Warcraft Rumble Talent Tier List June 2024: the best talent ranks

If you are looking for the Latest Warcraft Rumble Talents, this article is for you. You will find complete details on the Warcraft Rumble Talent Tier List in this. For details on every character just click on the character’s name.

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warcraft-rumble-talent-tier-listQuilboarDefias Bandits
warcraft-rumble-talent-tier-listHuntresswarcraft-rumble-talent-tier-listWhelp Eggswarcraft-rumble-talent-tier-listHarpies
warcraft-rumble-talent-tier-listDarkspear TrollGargoyleS.A.F.E. Pilot
DrakeEarthSkeleton Party
BlizzardDeep BreathExecute
Old Murk-EyeHoggerEmperor
SneedAbominationBat Rider
NecromancerGhoulWarsong Raider
Meat WagonGoblin SapperBanshee
Core HoundsFire ElementalFirehammer
Smoke Bomb
General DrakkisathJainaSylvanas
Gnoll BruteProwlerMurloc
Dark Iron MinerHarvest GolemRaptors
Warsong GruntsSkeletonsFootmen
PolymorphCheat DeathChain Lightning
Holy Nova
BloodmageCharlgaOgre Mage
Angry ChickensPlague FarmerVultures
MountaineerMolten GiantSpiderlings
Arcane BlastLiving Bomb
Warcraft Rumble Talent Tier List

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The power is divided into four ranks on Warcraft Rumble Talent:

  • Gold Star represents a very high power level.
  • Silver The star indicates an important level of strength.
  • Bronze The Star symbolizes the best degree of strength.
  • A Star means a low power level.

If you want to know which hero is ranking on which Tier in Rumble Heroes then you should Learn Rumble Heroes Tier List

Talents in Warcraft Rumble Talent Tier List

The choice of Talents and their purchase order is an important decision you must make for all of your Minis, especially in the beginning.

When you upgrade your minis (excluding Legendary) A new Talent slot is made available. The table below illustrates the progression of this and the cost associated with each stage.

Upgrade TierStar CostArc Energy CostCore RequiredLevel IncreaseTalent Slot
Uncommon3500Rare (Blue)+1+1
Rare102,000Rare (Blue)+1+1
Epic258,000Epic (Purple)+1+1
Legendary2520,000Legendary (Gold)+1
Warcraft Rumble Talents Tier List

Once you have unlocked the Talent slot in the Mini, Talents are scheduled to become available to purchase via the G.R.I.D. Every Talent, including Leader Talents, is sold at an estimated cost of 250 gold.

One Talent can be activated on the Mini at the same time. So when different Talents are purchased, only one has to be activated. There are three levels to each upgrade with three levels for each Talent that is acquired.

Complete List of Warcraft Rumble Talents and Discussion

The collection below was developed and updated regularly by GameTierList, an extremely proficient Player-versus-Player player who is ranked in the top 10 and boasts 150 Sigils plus Onyxia. We have also included a Complete Warcraft Rumble Talent Tier List of all available Talents.

Explanation of Warcraft Rumble Talents


Meat Fresh MeatWhen you hook a target, you can inflict double damage on subsequent attacks.
Noisy PresenceNearby enemies should be poisoned each 3-second interval.
CannonballAt the time of deployment and with 50 percent health, stun your nearby enemies for 5 seconds.

“Noxious Presence” is a viable feature that can be used in a variety of situations. It can transform Abomination from a one-target tank to one equipped with good AoE capabilities and is therefore a secure option.

Although the Cannonball is a good defensive option be aware that opponents (in PVP) could intentionally trigger the second stun after they have discovered your preferred talent.

Fresh Meat isn’t as popular as the other options, because it can be difficult to attract an appropriate subject as well as the Noxious Presence is usually more effective in the majority of circumstances.


SnackrificeClose by Beast allies can eat a Chicken to rehabilitate them.
Moving CratePut them in a cage that is secure. When destroyed, Chickens emerge.
Furious FowlGain Insanity.

Your decision here will depend on your situation because there could be specific reasons to use each of these talents in PVE to deal with specific scenarios. We’ve observed the Snackrifice being utilized in Hogger decks due to its synergy with Hogger’s Ham HockTalent.


