Risk of Rain Return Tier List June 2024: Characters ranked and explained


Game Tier List provides a Risk of Rain Return Tier List of Best characters, which is ranked from excellent to the worst. Risk of Rain is a first-person shooter, roguelike title created by Hopoo Games. The list of tiers ranks every player within Risk of Rain, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. game with the strengths and weaknesses of each to benefit players and make educated choices.

Risk of Rain Return Tier List Explained


The Risk of Rain Return Tier List characters are widely praised for their control of crowd ability, mobility, and endurance. Their extraordinary abilities enable them to effectively take on adversaries as well as avoid danger.


The characters from the A-Tier of Risk of Rain Returns Tier List are thought to be exceptionally capable individuals, even though they might be a bit more difficult to master.


The characters from the B-tier in The Risk of Rain Returns might not be the best selections however they provide gamers a variety of gameplay options for seeking something distinct


Presently, Drifter Survivor is believed to fall into the C-tier because it is thought to be underwhelming on the field. Drifter isn’t a standout character as among his most significant weaknesses is his position as a melee character.

S-TierLoader, Captain, Railgunner, Bandit
A-TierHuntress, MUL-T, Void Fiend
B-TierHeretic, Acrid, Mercenary
C-TierCommando, Artificer
Characters Ranked Risk of Rain Return Tier List



The S Tier of the Risk of Rain Return Tier List consists of survivors who have high damage outputsurvivabilitymobility, as well as utilitarian.


The character is a player with an initial strength of 160 which increases in 48 per level. Also, she has an initial damage of 12 that increases to 2.4 for each level and makes her one of the most tacky survivors of the game. The abilities she has and her mobility enable her to energetically fight both groups of foes as well as enemies.


The captain is healthy with 110 points, which grows by 33 per level. He also deals damage of 12 and increases the damage by 2.4 at every level. In addition, Captain has powerful crowd control skills through the Vulcan Shotgun as well as Orbital Strikes, to destroy opponents.


Railgunner is an expert player of snipers and is known for her huge levels of health at 110 (+33 per level) and damage output of 12 (+2.4 per level). She is known for her ability to kill enemies that are far away together with her charge-based Perforator capability.


Bandit’s health grows at 33 per level starting at 110. Additionally, his damage is increased to 2.4 per level, from 12.. His skills, Backstab and Lights Out can make him very effective on individual targets. He also has the potential to be extremely effective against single-target blasts of damage.




A-tier survivors have significant strengths, however, they have certain weaknesses when compared with those of the higher-tier survivors. However, they are capable of removing most materials quickly.

MUL-T boasts a substantial capacity for health of 200 which is increased by 60 for each level. It also comes with 11 damage which grows to 2.2 per level. He’s skilled at crowd control, and can also use 2 weapons to give him more flexibility.


The Huntress character is blessed with the ability to heal 90 base health, and it is increased by 27 points per level as well as the ability to move with great speed and has 12 damage per base that grows to 2.4 each level. She is a pro at one-target DPS but isn’t equipped with powerful AoE damage capability.

Void Fiend

Void Fiend comes with the health of 110 (increasing by 33 points per level) and can deal 12 damage(increasing by 2.4 per level) This makes Void Fiend a multi-faceted survivor, with the ability to range as well as melee capabilities.



A-tier survivors are thought to be an opportunity, but they might need a more advanced level of skills to perform definitely due to possible weaknesses.


The Heretic is blessed with the health of 440 which increases by 132 points per level. He also does 18 damages and a rise in damage of 3.6 for each level. Since he is a hidden character Heretic is limited in his potential and requires special builds to maximize the full potential of his ability.


Acrid has a total health of 160 which grows in 48per level. Acrid also has poisons that slowly reduce the tanky foes. Yet Acrid’s damaging output is not as effective when it comes to groups as well as bosses.


The Mercenary’s health is low starting with 110 (increasing by 33 per level) however, it compensates for this by dealing twelve (increasing to 2.4 for each level) damage, and damage and 20 armor. Through strategic playing, it is possible to be successful with the most aggressive strategies.



C-tier survivors can face obstacles with higher difficulty and are generally advised for newbies as they might require greater effort to accomplish the success they desire..


Commando has a health total of 110 ( +33 per level) and inflicts 12 (+2.5 per level) per level of damage. Though he’s very well-rounded Commando’s capabilities may not be quite as strong as the other players which makes him less appropriate to play at the beginning of the game.


Artificer is a standout in the initial phases of the game because of the AoE talent. However her baseline strength of 110 (increasing by 33 points per level) is a drawback in the final stage of the game when paired with specific late-game build items.


Presently, the Loader Captain, Loader as well and Railgunner are generally considered to be the most successful survivors of the Risk of Rain Tier List.

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