch Best Leveling Builds in 2024. Have fun finding your perfect playing style!

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