AmplificationThe sequential taps raise the Radius by one.
TorrentGain a level following casting Rank 4.
Arcane PowerSpell sequence begins in rank 3. It concludes at rank 4.

If you’ve never used Arcane Blast before some of the above might be confusing. Arcane blast is an AoE-based spell that costs 1g. Once cast, it can be cast over and over again, each time that will double the damage and raise the cost of gold one (up to four gold).


Will of the NecropolisCompletely Heal the possessed target.
Soul EruptionWhen killed, targets set off explosions causing damage in a radius area.
Unholy FrenzyBesieged enemy becomes bloodlust for 10 seconds.

Each of them is quite decent, but Will from the Necropolis is notable because it greatly increases the flexibility of Banshee.


Chill Of The GraveCall in Squishy Mages instead of robust Warriors.
Death PactPeriodically sacrifice a nearby SSacrifice Skeleton that comes near being Healed.
Skeletal FrenzyNo Skeletons nearby lose Bloodlust.

Baron Rivendare is one of the strongest leaders in the game, both in PVE as well as PVP due to his passive power that naturally expands the lanes. Chill of The Grave makes this passive more powerful and allows Rivendare the ability to summon strong Skeleton Mages rather than Skeletons.


Enchanted VialsIncrease the size Increase the size of the flaming pool by 50% instead.
Flaming PitchA Flaming pool lowers the enemy’s speed by 30%.
Fiery SurplusAs ”accidentally” leaves vials on the ground, Burn nearby foemen who pick them up.

Enchanted Vials are a fantastic choice to strike units close to the point of explosive, or to strike units that are being created within the structure (if fighting Towers as well as Barracks).


Cold SnapPlacing the enemy troop in the frozen stall.
Brittle IceWithin the enemy are will face 30% more physical damage.
IcecrownIt’s AMAZING! You get 1 more ice block at your own base.

Our favorite Talent here can be described as The Cold Snap which can stop your enemy’s units from moving and blocks them until your troops can take them out This is particularly useful to use to attack your opponent’s counter-strategy.


BanePlaSpells increases speed of attack by 30% in 5 seconds.
Drain LifeGain Lifesteal.
DominanceSpells at level 4 or higher add one and one eighth level of sound.

If you’re playing Bloodmage Thalnos it is typically playing Arcane Blast or Chain Lightning. These spells don’t benefit from dominance until the Arcane blast’s level 4 cast, which is why it is accurate to stay clear of Dominance unless you’re designing it to fit into a particular deck. However, it’s difficult to imagine a costly spell deck working using Thalnos.


ReincarnationAfter death, Resurrect from 50% Health in once.
PlainsrunningStep up 2x times or get the Fast trait
AftershockUpon having the debuff expired, enemies are silenced for 5 seconds.

What’s better than a Cairne? Two Cairnes. Reincarnation fulfills what is written on the tin. It also will bring the Elite Tauren Chieftain back to battle with only half health.


Brilliant FlashOn deploying apply the Shockwave for 1s on surrounding enemies.
Reverberationafter that, can be played again at any time.
Storm’s ReachGet a higher map jump distance than the previous.

Brilliant Flash has been receiving the most attention because the one-second stun can allow you to alter the targets that your adversaries are aiming at and also allow your players to inflict much damage safely.


Cavernous MistsCut a cost by 1.
Spirit PassageMinis start for 5 Gold and upgrate a level with the Stealth.
Nature’s GraspRoot two adjacent neighbors, but half the damage.

Cavernous Mists is pretty awesome. In reducing the cost of Charlga to one, it adds the possibility of a one-cost cycle in your deck via her passive. We’ve used it in our deck and have had great success using it both in PVE as well as PVP.


VampirismMinorities with Penalties are Healed on base deal damage.
ApocalypseKill The Skeletons on site and they will reanimate where your base is.
Seal FateThe injured minis gain Bloodlust, but will die when their effect ends

Vampirism is likely to be the best choice in the overall scheme since it allows your minions to live afresh which goes beyond protecting them from being killed.


LeviathanAttain 10% HP when placed.
Frost ShockLighting Ball causes the enemy to freeze if hit.
Corrosive BreathPoison Spit will contaminate you twice as much as the Poison itself.

Leviathan operates in a similar way as Hogger’s Ham Hock and maxes up to 3 stacks. Because the Chimaera doesn’t have a large health pool, it makes it vulnerable to being easily snatched by an S.A.F.E. pilot (with Gnomish Cloaking Device) which is why it appears like it could be a perfect choice.


Eternal BondResurrection range is unlimited.
Guard DogAssault 50% more next to protecting your castle and finishing stones.
Fiery RebirthSo Resurrection is followed up by injuring nearby enemies.

The choice you make here will depend on the way you intend to together your Core Hounds to build your deck. The Eternal Bond is usually chosen to allow you the ability to divide your Core Hounds into two distinct channels (by dropping them in the middle of a divider zone for deployment).


Dwarven AmbitionGain Fury.
Gold MineMining, place it well near your objectives. Gives damage to the adjacent enemies.
Dark Iron ArmamentsAfter Mining, gain Armored.

Talents for this Mini have changed since players have had a chance to experience the various talents. You’ve got a couple of options and you might be able to switch between these talents depending on the situation (in PVP and in PVE).


Big Bad VoodooFor 20% health/second.
HeadhuntingOn kill, fight speed increases by 10%.Stacks to 50%.
Serpent StingGain Poison.

The choice you make here could depend on if you’d like the Troll to play PVP or PVE. In PVP in particular, during the time that Rocket and Dragon Towers are in rotation, Big Bad Voodoo is the only option.


AttunementAllies who have this mark on them will Resist.
Melting PointSharing blows with Armed soldiers shatters their Armor.
Double DragonCast an extra wave with its direction facing the opposite end.

Changes: With the release of Patch 3.0, Double Dragon does not deal two damage for units in the center of the casting. While this is a significant alteration, Double Dragon remains an extremely effective choice due to its ability take away the base of your opponent while clearing the lane.


Pick LockOn opening chest earn +2 Gold.
Deadly PoisonGain Poison.
Last ResortOn killing, Daze enemy for 3 sec.

If you’ve ever played the Defias Bandits playing PVP you’ll realize how difficult it can be when they can get the +4 gold chests from the Pick Lock. It’s a fantastic opportunity for both PVE and PVP that allows players to receive an advantage that is significant at the lowest cost.


Mother DrakeSummon a Whelp Egg occasionally.
Engulfing FlamesDamaging enemies Burns them.
RoostNow and then get a mandolin heap.

Mother Drake will be your favorite choice for this game which transforms the Drake into the mine-laying machine. This could benefit to defend lanes as you push other players and stop any counter-push.


TalentTaunt on deployment.
Obsidian ShardIn death transmutate into two smaller types of the Earth Elemental.
Ready to RumbleTaunt on deploy.
Shrapnel BlastThe unmaking of the tower has negative effects on the closest ones.

Ready To Rumble could be infrequently redundant since you’ll most likely position it on the Earth Elemental such that it serves as a taunt or tank in the first place. Shrapnel Blast is a situational attack, but usually, if you have the opportunity of taking the tower, then you’ve already defeated the opposing units therefore it’s not a good idea.


HubrisWhen you use Thaurissan in the game, any non-Elemental Mini will have 2 levels up.
IncinerateLava Spike will have infinite Burn effect.
Moira’s WitLava Spike will have an infinite Burn effect.

As one would expect, Hubris is extremely powerful in PVP. Many players with this skill in PVP use Minis such as Huntress, Gargoyle, and Prowler to impressive impacts. The talent isn’t as effective in PVE however.


TalentBloodlust allies in spell area for 10 seconds.
BloodthirstyThe blood is riveted to the caster’s closest ally for 10 seconds.
OverpowerClear enemies to the brush position with the cast.
Killing SpreeWhen a horde mini loses, this one cost 1 less than the previous horde minis.

Bloodthirsty is a spell that can transform into a more potent effect, often even changing the direction of combat by dishing out massive damage as well as strengthening your entire army.


Immolation AuraPeriodically damage nearby enemies.
Molten CoreWhen you die, harness the unrelenting lava power to release damage from them.
Fan The FlamesEach time Elemental Mystic takes damage, 10% of the damage is doubled.Stacks to 30%

Immolation Aura can be very useful in aiding Fire Elemental to deal that bit more damage, particularly against teams or massive numbers of units. fan the flames gives you a boost in damage for taking elemental damage however, since the Fire Elemental is Resistant, you’re not likely to take elemental damage in the first place.


Moultin’ MetalDeals the additional 50% damage to Flying enemies.
Blazing SpeedFury gets 40% more.
Heightened RageLevel up before going into Fury state.

At four gold, Firehammer is an expensive drop. Increased Rage is a bit inferior to the other two alternatives since Firehammer will require leveling up at different times to acquire the same level of strength that other talent types add.


BackdraftConsecutive attack stages cause flame waves to spread.Resets on movement.
EngulfBurn enemies.
Heat StrokeDamaging enemies Dazes them.

Backdraft is a great way to change Flamewaker into an enormous price drop when you can take a couple of hits off before you begin taking away the rising reinforcements or the ranged backline units. It is often a reason to use the more expensive unit with four drops, while the two other Talents have less of an impact.


TalentGain 30% extra empty Health.
FortificationOnce emptied, the Health bar will receive 30% extra emtpy Health.
Shield BashOne second every N seconds of attacking the target, stun.
Last StandOnce emptied, the Health bar will receive 30% extra empty Health.

Footmen typically are paired with Tirion Their primary function is to take care of the damage and saturate the frontline. This is why Fortification is an excellent choice for them, providing that additional edge of survival they’ll need to will have the time to drop counters to the Whelp Eggs or deploy them to the air.


Earth ShieldGiving Armored to the ally nearby.Ability has 1 charge.
Lightning MasteryThe attack ranges where it strikes upto 3 targets within range.
Earthwall TotemSend them to a nearby comrade. The same model offers only 1 charge.

Two options are available at the moment. Earth Shield which is played by players, grants allies with an Armored buff, which reduces their physical damage by 50 percent (one charge). The most common way to use this Talent is in conjunction with General Drakkisath and turns the leader into a daunting task to handle! This Talent is also great for other players with Resistance such as Fire Elemental, making them extremely hard to eliminate.


Wing BuffetOn the event of death, create a bronze statue having taunt. Lasts until destroyed.
Aerial SuperiorityPierce of incoming damages from Flying minis is reduced by 50%.
Obsidian StatueOn the event of death, create a bronze statue having taunt.Lasts until destroyed.

The purpose of Gargoyle is to get into the target structure to wreak destruction on it. the Wing Buffet allows it to achieve.


Chromatic ScalesGrants nearby allies the Resistant trait.
Piercing BlowsAttAttackers target enemies lined up side by side.
Lasting LegacyDeath – Disband! Disband! T1 enemies near you will take 50% additional Elemental damage.Lasts 10 seconds.

General Drakkisath is an extremely tanky model, boasting a massive health reserve and Resistant (50 lower damage to the elemental) characteristic. Chromatic Scales permit Drakkisath to transfer Resistant to the allies nearby and make it much more difficult to take on your opponents.


Bone ShieldCannibalizing sustain Armored for 10 seconds.
Taste for BloodLand 50% more damage to enemies as their health reduces below 50%.
RavenousFor Cannibalizing grants includes granting a Buff for 10 seconds.

Ghoul can be played in the end in the role of the role of a Tank which is why it is only natural that Bone Shield serves for benefit to absorb the extra harm, but also let it continue eating.


RabidCost deploy by 1 and get the Cycle trait.
Thick HideGain Armor.
PillageDeal Siege damage.

With a gold cost of 3 dollars, the cost can make it difficult to justify the use of a Gnoll Brute other than in particular scenarios like for countering teams made up of Skeletons and Murlocs. Because Rabid cuts down costs for gold of this Brute by 33%, it is possible to throw him into combat with less consideration to tank, soak, or redirect and keep the deck spinning.


Rocket Powered Turbo BootsMAction twice as fast and gain the trait Fast.
Extra BOOMThus, recruit a Goblin Sapper of +1 Goblin Sapper.
Crude GunpowderOn death, automatically hit nearby enemies with fire.

If you’ve ever played Goblin Sappers or Smoke Bomb decks in PVP you’ll know just how terrifying these sappers can appear when speeding toward your Towers equipped with rocket Powered Turbo Boots.


Savage StrikesCause double damage to any enemy who is at health level below 50%.
BladestormGet an AOE bladespin ability that hits all enemies around you.
Mirror ImageCreate two mirror images at the start of the battle which will be very fragile.

Your talent selection here is somewhat flexible. We’ve seen each of the three Talents utilized quite often, with various levels of satisfaction. Savage Strikes could be a good pick-up when it is paired with Execute and Execute, which will immediately start the capability.


Mighty ThrowGain +3 Range.
Odyn’s FuryGain Fury.
Air DropSporadically, throw a potion on the ground, therefore leveling up the first ally to reach it.

One of the major disadvantages of Gryphon Rider is that Gryphon Rider is its range. Mighty Throw is aimed at addressing this issue by extending the size of its range by 60 percent between 5 and 8 which makes it an ideal choice.


Infectious SwipesGain Poison.
Trinket CollectorsGGain the Miner trait.Cost increased by 1.
Talon DiveDeal with the double damage for the first attack.

It’s an interesting idea. Infectious swipes may modify Harpies’ Harpies already deadly weapon to allow them to smash through enemies with Armor. This doesn’t alter the reality that Harpies remain incredibly soft glass cannons, however. Trinket Collectors is a fantastic ability, however it is dependent on the situation.


Trojan ChickensOn death, spawn 4 Angry Chickens.
Unstable CoreOn death, Stun the nearby enemies for 3 seconds.
Bountiful HarvestOn death, a Heal over time effect to nearby addies.

Unstable Core which gives Harvest Golem a 3-second stun when killed has transformed Harvest Golem into a defensive beast within PVP in particular when the meta has enough spells.


Ham HockHogger’s max health is also boosted by +10% points each time he meets Nemo on the field.
Fatal FrenzyOn death, it spawns nearby beast monsters.
Spoiled MeatGain Poison.

Hogger decks are usually built around a cycle of your deck to allow you to use Hogger frequently to get the most benefit from the active. This is why Ham Hock is almost a must-have in the majority of Hogger decks, unless of course, you intend to play Hogger uniquely.


Inner FireThus this ally get Armored and Resist for the next 5 seconds.
Amplify MagicFor all Elemental minis the addtional effects disappear.
RenewHeal allies while doing harm to opponent.

An appropriately timed Holy Nova can shock your adversary, and dramatically alter the course of battle in particular when you’re Inner Fire adept, and give your players an enormous defensive boost lasting five minutes. 


Elven MightIncrease component 1 damage by 50% that strikes the first unit.
ShadowmeldGain Stealth and Ambush.
Darnassian SteelGlaive jumps to a height of the additional 3 times.

The Huntress is a formidable character with two abilities. Elven Might boosts her single target attack by 50 percent while reducing the weakness of one of her abilities dramatically. Shadowmeld transforms her into an assassin who attacks with two damage (Ambush) after she exposes who she is.


ClearcastingSpells cost 1 less (but no less than 1) if played immediately after JSpells would cost 1 less (but not less than 1) with Jaina immediately as the Hunter.
FlurryFrost Bolts hit the objection, Frosting enemies in the area.
BlinkPeriodically teleport out of threat range.

Jaina decks include spells that make use of the passive of Jaina. Clearcasting is a clear synergy of this passive. This allows the player to use spells that are more powerful and more affordable than normal when using Jaina.


Chain ReactionExplosion causes Living Bomb damage.
Burden Of FateAffected enemies are Dazed.
Blast RadiusThis ability burns enemies nearby area in 10 units.

Living Bomb is not often used right now due to its six gold cost. Chain Reaction makes sure that its destruction goes far beyond the initial blast and eliminates the target group, which is likely to make it the most popular option in our opinion should you happen to be using this card. Burden of Fate can dazzle enemies, as well as blast them. Radius adds Burn to the enemy’s troops within a vast distance within the blast.


RemorselessDeal double damage for 2 seconds after murdering the enemy.
Enveloping ShadowsCreate a Smoke Bomb on deploy, Spying on the nearby allies.
ShadowstepPeriodically teleport if hit by any ranged attacker.

There are a few choices for you on the subject of Maiev. Remorseless could transform Maiev into a deadly machine greatly increasing the damage she can deal when her first knife fan destroys an opponent. Re-stealth Maiev instantly together with the smoke bomb to get extra effects if you’re using this ability (usually when you have Sappers on the board too).


Filet TrebuchetIncremental Bombard range will be equal to 2.
Meat And BonesEvery other attack calls a Skeleton, and does not itself deal damage.
Greased GearsGain Fury.

In PVE specifically when it comes to PVE, especially in PVE the Meat Wagon shines and can destroy enemy structures at a distance. filet Trebuchetmakes it stronger through the improvement in the distance the opponent must close to get close sufficient to the Meat Wagon. it is a must to take on Onyxia.


BolsterHeal due to destroying a tower.
Blood Of The MountainDeath, explode, and thus, damaging nearby enemies.
Threatening PresenceGain Taunt.

The Molten Giant is another Mini that isn’t getting any interest right now due to its ease of countering as well as how costly it is at just 6 gold. The talent of the Molten Giant doesn’t benefit as much.


Mend PetsIf the Bear or Mountaineer perish, the other one will become Bloodlusty.
IntimidationBear gains Taunt.
Frenzied SpiritBegin the session with an invincible bubble to prevent the first attack.

The Mountaineer is only seeing an appearance in Beast decks that contain Mend Pets capable, like for Hogger decks. Even so, it’s extremely difficult to play since the Mountaineer is so soft that it is easily eliminated by an adversary.


Safety BubbleDeploy with a bubble to prevent the first attack.
Morelocs+1 extra Murloc to deploy.
Careful AimGain +2 range.

Murloc Tidehunters gain from an array of helpful talents. Careful Aim extends the reach of Murlocs up to 8.5 and allows them to beat Rend, Drake, and Bat Rider, in addition to trading with Gryphons.


Jeweled SkullsTurn Skeleton following Skeletal Mages instead of Skeletons.
Breath of the DyingWhen arising from a final blow, call out for 5 Skeletons.
Cult of the DamnedAt the command of killing, a skeleton will stumble.

Skeletal Mages are far superior to Skeletons. They have a ranged attack that makes use of Frost that slows enemies and also when they are battling Dragon Towers (in PVP rotation) they only take a small amount of injury.


AvariceGain Bloodlust when Bloodlusting an ally.
Frostfire BoltGain Frost.
IgniteBurn enemy targets.

Ogre Mage already deals a ton of damage from AoE, but Avarice transforms the Ogre into an unwieldy unit to fight against your adversaries. Frostfire Bolt can also be very beneficial since Frost can slow down the enemy’s move speed and attack and prevent melee units from being close sufficient to the Ogre to take on them. 


Marathon Of The MurlocsLasting 5 more seconds, the Murlocs’ March of the Murlocs is triggered once they are deployed.
Electric EelsAttacks briefly Stun enemies.
Tip of the SpearIn the place of Old Murk Eye spawn about many Tidehunters.

It takes about three seconds to produce one gold when playing in the middle of a fight in Warcraft Rumble. It means Marathon Of The Murlocs allows you to buy more than an extra 1.66 gold in your March of Murlocs period.


Splashing PumpkinsRaise the Range by 1 and increase the radius of the splash area by 2 times.
Parting GiftUpon death, call the pumpkin. It Poisons target adventurer when touched by the touch of it.
VirulenceTarget enemies in the vicinity of the target on kill, Poison.

Splashing Pumpkins is probably the accurate option to use for Plague Farmer. While it is a great pickup being a mini, the Mini isn’t the most powerful and can dole the most serious AoE destruction to large-scale groups. Virulence does not make sense since the splashing of Pumpkins makes sure that all units within the target get poisoned as well as the Parting Giftonly causes a small poison DoT to the target(s).


Golden FleeceOne sheep becomes golden. Destruction of it brings you +1 gold.
Exploding SheepInstant-kill of a sheepy shrugs off the nearby foes.
Stable TransfigurationLasts twice as long, and sheep regain health at maximum speed.

This spell is getting quite enough play in recent times, and it’s mostly due to its Golden Fleece Talent. The ability transforms polymorphs into a lengthy (6-second) Cc of hard AoE that costs 2 gold effectively if you take out your golden sheep.


Pack LeaderGrants from the Beast allies additional damage with 30%.
On The ProwlGet Stealth, then stun target once the Invisibility is used.
Predatory InstinctsDeal double damage to enemies who have more than a 75% health.

Except for if you’re playing a specific Beast deck that way, or Prowlor predatory instincts are typically the perfect choices for your talent in this case.


ConflagrateSplash area is doubled.
PyroblastDo triple damaage on the first attack instance.
Blaze of GloryCause Burn nearby enemies on dying.

Pyromancer offers two amazing talents available to you. Pyroblast will incinerate the very first Mini that you target as well as Conflagrate will improve the damage you attack.


Tunnel VisionDeploy much more quickly.
BristlebackPunish Melee users with small damages.
Bramble BurstInflict nearby enemies with poison upon rising.

This one is interesting! Apart from being the most loved tank Quilboar can also be useful in capturing gold chests and deterring miners from attacking as well as cutting (at the base of towers and bases). Tunnel Vision allows Quilboar to accomplish all the above tasks faster by cutting the speed of deployment between 4 and 2 seconds.


Strength In NumbersGiving 10% more damage than healing if another Raptor is near.
Fast FoodDestroyed, a small portion of the attacked damage is regained.
MotivationGet a bloodrage of fever while there’s a chest or an ore vein nearby.

The talent isn’t remarkable, however, the strength of numbers could raise the Raptors’ DPS significantly. Raptors aren’t tanks and do not have an enormous health pool. Fast food isn’t exactly a great option in comparison to other games. Furthermore, it is necessary to get killings before you can benefit from it at all. The motivation is highly dependent on the situation in that you may get the ability to boost your health, but sometimes it’s not.


Scale and SteelEarn Resilient, which is replaced by Armoured, while flying and when dismounted.
Flaming SoulCast Living Bomb on dismount and immediately destroy nearby enemies.
LegionnaireTake any damage, dismount. The Drake continues fighting.

You’ll want to keep Rend Blackhand on your board to the maximum extent you can profit from his passive, which lowers the costs for flying units by one. Scale, Steel, and help in helping you fulfill the same goal by giving you Resistance while flying, and armored when dismounted.


Gnomish Cloaking DeviceAttack from the explosion with the Ultimate Ability called Stealth and Ambush.
Comin’ In Hot!Deal double damage and Impose damage range on nearby monsters.
Gnomish MuttonizerPress the button “Polymorph” for the first weapon target.

Updated for 4.0 hotfix:

Gnomish Cloaking Device and Coming In Hot! These are powerful talents and, despite the Nerf S.A.F.E. Pilot is still a strong Mini. Even though she’s not present in all decks, however, we are still expecting that she will be an integral part of the vast majority of them.


5-ManThe Warlock summons Skeleton Tank, Rogue, Priest, and 2 Mages.
Corpse RunAfter each deployment (after the first) gain +1 level. (Maximum +3 levels)
Ritual of RimeAfter each deployment (after the first) gain +1 level.(Maximum +3 levels)

Five-Man turns Your Skeleton Party into a full-on WoW dungeon including a healer, tank, and three DPS as well. It is the most commonly used option since this combo can be more effective than the normal combo that’s used.


Questing BuddiesThe Bone added Armor, one Bone took Resist and one was quiet but Stealstst.
ExhumeIf used nearby a Tower or a Meeting Stone, build +2 extra Skeletons.
CackleGain Taunt.

Skeletons are among my favorite minis. When you play Exhumetalented at 2 gold, you will receive five dangerous Skeletons which can be created defensively under your base or tower or offensively beneath your enemy’s towers.


Through The ShadowsAffected minis move 50% faster when unstealthed.
Band Of ThievesGrant +2 levels to Cycle minis within.
Strangers in the NightEffects apply to enemies as well.

The smoke bomb is used for two major uses in the present time The first one is to deter sappers to let them get to their targets and secondly, to help re-stealth units and allow the units to use their stealth skills such as Prowler (talented) as well as Maiev.


Mine Is Money, Friend!Gain the Miner trait.
Lead With GreedEarn +2 Gold more whenever Sneed get triggered by Sneed Before Greed.
Land GrabAccumulate a level grain after Sneed Before Greed triggers.

If you’re running Sneed in your deck most likely, your deck was constructed around the active (Sneed Before Greed) with at the very least some Siege units in the mix.


FrostbiteGain Frost.
Bloated CarapaceKills after death, Poisons nearby enemies.
EnvenomToxic damage now dealt twice.

Spiderlings are a different unit that isn’t currently getting an abundance of action, mostly due to more gold-rich two-gold drop options available. Envenom is a poison that can turn their attack very deadly, especially when it comes against tanks Elemental units as well as Frostbite could give them mild CC as a result of Frost.


MomentumAfter Giving a full charge first, plug in another charge soon if you can.
PummelWhen charges are applied, Cast Stun on Targets for 3 seconds.
ProvokeCharge up and connect, so you can attack opponents who are nearby.

Stonehoof Tauren is usually chosen because of its capability to slash into backline units such as Huntress or Darkspear Troll. We love Momentum which permits the Tauren to enchain its Charge to a different (often first line) unit.


Black ArrowPierce through enemies Elemental damage against multiple enemies in a line.
Forsaken FuryWhen located near Horde and Undead Minis, these will gain Fury in the process.
Banshee’s WailStun the enemies who stand next to the killer for 3 seconds, Scream on Death.

It’s difficult to suggest any other item here the Black Arrow. At six gold, Sylvanas very expensive even without the devastating attack that Black Arrow grants her, she’s incredibly uninspiring for the price.


Divine ShieldGet elemental shield that blocks all incoming harm within five seconds, at 30% health.
By The LightThe primary goal is to provide twice as much healed compared to the original goal.
ConsecratePeriodically give the cursed land to the enemies in order to destroy them.

Tirion could be a major issue for a player when playing with a large group of troops like the Footmen. So you are sure they’ll be trying to bring Tirion down swiftly.


Feeding FrenzyThe flock revives Bloodlust for 5 seconds when Vulture spawning.
MigrationAll new Vultures (Hardcaps) will be spawned at your base.
Tendon RipBrings the victims to their knees for 3 seconds.

There are a variety of options using Vultures depending on the way you intend to utilize the ability, but migration will make your passive Carrion ability that spawns more Vultures when killed slightly more efficient because it disperses the Vultures across the field, making them more resistant for AoE attacks.


Blood PactReach the combat position, but don’t initiate a firefight yet.
CommandOur nearby buddies receive 30% additional damage.
Guard DutyHang out in the battle location until combat is engaged.

Warsong Grunts will deal some serious damage when they are allowed to strike for some time, because of Fury.


Razing FocusBe part of the siege, let the enemy’s Minis be your obstacle.
SaboteurHitting a tower makes it lose half of the damage done for 3 seconds.
Sunder ArmorShooting an Armored one kills the Armor as a result, his Armor is destroyed.

Warsong Raider does not cause enough damage and is quite simple to defeat if used as a melee tank therefore the Razing Focus is an effective pick-up that transforms it into an effective Siege troop.


Flame BurstDamage enemies on hatching.
RookeryAt first the eggs will hatch one after the other.,
Chromatic PlatingEggs gain Taunt.

Whelp Eggs. There’s nothing more rewarding than watching Whelp Eggs become a fireball that decimates your opponent’s team, Pyromancer, Necromancer, or Firehammer by the freshly hatched Whelps raging hellfire on the unarmed melee tank that was in charge.


AlchemistPeriodically, put a potion, granting the first ally who touches it Bloodlust.
Amplify CurseBesides enemies destroyed in the outer shell, those too far away explode as well.
Spirit WardWhen hit, you will gain a shield, which blocks the next hit to the allied heroes located nearby.

It’s not yet time to know which Talents are excellent to use for Witch Doctor and there is at present no consensus among the best players. However, some early indications (pun… intended) meant to be intended) might suggest Spirit Ward may be a fairly safe opportunity for your initial talent.

We’ll update this when we know more.


PremeditationStrengthen Ambush by 50%(Tell to damage: +50%).
Lone WolfCast on deploy: Grants gold +1 for enemies in the area.
FrenzyThe kill gives you a 10-second Bloodlust.

And lastly, but certainly not least, We have Worgen. The Unbound assassin is a pro at sending backline units to any other targets with high value, which is the reason premeditation can be very useful.